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Krasseville: Nous sommes faux

January 25, 2016


With Krasseville’s band member’s clawed roots firmly planted in black metal, one would have to expect Nous sommes faux to be in the same vein, but that isn’t true at all. Although you can still detect certain aspects of black metal in this release, none of it is black metal at all. Nous sommes faux is a folk/noir metal album, one that plays like a noir movie in fact. Instead of paganism, church burning and other sordid acts, what you get with Krasseville is smooth and rhythmic music that has a certain darkness about it.

Krasseville and their album Nous sommes faux have a certain allure about them. Even if you aren’t the biggest folk metal fan you get drawn in by the mystique of the album. The darkness that is ever present and yet takes a back seat to the folk sounds that you get draws you closer and closer in until you are completely submerged in noir and folk music.

The entire album feels as though it belongs in a noir film, and the way that it makes you feel is like you are in one yourself. The listen is incredibly interesting in the fact that it first of all makes you feel that way and second it has a certain alluring darkness about it that most other folk metal does not.

Saying that albums take you to different places or transports you to another world can be overplayed (and this writer is no exception) but Nous sommes faux kind of does take you to a place that is just black and white filled with mobsters, bootleggers and other glorified criminals.

All of that is attributed to the fact that Krasseville is entirely atmospheric in their writing. Not everything is acoustic guitars and organs, but a lot of the intros to songs is choral singing, massive drums and a lot of atmospheric elements that almost paint you a picture of what is happening in the music itself.

Each song has its fair share of the atmosphere, but not every song has singing in it either. Certain songs do and as great as the vocals are, there are also the instrumental songs that are just as potent and charged with that blackened overtone. The great thing about the instrumentals is the fact that you get to really focus on all of the instruments that are working together to create these illuminating soundscapes.

Within Nous sommes faux you get a mixture of instruments. You get the electric guitars of course, the acoustic elements, organs, violins, horns and more that really sink their teeth into you to create a memorable experience. With everything strung together so well and orchestrated so expertly, listening to Nous sommes faux is an experience.

With each element really meshing so well together, Nous sommes faux is an album that can be and will be listened to over and over again. Krasseville put something out that is intriguing and different from a lot of releases that are out now, and a fresh breath of metal is always a good thing. They intrigue and excite with a different brand of folk metal that almost takes you back to a different time. When tracks are playing you see a movie running and that movie is played in black and white. Not only is Nous sommes faux intriguing because of that, but because there is a certain dark overtone to the album that is subtle and yet isn’t overlooked.

This album is smooth, rhythmic, well paced and interesting. It is an album that may be for the more adventurous, but upon listening it is an album that is hard to stop listening too. Nous sommes faux is a smooth whisky drinking ride to the end, and sometimes that’s just what you need.

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