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Pokerface: Divide and Rule

January 27, 2016


Are any of you, my readers, looking for some speed? Since I’m positive that was a resounding “Yes!”, you’ll be glad to know that I do have some speed for you. It isn’t the drug in case you are wondering. The speed comes from Pokerface and their new effort Divide and Rule. With all kidding aside, if you are looking for something entirely aggressive and filled with neck snapping speed, you only need to look toward Pokerface. Once they step on the gas and flip on the nitro, it’s all over from there. Your brain sinks back in your skull and your bones turn to jelly.

After the few seconds of intro that you get upon pressing play, you get thrust into a hyper speed thrash fest. And after those few seconds are over, Pokerface kicks it into high gear never letting off of the gas for thirty plus minutes. Divide and Rule is like being strapped into a roller coaster that has just flown off of the rails and burst into flames.

Through ten songs you get a fair amount of whiplash, more than you would get from being in an accident. It is almost startling how fast the pace is that these thrashing behemoths play at, and it is almost just as startling that none of them burst into flames while playing. The only speed they know is mach five, and I believe that the word “Slow” has been erased from their vocabulary completely.

Each song is covered in burning liquid metal that sears your skin and melts your flesh. The face shredding metaphor is used a lot of course and for good reason, and if there was a good time to use that metaphor it would be now. Pokerface is face shredding, and they don’t shy away from the dirty work that it takes to in fact shred your face.

For the entirety of the album they are in your face and they never back down once. They never apologize for being gritty, devastating and punching you in the gut either. Divide and Rule”is the kind of album that makes you feel physically exhausted after listening. It is the type of album that makes you feel as though you’ve gone twelve rounds in a ring with a heavy weight boxing champion.

Each riff is massive and jabs at you like a hot iron that was just pulled from the fire as the drums kick and pummel your face in like you are a piece of wet cardboard. A fat bass cracks and writhes in the background as the vocalist pitches throat ruining vocals to the forefront of the music. The vocals are a combination of gravely screams and lower more death metal-esque roars. No matter which vocal is being screamed at you, they’re vicious and aim to intimidate.

Through and through this album bleeds metal and it bleeds profusely. “Divide and Rule” is a shredding monster that wraps itself around your neck squeezing as hard as they can until your head pops off, and if that doesn’t work you will end up headbanging your head off regardless. Pokerface is blistering and they showcase with Divide and Rule exactly why they are so deadly.

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