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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Once Was Never: Lighthouse in the Abyss

February 29, 2016


Once Was Never hails from Slovenia and are branded as deathcore, but throughout the majority of Lighthouse in the Abyss they play death metal. When there are breakdowns they never last that long and never over stay their welcome. Instead, Once Was Never focuses more on the death metal side of the spectrum with a little bit of deathcore sprinkled in. Whatever anyone wants to categorize the music as, there is no disputing that it is heavy and does its best to pummel you into the ground.

Lighthouse in the Abyss begins with an atmospheric intro and then from there on out you get nothing but down tuned riffs, unearthly growls and sinister blasts. Through seven songs you get solid death metal with the occasional sprinkle of deathcore flair to throw in some variation. As serene as the cover art looks for the album, the music is anything but as it attacks you with sharp objects and blazing torches all the way through.

There aren’t too many frills here in Lighthouse in the Abyss, and the frills that are present are intros and the sporadic samples. This seven track release is straight to the point and they never stray from the death metal path. Once Was Never plays direct death metal-with some deathcore elements-and there isn’t too much flair and there isn’t anything out of this world about the music, it just is good heavy death metal.

Within this release what you get is heavy and hard hitting riffs with shredding guitar solos injected in, solid bone breaking drumming which includes eye exploding blast beats, thick and heavy bass lines and a vocal arrangement that ranges from deep throat shredding growls to high pitched shrieks. On occasion the high pitched vocals don’t seem to be as powerful as they should be and don’t match up too well with the forceful growls.

The musicianship is tight, blasting and crushing and the entirety of Lighthouse in the Abyss does a great job of playing completely blistering death metal. This release doesn’t have a lot of frills, and it isn’t anything ground breaking by any means, but what it does do is supply you with plenty of headbanging moments and sometimes that’s just what matters.

Check out the song The Cut from Lighthouse in the Abyss right here!

Alternate Doomensions

February 28, 2016

Alternate Doomensions is a new segment that focuses on the slower and murkier side of heavy metal and will hopefully be your guide into alternate dimensions. Read and enjoy!



Hailing from Seattle, Washington is Year of the Cobra and with them they bring their recently released EP titled The Black Sun. With Year of the Cobra you get a mash up of buzzing doom and stoner rock. There are three songs that make an appearance on this EP and each song mixes the stoner rock elements and doom elements very well giving you plenty of variation and never the same sound twice. Through each song you will get a slow buzzing onslaught of doom but quickly transition into a romping psychedelic good time with a faster tempo brought to you by the rock elements. The Black Sun is a buzzing machine woven out of fuzz and enough psychedelics to knock a grown man on his back. Each song is mystical, intriguing and entirely catchy without really meaning to be. You sooner rather than later find yourself singing along and nodding your head to these fuzz lined songs. A lot of doom has an innate ability to draw you in and make you stay a while, and that is what this EP does as well. Each song is accompanied by powerful jarring riffs, a bass that just never quits, tight drumming and vocals that are both sweet on the ears and yet powerful at the same time. Every song on The Black Sun wafts through the air passing through your ears and infecting you with a fair amount of buzzing catchy tunes that get you hooked from note one. The Black Sun is an infectious piece and whether you find yourself submerged in deep soundscapes of psychedelia or just plain rocking out to the heavy and hard rocking stoner rock components, this EP really is infectious and works itself right to the center of your brain. Year of the Cobra does a great job weaving the two different styles together to create a sound that makes you want to press play again and again.



Emerging from the Underworld comes Navajo Witch and with them they bring their newest offering Ghost Sickness. Ghost Sickness sports nine soul corrupting, demon summoning songs that make you have a change of heart and scorch the earth. Navajo Witch dabbles in the dark arts and thrive in the writhing darkness. The more bleak and grim the better for these doom slingers. Ghost Sickness drags you into place devoid of all light and makes your mind wander to the darker recesses of the world. For the most part Ghost Sickness brings you darkened dirges of doom, but when they need to they drag you across burning coals with a speedier romping tempo. Whichever sound and speed that you do get you can guarantee that it will be entirely lethal. Each song is poisonous and permeates the air until it infects your soul and causes permanent damage. Through the entirety of this release, black magic and occult wizardry pours out of your speakers in startling amounts. Once entering the realm of Navajo Witch, you can’t find your way out as it is a maze filled with harmful buzzing riffs, an obese bass, a drum performance that cracks the ground and harsh vocals that command the undead. Peppered throughout every song to compliment the fuzz lined riffs are sickening solos that break up the onslaught of purely murky sounds. As far as the vocals are concerned you do get some variation as the vocalist switches between a gravely scream to an unearthly growl that awakens spirits and raises the dead. Ghost Sickness takes you to places that only spirits generally roam and walk you through darkened yet mystical abysses that are all encompassing. If you dare to walk among the spirits or if you are just looking for some blistering doom you don’t have to look much further than Navajo Witch.



Pillars of Evolution was released at the very beginning of the year, and for Oregon dwellers Ape Cave, it is a great way to kick the new year off. Pillars of Evolution is a murky and sludge filled statement. The entirety of this release is packed to its bursting point with heavy and thick doom. Wading through Pillars of Evolution would be just like wading through a pool of molasses. Each of the eight songs are thick and riddled with psychedelic noise. Through and through, this release is a wall of sound, one that pummels you from all angles and never lets up. Pillars of Evolution works well as a hallucinogen as well, as it takes you through great soundscapes and makes you feel as though you are on a prophetic journey through a desert. There isn’t a minute that goes by where you aren’t bombarded by heavy murky sounds that submerge you straight into the music itself. Pillars of Evolution is a behemoth, and standing up to it would be futile as you end up succumbing to the shear weight that it bears. Upon listening you get tasked with the challenge of keeping your mind intact and your brain from rattling directly out of your skull. Ape Cave lays the fuzz on thick and when you feel you have had enough, they bombard you with more suffocating fuzz and buzz. The majority of the release leans toward the murky and sludge filled side of things, but ever now and then you get funky sounds that induce hallucinations. The writhing riffs, heavy thunderous bass lines, solid somersaulting drumming and the roaring vocals are the only drugs that you need here to completely submerge you in the music. This effort is a solid mass of hallucinogenic doom that sticks with you.




Looking at the cover above, one can gather that it will be somewhat majestic and all encompassing, and that is exactly what Live From the Abyss is. Live From the Abyss is a free floating instrumental effort that tumbles you under waves and drags you under into the dark unknown of the almighty ocean. Dark is the Water provides you with plenty of mystical blue soundscapes and submerges you deep below to swim among the ocean life. As unknown as the deep blue is, Live From the Abyss doesn’t make you feel as though you are in danger as you are floating and tumbling through the waves. Instead this release takes you on a journey through the many reaches of the depths and engulf you in wonder. This release is three songs long, but with the long run times that each song sports, you get vivid soundscapes and a chance to explore long lost ruins of a long deserted underwater city. This ride is one that is low and slow and tows you along allowing you to float and submerge yourself completely. Each riff is injected with the right amount of psychedelia, the bass lines are thick and forceful and the drums are solid and tight. A lot of doom supplies you with dark imagery and burning buzzing guitars that jar your brain right out of your skull, but with Dark is the Water you get the lighter side of the genre. Live From the Abyss is a great instrumental release that really immerses you in the music and makes you feel as though you are floating among the ocean creatures. Take a listen and allow your mind to wander into lost ruins and explore dark reaches of the depths.


Sick of Stupidity: One Shot, One Kill

February 27, 2016


Sick of Stupidity is quite frankly sick of stupidity, which is why their newest release One Shot, One Kill seems to be directly aimed at everyone’s head. This barrage of metal is exactly that. It is a barrage of unrelenting metal that just doesn’t quit until the last person is obliterated and the last bullet has been fired. The eleven tracks on this album make you feel as though you’ve gone toe to toe with an alligator and lost. You get beat upside the head with any object that this band can find and you get poked and prodded like cattle at every angle by sharp musicianship.

The one thing that you have going for you when you press play is that this album is short as the longest song here is just over two minutes. The bad part about that is that you are laid to rest before you know it. Sick of Stupidity comes in like a bull in a china shop that was set on fire before hand. The pummeling that you feel is massive and getting out of the album alive isn’t exactly an option.

For each of the eleven songs you are subjected to feverish musicianship that leads to lacerations and plenty of blunt force trauma. Once Sick of Stupidity gets going there isn’t any stopping the rolling ball of hate and disdain. As a matter of fact, this album may have only been created to watch people suffer and writhe in pain.

Every song is a violent outburst that cannot be controlled. One Shot, One Kill is the equivalent of giving serial killer all the power and amnesty in the world to run rampant and cause as much mayhem as possible. As short as this release is, the explosive energy that is provided is that of three albums.

From each side you get poked, prodded and lacerated by gutting riffs, drums that cave your head in, and vocals that not only rip the vocals chords out of the vocalists throat but yours as well. With all of the technical and monstrous musicianship, this isn’t just unhinged chaos even though it may seem like it at times.

One Shot, One Kill is technical and has certain melodic qualities about it as well, and if those qualities weren’t there then maybe this release would be impossibly spastic and more destructive than it already is. With that being said, One Shot, One Kill is a destructive force, one that aims for the head and doesn’t stop the beating until the lead pipe sees the other side of your skull.

Check out a song from One Shot, One Kill titled Squandered here!


Destroyers of All: Bleak Fragments

February 27, 2016

destroyers of all - bleak fragments cover

Diversity bodes well for a band that can sew multiple genres-including folk elements-together and create something that is interesting and creates soundscapes that are captivating. Portuguese based band Destroyers of All combine death metal, thrash, progressive metal and as mentioned some native folk music. Bleak Fragments is a collection of music that transitions from one genre to the next with ease. There are parts where genres shift abruptly and the sudden shift of sound is a little jarring, but for the most part the ride is smooth.

More than a single listen is need to have all of what Bleak Fragments has to offer to sink in. There is quite a bit going on all at once within this debut album and at times it can seem a little dizzying. The first time around may provide you with enough music and metal to make your head spin as though it were on a swivel, but after several spins things start to mellow out and take shape.

Once the album begins soaking in and all of the initial frenetic and chaotic energy subsides, you can appreciate the technicality and all of the elements that were put into this release to make it as unique as possible. The shock of a frantic pace and more than a few technical musical elements wears off after a listen or two, and once that happens all of the pieces to the progressive death metal puzzle fall into place.

Sure, Destroyers of All plays at a mind bending pace, but that is generally accompanied by more melodic moments where interesting almost chanting vocals take place and where acoustic elements as well as other odd sounds and orchestral pieces come together to create an interesting atmosphere.

More often than not, behind Destroyers of All are wonderful orchestral arrangements that provide you with a certain amount of atmosphere as well as a certain melancholy feeling. There are a few different feelings that you muster through the listen of Bleak Fragments. You get anger, melancholy and at times you get joy. Not only is this release a roller coaster in the technical department but it is also one in the emotional department.

Through Bleak Fragments you get swift riffs with hand crippling guitar solos peppered all throughout, drumming that is out of this world, a bass that is a borderline lunatic and vocals that are screamed at you from every angle. Along with the heavy romping of the metal elements, there are non traditional metal elements that make appearances as well that further the album along.

With the heavy metal wizardry that Destroyers of All lays down, you also get sounds that aren’t foreign to metal but aren’t exactly traditional. With the heavy riffs and the romping drum rhythms, you get the aforementioned folk music and orchestral bits that are sewn well into the music giving the listener more to soak in.

As debut full lengths go, this is a very solid effort. There is a lot to soak in with this album, but with a few listens you won’t be biting off more than you can chew. Bleak Fragments is a heavy and a very entertaining listen and gives you more than enough metal to headbang to.

Bleak Fragments will be out on March 18, 2016 through Mosher Records!

Apokathilosis: Where Angels Fear To Tread

February 27, 2016


Irish black metal band Apokathilosis sounds like pure rage that just so happened to be recorded. Where Angels Fear To Tread is meant to wake you up from a stupor. It is meant to make you feel powerful and liberate you from the constraints that society as well as yourself have put upon your own being. Where Angels Fear To Tread is suppose to be liberating and freeing and empowering and through six songs, Apokathilosis achieves that. With their traditional brand of black metal, these Irish lads scorch the skin, sear the soul and free the mind and let it roam wherever it may.

Where Angels Fear To Tread is straight to the vein black metal. There aren’t any symphonic elements to this, and there aren’t any other brands of metal here either. What you get with Apokathilosis is straight and pure black metal. The music is raw and visceral and doesn’t skimp on being visceral or blasphemous.

One song after the next is played with an intensity that may or may not be able to be matched. Each song writhes with black metal pride and boasts with darkened and harrowing sounds. Wading through this release is like wading through a blackened abyss where there is no way out. But with this album-unlike the darkened abyss-there is a way out, and that is by freeing your mind and being as individual as you can be.

The concept behind this album is to be rebellious and to break the chains of the norm. Who the fuck likes to be normal anyway? Where Angels Fear To Tread challenges you to break the cycle of being a sheep, and challenges you to find individuality and freedom among your own self. This album is mean to make you think about other things are out there for you and that you don’t have to conform to what everyone else believes is norm.

Along with the powerful and provocative concept comes powerful music. The blistering tremolo picking leaves you dazed, the drums blast and pummel their way into your psyche, the bass lines are thick and ever present and the vocals are ripping and screeched throughout the entire release. To go along with the throat bleeding vocals are choral-esque vocals that provide a certain haunting atmosphere and coupled with the choral vocals are damning whispers that can be heard all throughout.

Where Angels Fear To Tread makes a statement with its brave concept and enforces it with pure, unfiltered and raw black metal. The music that you hear pouring out of your speakers is unadulterated black metal. It has not been tampered with, and what you get is a purely earth scorching performance.

Check out the song Awaken Thee right here!

Traffic Death: Terror on the Freeway

February 27, 2016


Causing mayhem and death by road rage is exactly what happens when listening to Traffic Death. It is an EP that you can and will floor it to and is an EP that you can cause plenty of mayhem with. If things aren’t set on fire and your house isn’t in shambles and your car isn’t through the neighbors living room, you’re listening wrong. It’s a good thing that you don’t have to think when listening as the music just takes control and a switch goes off that causes a primal urge to be destructive.

Terror on the Freeway is only five tracks but causes more than an apt explosion. The entirety of the five songs is grinding and completely mad and you just can’t help but to smash things to bits and set something on fire. Traffic Death plays with a lot of bombast and plenty of explosiveness.

Traffic Death seems to have had a ton of bottled energy when recording this EP and during the process they released all of it. There is not an iota of energy or metal that they didn’t pump into this EP to make is as savage and destructive as they could. There is only one speed here and that is blistering and never once does they let up.

Their boot is on your throat all throughout and with the passing of each song the boot stomps harder on your neck. Terror on the Freeway is a face melting, gut pummeling and neck snapping listen and that is very apparent only seconds in to the EP.

Terror on the Freeway is chaotic in every sense of the word and Traffic Death seems to revel in that. The more chaos the better, and this EP is filled with plenty of that. Fire spits from your headphones, acid spews from your speakers and sooner or later you find yourself in a blind rage set every house in your block ablaze.

This five track EP is a grinding madhouse and it even invokes fits of rage. Terror on the Freeway is poisonous and very deadly and shouldn’t be kept within the reach of children. Traffic Death doesn’t skimp on the heavy here, and there is plenty of whiplash inducing music here for any heavy metal fan to soak up.

Check out the song Life Justice here!

Gorrch: Nera Estasi

February 24, 2016


Nera Estasi is an album that reaches out and slaps you in the face with all of the anger and general disdain for human life that it has. Through six songs you get nothing but earth scorching black metal, and sooner or later you get engulfed in hellish flames. Gorrch hails from Italy, and their brand of black metal is chaotic and ridiculously ferocious. As soon as the album begins, Gorrch attacks from all sides with tumultuous musicianship and throat ripping vocals and never slow down until you reach the final seconds.

This release isn’t afraid of confronting you and getting in your face. Nera Estasi is abrasive and wholly chaotic throughout. The production of this release is great as well as it keeps the album raw but it doesn’t sound as though it was recorded in the back of a cave somewhere. If the production wasn’t as clean as it is the message would be entirely lost.

Once the play button is firmly pressed, this abyssal rocket sets off and doesn’t care whether you hold on tight or not. Nera Estasi pierces your sanity, corrupts your soul and sets you morals ablaze in a magnificent pyre. It isn’t a release that is just bleak, this is a release that is shrouded in skin corroding poison fog.

All throughout, Gorrch tries to make you feel as unsettled and uncomfortable as possible. The atmosphere that they provide does the majority of the foot work when making you both unsettled and uncomfortable. The atmosphere that these Italian black metal blasphemers provide is one of tumult and unadulterated evil.

With each song you get riffs that burn the flesh straight off of your bones, drums that are brain scrambling, a bass that is thick and ever present, and vocals that are screamed at you with a gravely roar and along with that roar you get vocals that are almost chanted. With each element that is brought together in this stew of pure hate, you get a murky sound that is thick and hard to ingest at times.

Gorrch make this listen interesting as you do not hear the same thing twice. Nera Estasi makes you feel as though your soul is withering away into the shrouded abyss of eternal darkness. There is an edge about this record that makes you spiral downward into oblivion and that is exactly what Gorrch is looking for.

Solus / Vrag: Awakening of the Hungarian Witch Woods

February 24, 2016

SOLUS-VRAG front100

Waking witches and condemning your soul to an eternity of anguish and hell fire are Solus and Vrag. Both bands hail from Hungary and both bands specialize in abyssal atmospheric and utterly dark black metal. The first four songs belong to Solus and the last two belong to Vrag. Each band is blasphemous in their approach and make you feel as lonely and isolated as possible. Each song is doused in melancholy and set ablaze with isolation. Neither song is lacking in the atmosphere department as that courses through the veins of this entire split.

Pure, raw and unfiltered black metal also courses through the veins of this split as each band plays in the strain of traditional black metal. Each of the six songs sounds as though it belongs in the nineties. The production is filthy and purely raw as though it was just dug up from a damp grave.

Solus and Vrag bring enough abyssal atmosphere with them to choke a horse. All throughout the split you feel as though you wandered into a forest in which you can never come out. A heavy fog sets around you and everything grows dim until all that you can see is utter darkness. Each band makes you feel as though there is no one left in this world but yourself and you feel skin piercingly cold and entirely isolated.

Both bands establish the fact that they can play at a completely blistering pace and slow it down when needed. Vrag more than Solus plays at a slower tempo to allow a creeping dark atmosphere set in, but both bands can kick it up a few notches when needed to add that blistering black metal sound in the mix as well.

The darkness that protrudes from this split is deadly and it hits you directly in the chest. There is no shortage of disparity here either and if you enter this listen with a positive outlook, you won’t leave the same way. Vrag and Solus shatter all delusions of bliss and positive light and replace it with abyssal sounds and corrupt you with a bleak darkness.

During the listen of this split you get nothing but unfiltered black metal and each band plays with a pure intensity. Each riff is dissonant and each scream is filled with anger and contempt. The musicianship throughout is spot on and is as fuzzy and dissonant as you would wish it to be.

Awakening of the Hungarian Witch Woods is blackened to the core and invites you in to share its isolation and darkness. This is a split that is crafted that is a fan of black metal and a fan of atmosphere, and between these two bands you get more than your fair share of both.


Villainy: Villainy II: Dim

February 23, 2016

villainy - cover.jpg

Hailing from The Netherlands is Villainy and with them they bring Villainy II: Dim. This new release itself is split into three sections and even though it is split in three flows well together. With there being different chapters the album itself doesn’t feel choppy or broken up, instead the entire album is cohesive and flows right together. With the majority of Villainy’s music based in blackened thrash, they do add different elements such as doom into the mix as well to create more than your nightly dosage of variety.

With a ton of tempo changes and genre changes-usually all within the same song-one would think that the music would be chaotic and uncontrolled, but alas that is not the case. As many tempo changes and lurches that Villainy II: Dim provides, the entire album is smooth and even transitions from song to song with ease.

Villainy creates a pace that is almost frenetic but at the same time it isn’t. They mix both slower tempos with quicker tempos effortlessly. Villainy II: Dim is an album that keeps you on your toes and on the edge of your seat as you do not know what you will get hit with next. All within one song you will get a slower doom tempo and all of the sudden Villainy lurches forward into a break neck blackened thrash neck twisting romp.

Villainy does a great job of keeping you guessing and keeping you intrigued in the music. After the first couple of minutes you get hooked right in and these gents from The Netherlands don’t let go. With plenty of variety and slick musicianship, they hook their claws right in and never let go.

All of the different qualities and aspects that are present here work very well together. Pairing doom with blackened thrash seemingly wouldn’t be the wisest of choices, but Villainy makes it work and even incorporates it well into each song. The stark contrast between the different speeds that are always present in each song  gives the listener a lot to chew on.

Not only is there a lot to soak in with all of the different elements at work, there is a certain abruptness about the release that is more than felt throughout. As stated earlier, the pace seems to be frenetic, but in the blink of an eye it is slowed down so much that you almost have to brace yourself. There are times when you don’t realize that they were even done with their slow dirge and they pick right back up again smashing your face against mortar with their blistering style of thrash.

Through the ten songs that make an appearance here, longer songs and shorter songs seem to switch off almost every other song. The longer songs offer up everything that Villainy has to offer. You get some atmospheric doom as well as the more aggressive blackened thrash side, whereas the shorter songs have a more upbeat sound to them and offer up a stranger and deeper look into what the band has to offer.

Villainy II: Dim is certainly an interesting listen and certainly will draw you in. Through ten songs, Villainy has a lot to offer and definitely offers it all up with this new release. There is a lot here to soak in and that may not happen on the first listen as multiple listens are warranted. Villainy II: Dim is also very entertaining as you don’t know what avenue you will be taken down next.

Hellripper: The Manifestation Of Evil EP

February 22, 2016


Hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland comes Hellripper. The Manifestation Of Evil was released January of last year and this EP hold four songs that are comprised of pure evil, skin melting speed and enough leather to make Rob Halford jealous. Hellripper is a one man band, and that man had to have exhausted himself after recording everything. Even if you don’t get up and move to this you feel exhausted and defeated for having listened. Each of the four songs is played with an incredible intensity that is entirely explosive.

Hellripper shoots out of the gate at a velocity that I’m sure is illegal in most countries, but from there he never looks back. Once the first riff is played and the first note comes storming out of your speakers it is all over from there. As one of his songs states clearly states, this EP is “total fucking mayhem!” and honestly it really is.

The song Total Mayhem really does sum the entire four track EP up very well even though it is the second song on the EP. Hellripper took speed and over loaded it with more speed to create the earth scorching sound that is shot out at you from the beginning. “The Manifestation Of Evil” is filth rolled in more filth and covered in a potent darkness.

The Manifestation Of Evil  is almost barbaric by nature. It comes at you with pitchforks, torches, swords and any other sharp object that it could collect. It is gouging and it completely beats you into submission or at least makes you go a few rounds with it in the ring. This EP is incredibly blistering and it has no issues with scalping you and parading your torn flesh around town.

Each riff is as abrasive as it gets, the drums are chaotic and only aim to tear your head clean off. The bass presence is thick and cracking and the vocals are throat ripping and bestial. Flames spout from your headphones and directly into your inner ear once you press play and not only that but it seems as though Hellripper revels in darkness and filth and has a complete disregard for human life.

The Manifestation Of Evil is controlled chaos and once you finish listening you will notice that where ever you are at is in utter shambles. This EP gets the blood pumping and adrenaline flowing as you headbang and thrash your way through.  Just remember one thing as you are headbanging away, “beware of the flesh ripper.”


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