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Villainy: Villainy II: Dim

February 23, 2016

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Hailing from The Netherlands is Villainy and with them they bring Villainy II: Dim. This new release itself is split into three sections and even though it is split in three flows well together. With there being different chapters the album itself doesn’t feel choppy or broken up, instead the entire album is cohesive and flows right together. With the majority of Villainy’s music based in blackened thrash, they do add different elements such as doom into the mix as well to create more than your nightly dosage of variety.

With a ton of tempo changes and genre changes-usually all within the same song-one would think that the music would be chaotic and uncontrolled, but alas that is not the case. As many tempo changes and lurches that Villainy II: Dim provides, the entire album is smooth and even transitions from song to song with ease.

Villainy creates a pace that is almost frenetic but at the same time it isn’t. They mix both slower tempos with quicker tempos effortlessly. Villainy II: Dim is an album that keeps you on your toes and on the edge of your seat as you do not know what you will get hit with next. All within one song you will get a slower doom tempo and all of the sudden Villainy lurches forward into a break neck blackened thrash neck twisting romp.

Villainy does a great job of keeping you guessing and keeping you intrigued in the music. After the first couple of minutes you get hooked right in and these gents from The Netherlands don’t let go. With plenty of variety and slick musicianship, they hook their claws right in and never let go.

All of the different qualities and aspects that are present here work very well together. Pairing doom with blackened thrash seemingly wouldn’t be the wisest of choices, but Villainy makes it work and even incorporates it well into each song. The stark contrast between the different speeds that are always present in each song  gives the listener a lot to chew on.

Not only is there a lot to soak in with all of the different elements at work, there is a certain abruptness about the release that is more than felt throughout. As stated earlier, the pace seems to be frenetic, but in the blink of an eye it is slowed down so much that you almost have to brace yourself. There are times when you don’t realize that they were even done with their slow dirge and they pick right back up again smashing your face against mortar with their blistering style of thrash.

Through the ten songs that make an appearance here, longer songs and shorter songs seem to switch off almost every other song. The longer songs offer up everything that Villainy has to offer. You get some atmospheric doom as well as the more aggressive blackened thrash side, whereas the shorter songs have a more upbeat sound to them and offer up a stranger and deeper look into what the band has to offer.

Villainy II: Dim is certainly an interesting listen and certainly will draw you in. Through ten songs, Villainy has a lot to offer and definitely offers it all up with this new release. There is a lot here to soak in and that may not happen on the first listen as multiple listens are warranted. Villainy II: Dim is also very entertaining as you don’t know what avenue you will be taken down next.

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