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Bosque: Beyond

February 4, 2016


Dragging you through murky, dark and sludge infested waters is Bosque. This Portugal based doom band and their new release Beyond take you darkened places in your mind and take you to some of the darkest reaches of your mind as well. Beyond is a mere three tracks, but amasses a forty minute run time. Forty minutes of doom feels like a lifetime and Bosque makes it feel as such. Their depressive style of doom is glacier slow, slow enough to where your heart stops and you can hear your blood flowing through your collapsed veins.

Nothing within this release isn’t doom. There isn’t a sound that dilutes what Bosque intended to sound like. What you believe you will get is exactly what you will get and there is no disappointment whatsoever. One grimy song melts into the next never giving you a break from the depression that you feel upon listening to this release.

Bosque makes you think of hollow dreams, lost loved ones and things that could have been but never were. They have an innate ability of creating depressing atmospheres and abyssal soundscapes that speak to you in different ways. Bosque creates sounds that haunt your soul and make you feel as dismal as you can possibly feel and that just comes so natural.

Once you stumble upon this album and give it a spin, if you are in fact in a right state of mind, a peaceful and happy  one, after one listen or after one song your whole thought process will change and your mood will change to match the music. Running from the depression that you get when listening is futile, and only will make your case worse.

Beyond is melancholy to say the least and Bosque never once tries to convince you otherwise. Each song sinks you deeper and deeper into your own mind, cornering you in the darkest recesses. Each song is long enough on its own to sink you into a hole, but the entire forty minute album is enough to crumble your soul.

The entirety of the album is filled with dissonant everything. Dissonant dirges of mind numbing buzzing riffs circle your mind, the ever consistent drumming pounds away at your senses and the bass provides even more fuzz to line your ear drums. Wailing in the background are ghostly and haunting vocals that send shivers down your spine.

Beyond is quite the soul altering experience. You get nothing but dismal song writing and melancholic lyrics. I don’t know of a soul that would be cheery after a listen. Waves upon depressing waves of music hit you all throughout the album. Once you begin, you are always in the hypnotic dirges that Bosque supplies. Beyond isn’t about setting trends or trying to be something that it is not, it just simply is. “Beyond” is a great doom album, one that makes you hinge on the brink of certain spiraling depression. It is a buzzing fuzz filled good listen one for any doom collection.

Check out the song Paradox!

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