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BizarrOtural: Looking In A Mask

February 12, 2016


From France comes a one man psychotic metal band called BizarrOtural. Looking In A Mask is shrouded in delirium and complete madness. There isn’t anything in this release that sits still, everything jumps around, moves and assaults you in a completely odd way. Each song is schizophrenic and you never really know what is coming to hit you next. You come to expect the unexpected. This band was created by one man who calls himself Ghost Wolf who plays every instrument on the album. There are no vocals, and frankly if there were any it would ruin the music.

This release is strange to say the least. There isn’t much that you can pin down and say, “This is the genre he is going for”. BizarrOtural can’t necessarily be categorized by a genre, there isn’t anything that can pigeonhole it. BizarrOtural is its own entity and it is in a class along with other fellow odd bands. As odd and intriguing as this album is, it kind of draws you in at the same time. You can’t stop listening because it is off the wall and bizarre.

Each song jumps out at you and jumps off the page as something that is entirely unique and puzzling. BizarrOtural is a band that is clearly inspired by the supernatural and the unknown. Every song has its own spine tingling atmosphere to it, and throughout the record you feel as though a giant figure could be watching you. It is that atmosphere that draws you in and makes you stay for the unsettling ride.

Looking In A Mask is as much of an experience as it is an album. You can’t really just sit and listen, it is an album that makes you participate in the weird world that it has created. BizarrOtural throws you through other realms having you come face to face with the paranormal. The atmosphere is cold, haunting and thought provoking all at the same time.

Trying to explain this record is exactly like trying to explain something to a brick wall, it just cannot be done. Interpreting this album and trying to put it into words is near impossible, but here we are trying to figure out what it is exactly that Looking In A Mask is. We know it is odd, it is creative, it is a force unnatural.

Riffs swirl around your head like a psychotic cyclone that are accompanied by the occasional scattered solo, the drums are schizophrenic, and the ambient noise in the background only adds to the mysticism and hallucinations that this release provides. The entire album is instrumental, so there are no lyrics to draw any context from. The only context that you get is what your mind draws up for you, and that is one hell of a drug.

Looking In A Mask is an interesting listen. It is one that makes your mind work overtime trying to figure out what is happening. All of the intrigue and all of the mystique is what draws you in and what keeps you listening. And I say instead of trying to explain, take a listen for yourself below.

Take a mind warping listen to Looking In A Mask!



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