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Akatechism: Dripping Flames

February 16, 2016

akatechism cover

Akatechism is a wonderfully dark combination between black metal and doom. With their release Dripping Flames they come out of the gate accosting you at all angles with their darkened brand of sordid metal. Dripping Flames is a three track release that was released late last year by Invictus Productions. Even though the amount of songs is short, the length of the songs is massive ranging from five minutes to fifteen. Each song is packed with a blackened essence that is evil and engulfs you in flames within seconds of hitting the play button.

Dripping Flames is as raw as it gets. This release is unfiltered and unbridled evil, and in it you get soul scorching metal. From the beginning Akatechism doesn’t let you off the hook very easy, and all throughout you can feel yourself being pulled closer to an abyssal pit of eternal flame. As long as the songs are, they are very encompassing and make you feel numb and as though you are being watched by a creeping darkness.

This release is a slow drag to hell as the majority of the record is filled up with abysmal atmospheric doom. Dripping Flames is a murky and ridiculously heavy offering. Listening to this is the equivalent to wading through a pool of sludge. It is thick and grimy filling your pores with dark molten sludge forever consuming you.

From the beginning and onward, you get hit with driving, forceful and ripping riffs, pounding drum rhythms and vocals that are dissonant and yet completely commanding at the same time. The music surrounds you and never lets you escape out of your dark hole or out of the darkest pits of your mind.

Every now and then Akatechism breaks out of their heart stopping doom barrage and slips into the black metal side of their music and subjects you to even more slicing riffs and pummeling drums. Akatechism does a great job of mixing and matching tempos to keep you off balance and to keep you guessing for the entire listen.

Dripping Flames will creep up on you and rattle you with their darkened doom or they will simply pick your soul apart with their blistering brand of black metal. The choice is theirs, and all throughout the release they combine both to create a raw and utterly dark sound. Akatechism put forth an effort that is wholly made for both doom and black metal fans and no matter what side of the metal spectrum you lean more toward, there is something here for everyone.

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