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Soul Dissolution: Pale Distant Light

February 20, 2016


Hailing from Belgium is Soul Dissolution and Pale Distant Light is their debut full length. All throughout Pale Distant Light you get a menagerie of feelings but the main overtone of the release is one that is purely melancholy. From the very beginning of the release you can tell that the music isn’t exactly happy, and all the way through you can feel the sadness as it is pretty palpable. The majority of the album is played at a mid tempo which gives you time to let it all sink in and take effect.

Whether you wanted to be depressed while listening to music or not, Soul Dissolution doesn’t give you a choice as their melancholic style of play grips you by the throat and never lets go. There are ten songs here that subject you to plenty of bruising emotions. Through each song you feel a darkness hang over you, and with the passing of each song you feel that darkness growing and becoming insufferably bleak.

Pale Distant Light is an album that you can sit and listen to casually but it also makes you think a bit and gets you lost in your own thoughts. You get sucked into the crushingly heavy atmosphere and the heavy presence of sadness. With every minute that passes you get pulled under waves of emotion that Soul Dissolution conveys and with every passing minute you succumb to the music and get lost in it entirely.

Each song is decently long ranging over five and even seven minutes. The long run times give Soul Dissolution plenty of time to create great bleak and depressive soundscapes for you to ponder. Through these songs you get sharp riffs, pounding writhing drumming, thick bass lines and atmosphere that is cold and bitter. The musicianship is spot on and by adding non traditional metal instruments into the mix, that is where you get your atmosphere from and that is where you get you melancholic mood.

Adding to the heavy weight of depression are the vocals that sound equally pained and stressed. The vocals never waver from a gravely cry and only in one instance the vocalist tries his hand at cleans and even spoken word, but for the majority of the record you get pained gravely cries.

As far as debut albums go this is a strong effort. Each of the ten songs are captivating in their own ways and the entire album itself expertly puts you in a state of mind that is completely melancholic. You want music that can speak to you and make you feel a certain way, and Soul Dissolution does that with this release here.

Below you can find their Bandcamp page as well as a link to one of their songs off of the album titled Anchor.

Soul Dissolution Bandcamp



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