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Aterra: All Born In Pain

February 20, 2016


Seeping up from the Warsaw underground is thrash/metalcore fusion act Aterra. All Born In Pain is their newest release that is packed full with thirty-seven minutes of hard hitting metal. On top of their thrash and metalcore mentality, Aterra also include a bit of a creepy and evil atmosphere. Within this release Aterra does a good job of mixing heavy metal with elements of electronic and industrial music as well to keep their sound fresh and unique. Each song is a little different as Aterra switches up tempos and sounds very well to create music that keeps the listener on their toes.

All Born In Pain isn’t an album that feels like a chore to listen to. It is wholly entertaining and keeps you guessing the entire time. There are no two songs that sound alike as each song is riddled with plenty of variety and plenty of diversity. In certain songs you will get more of the thrash metal vibe, others you will get more of the metalcore sound, and others you will get a heavier dosage of an electronic and industrial feel.

Aterra not only deploys harsh attacks of thrash and metalcore, but they bombard you with odd sounds at interesting times throughout the release. These sounds are interesting and keep the music lively and keeps the music entirely spastic and original. More often than not, the lead ins to some of the songs are filled with atmospheric oddities that either make you feel as though you’re being abducted or they make you feel a certain serenity before the storm.

These lads from Poland never stop the heavy hitting songs coming either. Even when they decide to slow the tempo and create a little bit more atmosphere the songs picks right back up and continues with the heavy bludgeoning riffage. Aterra mixes and matches tempos well going from a purely blistering tempo to a slower more atmospheric tempo and back again.

All Born In Pain hits you with a variety of riffs and solos that beat you down effectively and with drum rhythms that are entirely pounding and skull caving. The bass lines in each song are thick and can be felt all throughout the release. The vocal arrangements are varied and transition from a gravel filled scream to a clean vocal that borders on sounding like an evil mastermind. Accompanying all of the expert musicianship are the synths that were noted earlier. The odd noises marry well together with everything else that is happening around them. Instead of detracting from the music they enhance it and make the music that much more entertaining.

This release by these Poland natives is heavy and has a certain darkness and anger to it that gives it that extra kick. It is headbang worthy in all of the proper areas and it is also mellow where it needs to be. Aterra take the better parts of thrash and metalcore and sew them together to create a unique sound. If you are remotely interested in either genre then this is the album to sink your teeth straight into.

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