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Charming Timur: So Much So Little So Little So Much

January 26, 2016

charming tumar 2015 album cover

There really isn’t anything that you can expect from experimental metal. There isn’t anything normal about it hence the name. For something to be deemed experimental metal it truly needs to be out of the ordinary and off the wall. What you get with Charming Timur is exactly that. Charming Timur is a one man band, and his newest release is titled So Much So Little So Little So Much, and within this intriguing release you get sixteen songs that follow no pattern, no structure and absolutely no path what so ever.

What you get with these sixteen unique songs are sounds that perhaps you have not heard before, and songs that jump from two minutes to six in a heart beat. With there being no consistency at all with this album, perhaps that is part of the draw and perhaps that is exactly what makes it so intriguing to listen to.

By no means am I saying that this album is bad because it isn’t. What I am simply stating is that So Much So Little So Little So Much strays from the norm so much and strays from the path that you can’t even see it anymore. Charming Timur has created something that is entirely different and separates itself from the majority of the pack.

Right out of the gate you can tell that the album isn’t normal. So Much So Little So Little So Much sounds as though you are trapped inside of the mind of a man that is schizophrenic with the walls closing in faster and faster every minute. You can’t escape and the only thing left to do is endure the schizophrenic attack.

Odd noises and off beat sounds jump out at you making you feel off balance and unsure of yourself. Each song jumps around so much that you can’t get a beat on it and you never know which direction it is heading next. With a mixture of genres and noises thrown into the heavy metal blender it’s hard to tell where the sounds begin and where they end.

Thrown in the mix are a lot of industrial elements, electronic elements, black metal and death metal. All of them are combined to create something that sounds manic and insane. Each element does its best to subdue you and further your descent into complete and utter madness.

At points the songs are depressive and after listening you feel as though an ever lasting depression has been weighed upon your shoulders. Even with everything going on, over top each and every song there is a certain depression and darkness that is noticeable and palpable. There feels like there is plenty of emotion to back the music and it certainly shows.

So Much So Little So Little So Much is a very eclectic album. One minute your brain is getting blasted with industrial metallic noises and at others you get brief glimpses of manic black metal. The one consistent thing all throughout the record are the vocals. Three types of vocal protrude through the insanity. The first are the clean vocals, and on any other given album they may drive you crazy as at times they seem a little flat, but with this album they work well and provide an extra layer of darkness. The other vocal styling is the black metal vocal that gets screamed over the music and is frosty and dark. Finally the last vocal is akin to a death metal style growl which only appears for short periods of time and disappears again.

The overall sound of So Much So Little So Little So Much is interesting to say the least. It is madness in its own right. It is a trip into madness and a road down a path that isn’t really traveled all too much. So Much So Little So Little So Much is an album for the traveler, it is an album for the adventurous, and if that is you then this album is certainly for you.

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