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Henrietta: Dead by Dawn

January 24, 2016

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If the above picture tells you anything, it’s that Henrietta has something to do with horror, and if that was your guess, then you would be right. With “Dead by Dawn” you explore the realm of horror as well as thrash and death metal. Henrietta combines death and thrash metal together with touches of horror to create a sound that belongs in a horror movie, or a sound that would be the soundtrack to the zombie apocalypse. The particular way that Henrietta plays gives you a feeling that that zombie apocalypse is going to happen sooner than you think.

Upon listening to “Dead by Dawn”, a black cloud hangs over your head and a dismal fog shrouds you city. What you hear next are the screams and wails of long dead yet reanimated corpses coming to feast on your tender flesh. The overall sound of the album gives off a creepy vibe, and that same sound revels in the fact that you may be cowering in a corner somewhere trying to not have your brains stolen from your skull.

This band of zombies not only knows how to horrify, but they also know how to play some skin peeling metal as well. The entirety of “Dead by Dawn” is a shredding mass of lumped up corpses, rotting flesh and putrid blood. Henrietta’s intent is to kill and recruit you for their undead army, and with an effort like this it won’t be very difficult for them to amass a pretty good sized following.

Each song is a bulldozer made of left over human remains that is coming to collect you for their ever growing grave.Every minute of the twelve songs that are present here are filled with a putrid stench that wafts through the air and is completely inescapable. The scorching speed in which Henrietta plays paralyzes you as they go in for the kill.

Dead by Dawn is a freakishly mutilating effort, as it leaves no victim recognizable what so ever. Once you begin listening to this album, you enter a maze of petrified flesh and carved out skulls in which you will find no way out. The only way you will ever be able to escape is by getting buried in a shallow worm infested hole. 

Sharp riffs carve you up and serve you to rabid dogs. Paired with the putrid riffs are guitar solos that make your head swim and bowels burst. Coupled with the sinister riffs are the drums that crack the side of your skull open as the buzzing bass cuts you deep skewering you for the hell of it. On top of the foul musicianship are the vocals that are laden in vomit and layered with a thick amount of gore. 

As a matter of fact, the entire album is laden with a thick coating of gore. The more gore that is crammed into every song the better, and really that’s how it should be. Henrietta puts on a slick and solid effort, one that makes you feel as though you’re trapped in a mad house. Dead by Dawn is an interesting listen, and as Henrietta combines thrash with death metal you get the best of both worlds. The death metal helps supply the horror themes with plenty of gore and buckets of blood, whereas the thrash elements create that slick and blistering sound. 

The marriage of all three elements creates a great listen. There is just about everything here for death metal, thrash metal and horror enthusiasts alike. Dead by Dawn makes you headbang with ghouls and drink blood like it’s going out of style. This album is a unique listen as well as a headbanging good time. Just don’t headbang too hard, you may lose your head. 

Check out the song Hooks And The Art Of Pleasure!

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