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Plutonium: Born Again Misanthrope

February 22, 2016


Black metal and industrial music seemingly should not go together, but in fact it really does. Black metal is all about creating a bleak, cold and skin piercing experience and sound and industrial music similarly does the same. With the addition of industrial music it becomes just that much more bleak and dark. And with that being said, Plutonium sews both together creating a wholly dark and raw sound. Born Again Misanthrope is a dissonant effort that leaves you shuddering in the dark.

From the start, there is no mistaking that this release is going to be bleak. Born Again Misanthrope is dark and mysterious at every turn. With the added element of industrial elements and samples, the music is just that much more  bleak. Overall the sounds and the music that you get are traditional black metal, there just is a little twist added to it.

With this release you do get what you are looking for. You get an interesting release that is filled with deafening black metal that is played in the vein of traditional black metal. The only difference is that industrial elements are thrown in the mix to keep things interesting and to create a unique sound. Plutonium does a good job of keeping balance between the two genres, giving each its time to shine as well as incorporating both in each song.

You really don’t get a lot of relaxing slow moments when listening to Born Again Misanthrope. The majority of the album is played full throttle and when it does slow down to allow the more atmospheric and industrial elements seep in it never lasts to long. Through the nine songs you get bombarded with blackened riffs and sordid vocals and piercing atmosphere.

With all of that being said, the black metal that is present is just as harsh and cold as you would like it. The riffs are serpentine, the bass is low and thick providing a more than acceptable backbone for each song and the drums are bludgeoning when they need to be. The vocals are of the traditional variety which are filled with gravel and sounds as though he is gargling a fair amount of blood from a sacrifice while screaming.

The industrial aspects creep in to each song giving you more to chew on and more to ponder. Odd sounds come and go and those sounds create somewhat of an atmosphere that would not have been created if they were not present. Coupled with the purely bleak black metal, the sounds and industrial elements work well together creating a cold and dismal atmosphere.

Plutonium could have gone a different route and chosen to add more industrial sounds and stray from black metal almost entirely but that would have compromised the whole message. Born Again Misanthrope is an interesting listen, one that puts you through the ringer and makes you think a little bit about what you are listening to. If you are looking for good solid black metal this is the place to look and if you are looking for something a little more off of the beaten path this is also the place to look as it has a little something for each fan.

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