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Elferya: Eden’s Fall

January 30, 2016


With their brand new album Eden’s Fall, Swiss symphonic metal band Elferya are more than capable of shredding your ears off symphonically, and with this new album that is exactly what they do. With this eleven track album you get whisked away on the back of a winged symphonic beast. Every minute of the album is filled with great melodies, soaring vocals and a heavy dosage of straight up headbanging metal. The entire album flows together very well, and instead of having individual songs that seemingly have nothing to do with each other, the album works as a whole and works together as a cohesive symphonic metal machine.

Heavy metal is supposed to take you to different places. Whether it be death metal that takes you to a killing room, black metal that takes you to the center of hell of a dismally dark forest, or symphonic metal that really makes you feel as though you are living a story, metal is supposed to make you feel something else and take you away for a while. With Eden’s Fall Elferya does exactly that. For at least forty plus minutes you are taken away with them and succumb to the weight and sheer brilliance of the album.

As heavy as this album is you end up getting sucked in with soft melodies and the wonderfully crated symphonic elements. From the get go Eden’s Fall digs its hooks straight into your ears and once you begin listening that’s it, you’re hooked. Elferya take your ears on a symphonic metal ride that you aren’t soon to forget. One listen ends up turning into many and sooner or later you end up singing the lyrics and breaking out the air guitar to the bouncing heavy riffage.

Eden’s Fall is undeniably memorable and try as you might, you just can’t get the songs out of your head. Without being hook laden and repetitive, each song-as well as the entire album-is a memorable experience and lyrics as well as riffs get stuck in your head whether you know it or not. Elferya from the beginning just grabs a hold of you and never lets go.

Elferya does a great job of giving you plenty of variety as well. None of the eleven songs sound the same at all and vary between softer sounds and harsher heavier hitting sounds. Since you don’t get the same sound twice it is a nice journey through the album because you don’t know what to expect next. Nothing is a huge surprise, like if they transitioned into a full on death metal romp in the middle of a song, but the variation between each song is a nice change of pace and gives you more to look forward to.

Each song is solid, there really are no weak points to them at all. The riffs are solid and driven, the drums are rhythmic and galloping, the bass is heavy and thick and the symphonic elements are tied in perfectly with every song. The vocals of new vocalist Melody Dylem are soaring and infectious and more often than not you feel a strong urge to belt out the lyrics with her.

As a matter of fact, the entire album is infectious. As mentioned there are no weak points to this effort. Eden’s Fall is a solid brick of symphonic metal, and each song is tight, well crafted and well executed. There really isn’t much more you can ask for in an album, and there really isn’t much more that Elferya could have done to make this release any better as it is damn near flawless as it is. This album does a lot for a listener, and is one that should not be looked over by anyone.

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