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Assorted Heap: The Experience of Horror

February 2, 2016

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Originally meant to roam the earth as an EP, The Experience of Horror now terrorizes the world with nine total songs and is released as a full album. Assorted Heap back in the late eighties was a cult thrash/death squad that arose from the depths of Germany, and their first released demo was titled Killing Peace. Not too long after, these Germans signed with an extreme metal label that went by the name of 1MF Records and recorded what you see above in 1991. As mentioned above, the original release was meant to be an EP with only six songs to have three as bonus tracks. This re-issue features all nine original tracks of thrashing death goodness.

Thrashing death goodness is exactly what this release is and really what Assorted Heap set out to create. Anything less than that would be unacceptable. What you get with this album is nine tracks that know how to burn a house down on command with riffs alone. Assorted Heap takes the old school death grimy and gritty approach and melts it together with an old school headbanging thrash sound that makes for a volatile time.

The songs that are present are fairly long which gave these face shredders more than enough time to do exactly that. Each song looks you dead in the eye and challenges you to a fight to the death, and whether you except that fight or not is up to you. But what you have to know is that it is inescapable either way. Once the first note of Unexpiated Bloodshed hits your ears, all bets are off and you are locking horns with thrash and death metal wizardry.

Assorted Heap burst out of the gate strong on this release with incredibly intensity and with destruction in mind, and for the entirety of the album the intensity never subsides. One song after the next matches the intensity of the previous song, and the only minute that you aren’t getting throttled by purely blistering and pyre stoking metal comes with the fourth song In Vain which plays as an interlude.

Leading up to In Vain what you get is chaotic riff storms coupled with savage drum blasts and ripping vocals, and what you get after that song is more of the same. In Vain gives you a nice break from all of the break neck speed that you have been succumbed to, and it also shows of another side to Assorted Heap’s great musicianship.

Once entering the chamber of nightmares with Assorted Heap and their magnum opus, you get plenty of guitar trickery with shredding riffs and squealing guitar solos. Out of your speakers come stabbing and sharp riffs that do strafe runs by your throat. Coupled with the guitar madness are the drums that are just as beating and head caving as the guitars. Giving each song plenty of backbone is a bass that is incredibly thick and makes you feel as though you’ve been clubbed over the head.

To top everything off, the vocals that pour from the album are ripping and throaty and have a balance between that thrash metal scream and a death metal growl. Assorted Heap is a mixed mass of thrash ferocity and death metal decay only to create what stands before you.

This re-issue is for anyone really. For collectors, for people that may already have the first edition of this album, for people that are just looking for that throw back sound, and for people that are just looking for something that is entirely shredding. You can’t play this record softly, it has to be cranked to eleven so your neighbors can hear it as well.

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