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Arreat Summit: Frostburn EP

February 12, 2016

Arreat Smmit final web

Hailing from Sweden and reigning darkness down on all of their peers comes Arreat Summit with their new EP titled Frostburn. Arreat Summit mixes death metal with some deathcore influences to create a technical and heavy onslaught. This EP is incredibly short only sporting two songs, but in these two songs you get some great musicianship and well put together songs. Listening to deathcore bands that have been popping up, there is a noticeable song structure, and that song structure is that there isn’t any. A lot of deathcore bands are just one long breakdown after another, and Arreat Summit breaks that mold.

Each of the songs here have a good balance between the raw pummeling of death metal and the calculated crushing of deathcore. Not one genre swallows the other whole, and neither song skimps on the variety either. Frostburn isn’t just one giant mass of mind numbing breakdowns and that in itself is refreshing.

The opener Underlife focuses and leans more toward the death metal side of the metal spectrum even though the song does have a breakdown or two, and the second offering which is the title track focuses more on the breakdown side of things. And even with the closing song focusing heavier on the breakdown deathcore side, none of the breakdowns are unfit to be there or seem out of place.

There is no doubt that Frostburn is heavy and of course that sledgehammer heaviness comes from the musicianship. The riffs are slaughtering, the drums are pounding and blast away at your skull like a sandblaster and the bass presence is churning and rumbling. The vocals to go along with the music jump from raspy highs to devastating growls that border on guttural.

Even though this is a small taste of what is to come, it is no doubt that the next full length will be a doozy. The two songs here are heavy, calculated and did I mention heavy? These Swedes definitely know their stuff and this EP is apparent that they aren’t even close to being finished slaughtering everyone’s souls.

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