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Thy Worshiper: Ozimina

February 3, 2016

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Hailing from Poland, Thy Worshiper is an interesting band to say the least as they play what they call tribal metal. And while that moniker may sound odd, it really isn’t upon listening. The six songs on Ozimina are played with more non-traditional instruments when speaking of heavy metal. The band is more focused on percussion instruments more than anything else, and with that being the case the resulting sound is intriguing and foreign.

With the originality of the music and the interesting style of play, Thy Worshiper isn’t just a novel idea that is easily thrown away or easily ignored. The level of time and effort that was put into creating such music was tremendous, and all of the blood, sweat and tears shine through on this album. The music is crafted brilliantly and the way that the album was crafted all fits together expertly as well.

Ozimina ultimately makes you feel as though you are with tribesmen and women roaming vast plains and forests as well as it makes you feel at times as though you are dancing around a fire chanting to the gods. Thy Worshiper with their pagan metal isn’t nearly as untamed as one would expect.

The production for this album is clean and tight, providing you with clean sounds to soak in and really appreciate the musicianship. There are a lot of elements that are at work and shift around to create such a sound, and Thy Worshiper executes each song and each instrument perfectly.

Even though Ozimina focuses heavily on percussion instruments, that doesn’t mean it is without guitars and traditional metal elements. And even with the traditional metal elements those take a distant back seat to the tribal sounds that are so strong and prominent throughout.

There is no blackened madness, and there isn’t that purely blistering towering inferno of purely evil riffs. What Thy Worshiper does have is an interesting assortment of instruments that you don’t normally hear. When all of those ethnic and folk instruments are sewn together you get music such as what you hear within this album. The music is smooth and thought provoking as it takes you through vast plains and soundscapes that you can almost reach out and touch.On top of the music you get vocals that growl and sound as though a being was summoned from an ever burning fire as well as female vocals that are beautifully sung alongside the gravely roars.

The entire album is rhythmic and very well put together. As mentioned above, the album can’t be ignored and when you do end up listening you get sucked in and can’t take your headphones off. You get sucked into a realm of metal that you may or may not have known existed and if you didn’t know it existed you will be delighted to listen and submerge yourself in the music. Ozimina is an interesting and captivating listen as well as an album that will be and needs to be listened to more than a couple of times.

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