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Centipede: Sarnath

February 10, 2016


Riff monsters Centipede pick up right where they left off with their release Brazen Bull. Sarnath is their debut full length, and after issuing an EP, Centipede stomps straight out of the gate and never looks back. The eight track album is filled with sludge and stoner metal goodness, and provides you with plenty of riffs to rock out to. Sarnath is a fuzz filled adventure, one that has you wading through thick onslaughts of pure grooving riffs and smokey vocals.

Centipede opens Sarnath up with Drown and from there the album takes off. There isn’t any easing into this, you just get dunked head first into sludge filled and grime caked music. The music is so thick and rich that your listening holes get plugged and your speakers end up imploding. The entire release is filled with fuzzed out, bogged down riffs that get you up and moving and buzz your brain right out of your skull.

Centipede feels massive and their presence is well known right out of the gate. Nothing in their debut full length is done in moderation. You want riffs, well you got them. You want smokey mystic vocals, you got those too. You want an obese bass that is forceful enough to knock over an elephant, well you got that too. The music itself is giant and the production only spurs on the sludge onslaught that Centipede brings forth.

Once you get a peep at this release, you end up covered in grime and you end up caught in the deadly grasp the stoner metal monster. Centipede grips you tight never to let you go, and only to keep you listening to Sarnath for hours if not days to come. Each song is riff heavy, and those riffs propel the entire album right through the stratosphere. Wherever you turn you can’t escape the clutches of this release.

Sarnath is catchy, not in the way that pop songs are catchy, but catchy in the sense that each song is memorable and has you bouncing along to the powerful chords and vocals that shred your ears. You can’t help but to listen more than a couple of times and sooner or later you begin to slip deep into a sludge filled coma in which waking up isn’t possible.

Each song is filled with buzzing riffs that are jarring to say the least, a bass that is completely giant, drums that pound and kick you straight to the curb and vocals that are smokey and powerful. Nothing about this record screams anything other than stoner sludge metal. Everything is lined with fuzz and buzzes with an incredible intensity.

Centipede hooks you right from the beginning with their great musicianship, song craft and production. Sarnath is a debut album that is done right as well as sludge metal cooked to near perfection. With each minute you end up hearing something that you haven’t previously heard in other songs, and Sarnath is a debut album that is well worth taking a crack at.

Sarnath will be released March 4, 2016 through Inverse Records.

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