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Reencarnacion: 888 Metal Reissue

February 19, 2016


You always have to give credit where credit is due, and South America deserves a lot of credit for kick starting black metal. Brazil is widely known as a breeding ground for such bands, but other South American countries deserve their fair share of the credit as well. With that being said, Reencarnacion hails from Columbia and this album that you see above was recorded in 1988 and with the help of Nuclear War Now! Productions it is being reissued in all of its sordid, blasphemous glory.

Not only is Metal 888 Colombia’s first metal album which was entirely game changing, but the way in which this black metal group played was game changing. Sticking to the traditional black metal sound, Reencarnacion also added non traditional metal instruments into their work to create something that was incredibly fresh and unique at that time.

This reissue of Metal 888 not only includes Metal 888 itself, but also includes Acompáñame a la tumba and six live tracks from 1989. It isn’t just one album that you are getting, sewn together you get a full length, an EP and original live recordings in their rawest form.

With this reissue, none of the rawness gets sapped from the original production and everything sounds as though it still belongs in the eighties when this was first recorded. This release is rough, raw and completely unfiltered, just the way black metal was intended to be.

Reencarnacion was unique in a lot of ways. They were unique in the fact that they incorporated non traditional metal instruments into their music and they released the very first Colombian metal album. Not only did they accomplish those feats to separate themselves from the pack, but they also deployed schizophrenic tempo changes and musical directions within their music to always keep the listener on their toes.

There isn’t a lot within Metal 888 that you can predict as the music is scattered and jumps all over the place creating a dizziness if you are trying to keep up. Riffs accost you from all angles, the bass is rumbling and destructive, the drums are tumultuous and the vocals are throat ripping. Everything about Metal 888 is pure black metal that is indisputable.

Through this reissue, Reencarnacion lives on and so does their legendary work. If you have already heard Metal 888 then this is a treat for you, and if you are just going to be hearing it for the first time, this is still a treat. It is pure black metal. It is raw and visceral and this release projects only the blackened most blasphemous sounds upon you. Metal 888 is out now through Nuclear War Now! Productions.


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