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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Hellsodomy: Sodomy Is Nigh

January 29, 2016


Looking for something that is equally head caving and blasphemous? You certainly don’t have to look any further as Hellsodomy brings you both head caving and blasphemous old school death metal. Sounding like they’ve been dug up from the grave, their new EP Sodomy Is Nigh drags you into a coffin of your own with a cold skeletal hand. There are only four songs on this EP but each song hacks, slashes and decapitates its victims.

Upon opening the putrid coffin from which Sodomy Is Nigh was born, you get a tepid whiff of death and dried blood. That stench that you catch a hint of is from the mutilated corpses that Hellsodomy has accumulated over the short period of their existence. One can only imagine the body count that an entire full length would rack up.

For now we have this EP, and this EP isn’t something that should be overlooked either. As a matter of fact it forces you to listen, and if you happen to pass over it you become a wall ornament in the house of the insane that Hellsodomy hails from. Sodomy Is Nigh is a savage release, one that is out for blood, and not just to shed it but to revel in it and revel in your demise.

To begin this release, Hellsodomy doesn’t ease you in with an intro either as you are kicked into the pit of death and left to scramble for your life. The entire EP is a shredding, blood curdling and bone breaking experience. Sodomy Is Nigh is a grimy and grit filled effort, bringing forth only the sickest of sicknesses.

The EP is covered in gore and viscera and won’t hesitate to take you in for its collection of putrefying bodies. Even through four songs, Hellsodomy brings forth a performance that is behemoth like, a performance that is powerful and can decapitate you with no effort at all.

Each riff is soaked in blood and hacks off limbs with precision while the drums smash and destroy anything that is left in their path. The bass rumbles and ruptures blood vessels leaving you bleeding profusely. To tie the onslaught together are the vocals that are demonic and completely submerged in a thick coating rotting crimson.

What you would expect from a band that named themselves Hellsodomy is exactly what you get. Within Sodomy Is Nigh you get unrelenting death metal that pummels you in the face with a sledgehammer forcing you to swallow your own teeth. The entire EP is a writhing mass of eviscerated and decapitated bodies. Sodomy Is Nigh is a great listen, and will please any of you sick and twisted death metal fans.

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