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Akasava: Strange Aeons

February 7, 2016


Often you want to try and match your cover art with your music, and in this case with psychedelic rockers Akasava they certainly do that. The above is the cover art for their new release titled Strange Aeons. Strange Aeons is indeed strange and intriguing to say the least. It is an interesting listen, one that captivates you and draws you in with all of its quirks and oddities. Not only does Akasava play psychedelic rock they also add in some doom elements as well. The music provided is already a little bit creepy and adding in the doom aspects it only enhances that.

Hooking people into music-or anything really-means that right out of the gate you need a strong opening and that is exactly what this trippy psychedelic band does. Right after an atmospheric intro aptly titled Join the Ritual, Akasava gets right into it and never looks back. The Deep begins with a heavy stomping riff that continues all throughout the song and really sets the tone for the rest of the release.

The Deep is the song that is the hook and it buries the hook deep in your listening holes. The rest of the EP is just as good and makes you rock out on a trippy adventure with these fine gents and lady from France. The EP ends up being a cosmic storm of hard stomping riffs and spectral sounds that take a hold of you and drag you deep into your own mind.

Akasava buzzes and lines each song with an appropriate amount of fuzz that jars and buzzes your brain right out of your skull. The entire release is captivating and interesting. Akasava add a lot of different components to their music to get it to sound the way that it does, and it all works perfectly together. Strange Aeons takes you on a cosmic and mystic ride through the galaxy and it is a ride that you just can’t get off of.

This band keeps you guessing as well as no one song sounds exactly like the others. One song you will get the heavy hard rocking sounds, and the next you will get a taste of dismal mystic doom, and other times you will get a mixture of both. That intrigue and and variation keeps you listening and will keep you listening over and over again because you just don’t know what is coming next.

Along with the heavy riffage and hard rocking that they supply. Akasava also provide you with a fair amount of dark and foggy atmosphere that clouds your mind and wafts through your thoughts like a dismal fog. Once you end up listening to Strange Aeons something interesting happens. You get lost in the music and wander around in the spectral haunting soundscapes that Akasava paints.

With these mystic merchants you get heavy solid walls of riffs, thick chunky bass lines, solid pounding drumming and spectral vocals that are cold and haunting. The whole EP is possessed and it ends up possessing you. The musicianship is great and the vocals are rugged and gritty when needed and haunting and chilling at other times.

You can’t really go wrong with an EP such as this. It is filled with an incredible amount of music within only fifteen minutes and not only that but it is packed with several different genres as well. Akasava does a great job of mixing everything together so well to create a unique sound, and they do a great job of giving each genre its own time to shine through.

Strange Aeons as mentioned above is an interesting listen, but a good one at that. You get plenty of variety, plenty of stomping riffs, great vocals, great musicianship and great song writing. This EP is for just about everyone as there is something for just about everyone crammed into it. It is a listen that will get stuck in your head and one that is unforgettable as well.

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