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High Priest of Saturn: Son of Earth and Sky

February 19, 2016

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Taking a wrong turn at the Milky Way and landing themselves in Sweden is High Priest of Saturn and with them they brought an offering that goes by the title Son of Earth and Sky.  These cosmic psychedelic doomsters take inspiration from bands from the seventies and put that inspiration to good use creating something that really is cosmic and purely psychedelic. Listening to Son of Earth and Sky is like being on an acid trip without actually taking the acid. Son of Earth and Sky is five songs long and through the five songs you end up being jettisoned through the stratosphere.

High Priest of Saturn lays the fuzz on thick and early. To begin the release, they lay down a thick and dirty bass line that reverberates all throughout your body. All throughout you get the same kind of treatment. Each song is filled with fuzz and enough buzzing to warp your mind into entirely different shapes. The five songs that make an appearance here are heavy and provide you with enough psychedelic jet fuel to last you a lifetime.

Son of Earth and Sky was almost built to warp and contort your mind, taking you to places within your own psyche that you may not have even known about. This record is a smooth ride through the stars and through the galaxy and beyond. There are no bumpy parts in this record, and there aren’t any elements that don’t seem to fit or seem out of place. Everything does its job and meshes incredibly well to create such a smooth sound that in turn creates wonderful soundscapes.

This is a slow burning ride to the finish as nothing picks up over a mid paced tempo, but you end up relaxing and letting the music crash over you like cosmic waves. Whatever you may be feeling before entering the realm of the High Priest, it all slips away and your mind begins to wander to distant stars. Son of Earth and Sky not only is an incredibly heavy album within its own right but it is just as soothing.

The atmosphere that High Priest of Saturn ladles out is monolithic as it is almost tangible. You end up feeling as though you are free floating through time and space and the music is your vessel. There is something about the album that almost makes you slip into a deep psychedelic coma and drift among the stars.

Every song lays out cosmic and smooth riffs, bass lines that are infectious and fill your mind with plenty of fuzz, drums that are sound and rhythmic, a keyboard that provides you with never ending atmosphere and vocals that sound as though they descend from the clouds. The musicianship is spot on and the vocals carry you way to somewhere different entirely.

Son of Earth and Sky is a massive album, one that stands very tall. It is infectious and even with the long run times it feels short and makes you want to press play again. High Priest of Saturn are psychedelic doom monsters and that much is apparent when listening to Son of Earth and Sky. This isn’t an album that you should miss or look over as it should be on everyone’s list to listen to.

Son of Earth and Sky is out through Svart Records February 26, 2016.

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