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Overdoze: Supreme Dosage

February 7, 2016


Finland seems to be a breeding ground for anything that has to do with metal, and with that being said Overdoze hails from Finland. Supreme Dosage is their newest release and features tracks of the pure thrashing nature. Overdoze takes a page from the old school thrash book and adds their own little twists in here and there. Overall what Overdoze brings to the metal table is just solid musicianship and music that everyone can sink their teeth into.

Throughout Supreme Dosage there isn’t a song that is lacking, and there aren’t any songs that seem to be space fillers. Each song does its job to bring you hard hitting thrashing goodness. This release is just a solid piece of work with tight musicianship, good song craft and good song writing.

Overdoze doesn’t need to take time to find their stride in this release. It doesn’t take them a few songs to really get anything going. From the get go, these Finnish thrashers have their stride and from the drop of Dosed Back to Reality, Overdoze goes from there and builds off of that.

From the opener the album only gets stronger. Instead of instilling a pace that flies off the rails at any chance that they get, Overdoze keeps things simple and in check. For the majority of the release they play between a mid tempo and a quick scorching tempo and with that even comes certain atmospheric qualities.

Even though that mid tempo appears more than a blistering skin searing pace, that isn’t to say that Overdoze doesn’t kick it up a notch. When needed they flip the switch and make that transition into full blown thrash behemoths. Once that extra gear is found, the wisest choice would be to buckle up and prepare for a wild thrash ride.

Throughout this release you get solid writhing riffs coupled with squealing solos. The drums are on point and pound away in the background as the thick bass rumbles and slaps you around. Over top the riffage are the vocals that are gritty and grisly as per usual for thrash. The musicianship provided throughout the album is tight and the songs are well crafted with the production putting an exclamation mark on the whole package.

Supreme Dosage is just a good time overall. It is an album to headbang to, crack open a few beers with friends to and maybe most importantly start a mosh to. This release is solid and provides more than enough thrashing music to enjoy and piss your neighbors off with.

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