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Zafakon: Release

January 25, 2016

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Stomping and storming their way into you ears is thrash/death metal act Zafakon. And “stomping” and “storming” are the correct words to use really as Zafakon only knows how to do both of those and very well. While the entirety of the album is played a blistering pace, Zafakon remain melodic and rhythmic all throughout. There are moments of course where they do let up in pace, but there aren’t any moments where they let up on the melodious nature. Being melodic doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any brute force quickness either, it simply means that Zafakon is focused and dedicated to giving out that inferno like play as well as keep their melodic edge.

Right from the get go, Zafakon shoots out of the gate like a bat out of hell, and each song is no different. Zafakon and their album Release really don’t give you a chance to get ready for the molten metal that is inside either. There really isn’t time to prepare for a whiplash, volatile and explosive onslaught of metal. As soon as you push play, you get strapped in and the album takes off whether you are ready or not.

With both thrash and death metal combined, what you get is an explosive effort. You get the wild untamed side of thrash paired up with the completely brutalizing and fear instilling side of death metal. The marriage between the two genres has been going on for ever. With this match up, both genres kind of mellow each other out. The thrash elements aren’t completely off the hinges and the death metal aspects aren’t slaughtering the innocent and setting fires to cars and random strangers.

All of that being said, Release is still an intense listen it is just a little more controlled and melodic. Every song rips you apart and throws you up against numerous walls and still takes bats to your knees. This effort by Zafakon is just laser focused and tight and nothing breaks their vision of pure metal domination.

Release is an undeniably good headbanging time, and if your neck wasn’t so strong you probably wouldn’t have a head after listening. The head smashing and brain damaging fits that you get into upon listening to the newest offer by Zafakon are violent and feverish.

The driving motivation behind these brain damaging headbanging fits is of course the savage way in which these gents beat their instruments. The riffs are blazing and incredibly tight coupled with squealing guitar solos that incite an air guitar fest, the drum kit is beaten within an inch of its life as the drummer pounds away, the bass slaps you across the face with the thick hand of trash. Last but not least are the vocals, and those are screamed at you with a throaty gravel filled scream in the strain of death metal.

Release is an inferno of metal and keeps blazing long after it is concluded. It is a long album for a death and thrash hybrid, but it makes you want to listen more than just a couple of times. It is a savage beating that you take, but it is well worth it when listening. Headbang all you want, just make sure you get yourself a neck brace because you may need it.

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