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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Verrater/Sxuperion Split

February 5, 2016


What is better than one rolling blackened ball of hatred and pure visceral metal? That’s right, two rolling blackened balls of hatred and pure visceral metal. This split comes to you by way of two bands of course, Verrater and Sxuperion. Since sending you to hell to walk in fiery hell flames for all eternity once wasn’t enough, they have to make you do it twice. With each band you get a deafening brand of hatred and pure blackened energy that takes control of your soul only to damn it to hell for all eternity.

Each band plays a very similar style of black metal, and each band compliments the other very well in this split. Instead of feeling like two completely separate bands and two completely separate entities, Verrater and Sxuperion make the split feel cohesive. Each of the eight songs melts together in a cauldron of sacrificed beings and putrid blood to create the purely blasphemous sounds that appear before you.

The entire split runs for less than forty minutes, but really that is all that these two bands need to dilute your mind with evil thoughts and provoke the wicked within. Each song is dark and filled with an energy that will flat knock you on your back. Not only that, but the atmospheric qualities that each band brings is soul sucking and makes you feel as though you are trapped in a poison cloud of pessimism.

Both bands have four songs each, and neither band wastes time to get down to business. After short intros from each of the band’s lead off songs, you then get driven head first into a fog that you cannot crawl out of. Verrater and Sxuperion create dark and dismal atmospheres that shroud you and suffocate and burn your lungs until you just can’t take it anymore.

You can’t exactly listen to something this raw and expect it to not be purely evil and intense. Each of the eight songs is a black metal onslaught that picks you apart and leaves the remains for whatever demon comes by to clean the bones. From the front of the split to the back, you get songs that were orchestrated to strip flesh from bones and drink the remaining crimson.

As similar as the styles are between bands there certainly are differences. Verrater plays more in a traditional style of black metal. Each of Verrater’s songs are chaotic and very spastic and have all of the markings of traditional black metal. Verrater supplies riffs that are cutting and cold, with drums that are tumultuous to say the least. Over top the ripping musicianship are dissonant vocals that are almost ghostly at points and banshee like at others.

Sxuperion also plays in the traditional sense but with a little bit of a twist. Their songs are also completely diabolical and shredding but there is a difference. The songs from Sxuperion have a death metal quality to them as well as the over flowing black metal tendencies. Sxuperion drive forward with bludgeoning riffs, and skull shattering drumming that tends to be a little bit more focused. Each Sxuperion song is incredibly bass heavy as well as you can hear it bouncing around in your skull well after each song is complete. The vocals that are thrust forth lean more toward the death metal spectrum as well as they are gravely roars that seem as though they have come from the bowels of the underworld.

While each band plays similar styles, and while each band plays in different ways as well, each band is lethal. Riffs jab at you from every angle, bass lines stab you in the neck and vocals shred even the strongest of throats. These bands are poisonous and get straight to the blasphemous killings and never hesitate. This split is meant for any black metal fan and certainly burst the ears of whoever listens.

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