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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Monday Morning Mayhem

January 24, 2016

Make way, make way for some Monday Morning Mayhem! Monday Morning Mayhem is your weekly dose of ass kickery to help you jump start your week. So snort some of this and get ready!



Do hard hitting songs with memorable riffs and lyrics strike your heavy metal fancy? If so, Pesta is here to provide you with plenty of memorable and heavy music. Hailing from Brazil, Pesta plays a slick brand of doom mixed with stoner metal. Bring Out Your Dead is their debut full length that just recently came out days ago. Upon opening this debut you will find eight songs that are laden with romping riffs, heavy bass lines and soaring vocals soaked in a certain darkness. To break up the buzzing doom madness, Pesta brings you two instrumental interludes that are short and sweet but still packed with enough buzz to shake the foundation of your house. Not only are the interludes filled with that much buzz, but the entirety of the album is. Sooner or later you will end up feeling your skull vibrating in place with all of the monster riffs that are aimed directly at your head. Pesta not only fills your head with slow moving doom, but deploys the use of fuzzed out stoner metal as well to provide a quicker pace. Within each song you get a healthy dosage of both the slower doom qualities as well as the quicker more galloping style of stoner metal. Bring Out Your Dead is undeniably heavy and undeniably memorable. Right out of the gate you get blasted with deep slow burning buzzing riffs which ultimately transition into the faster pace stoner metal style riff. After that the tone is set. After Black Death you can expect more of the same from Pesta. You can expect doom laden slow trudges through the valley of the damned as well as a headbanging stomp onto the head of your enemies. The drums are solid and calculated and they drive and barrel their way through each song. As in most doom and stoner metal, the bass writhes and kicks its way through your ear drums as it lays down obese bass lines throughout. The vocals are smooth and slick and contain a certain darkness about them. Overall, this debut is something that Pesta should be proud of. It surely gets you up and moving, it’s memorable, it is as heavy as needed and wanted and it is a crunching writhing good time. If for whatever reason you don’t believe me, check out the song Words of a Madman.



Just like the cover art, Gomorrah does their best to rip your spine out with their brand of death metal. The Haruspex is their newest release, and within this release you will find plenty of head caving brutality. Right from the get go, Gomorrah reminds you that you are in their territory now, and there is nothing that you can do to escape the pit of death metal. Gomorrah ladles one bludgeoning track after bludgeoning track on your head, and afterward you feel as though you’ve taken plenty of hits to the face. These gents play at a scorching pace, and that pace is more than capable of peeling your skin straight off of your flesh, and your flesh straight from your bones. You should be expecting nothing but bulldozing death metal, and if you thought differently, then you haven’t prepared yourself enough for the slaughtering effort that is The Haruspex. The entirety of the album is shrouded in a dark and dismal blood red cloud. The Haruspex has a dark overtone, one that makes you shudder and makes you look behind the curtains every time that you enter a room. You feel as though a behemoth of a creature is stalking you, but whenever you turn around there isn’t anything there. Gomorrah is menacing and so is this album. It is a brutish effort, one that backs you down and makes you feel small in its presence. Each song on this release is packed with down tuned devastating riffs that pile drive you head first into a wood chipper, drums that savagely beat you into submission, a bass that hacks off limbs and vocals that are throat ripping and subterranean. Nothing that Gomorrah does is small, and what I mean by that is; Gomorrah comes through as a giant presence, and each of their songs is a huge brutalizing production. If you’re looking for blistering fast, brutal and unrelenting death metal, Gomorrah has it for you.



According to Hexenjager they make noise. And while that is true, they make a specific type of noise. That certain type of noise that they make is doom, and listening to Black Titan one can confirm that their brand of noise is good. Hexenjager isn’t just doom however as they mix psychedelic rock into their music as well. Not everything that is presented here on Black Titan is low and slow as they mix tempos and create rhythmic rocking sounds. This psychedelic band from France supplies you with plenty of odd soundscapes and visuals that pair well with their music, which is the point. Hanging over each song-as well as the album-is a dark and dense type of fog that pollutes your mind with interesting visuals. Each of the four songs is rhythmic and smooth and Hexenjager takes you on a slow trippy ride. The music is buzzing and dissonant, but it is never jarring or startling. Each song is smooth and just makes you feel relaxed. Black Titan makes you slip into a buzzing doom coma, and the only things that you see are mysterious figures that visit you in your sleep as well as distant soundscapes that buzz and romp with the buzzing of the bass and lead guitar. Within this effort you get droves of fuzz lined riffs that buzz you right out of your seat, a bass that is unforgettable, a drum performance that is as solid as you would expect, and vocals that are strong and ghostly at the same time. The vocals drift over you and waft in and out of your ears like a spirit that is hanging over head, and the music fills the room just as though you’ve taken a rip from your bong. This doom is very low and very fuzz filled, and not only that but it is also psychedelic, rhythmic, smooth and fun to listen to. These French gents know how to weave their way into your mind, leave you filled with smoke and apparitions and keep you headbanging the whole time. Black Titan is a good listen and is meant for any fan of doom and psychedelic rock.



With a name such as Scumripper, you can come to expect one thing. You can come to expect that what you will get is scummy, grimy, and down right blasphemous music, and that is exactly what you get with Scumripper’s self titled release. Fusing death metal and punk together creates Scumripper and their brand of chaotic music. Going toe to toe with this release is like playing chicken with the opposing car going mach five while it has been set ablaze. Scumripper is madness and madness is great. With this release you get a feeling that you need to do something sordid and you need to trash something. There are only twelve minutes packed into this release, but those twelve minutes are terrifyingly explosive and volatile. Whiplash is a known side effect of listening to Scumripper and that is mainly because it is difficult to keep still when listening. Immediately after you pop this sick puppy in, you feel the urge to drink, smoke, set things on fire, incite a riot and a mosh pit, and just cause as much mayhem as possible. This release has an old school feel to it as well, like it just came out of the eighties and is still ready to kick some serious ass. Scumripper is pissed off, and if they really aren’t they sure do show it through their music. But really, this release is as pissed off as you can get, and when listening you can’t help but to get just as pissed off. This self titled release is a thrashing madhouse. As a matter of fact it may as well have been recorded in a madhouse. Everything about Scumripper exudes energy, anger, and pure metal. Coursing through the veins of these Finnish lads is molten metal and that shows here with their new release. Each of the six songs is purely blistering and rips your fucking face off. Scumripper is savage, as a matter of fact, they are savages. They assault you with riffs that hold your skull up to a buzz saw, drums that kick your innards straight through your back, a bass that is as solid as a wall, and vocals that are ripping and sounds as though the vocalist may need a new throat sooner or later. If Scumripper’s goal was to make you feel as though you’ve been in a car accident, then they certainly succeeded. Don’t try to imagine what a longer release would be like because you’ll probably end up maiming yourself. All in all, Scumripper is a hell of a listen, and one hell of a time. Pop in some filthy grime filled metal and cause some mayhem, it’s what Scumripper would want.


That’s all for now folks. Tune in next week for more mayhem and sordid activities!

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