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Sick of Stupidity: One Shot, One Kill

February 27, 2016


Sick of Stupidity is quite frankly sick of stupidity, which is why their newest release One Shot, One Kill seems to be directly aimed at everyone’s head. This barrage of metal is exactly that. It is a barrage of unrelenting metal that just doesn’t quit until the last person is obliterated and the last bullet has been fired. The eleven tracks on this album make you feel as though you’ve gone toe to toe with an alligator and lost. You get beat upside the head with any object that this band can find and you get poked and prodded like cattle at every angle by sharp musicianship.

The one thing that you have going for you when you press play is that this album is short as the longest song here is just over two minutes. The bad part about that is that you are laid to rest before you know it. Sick of Stupidity comes in like a bull in a china shop that was set on fire before hand. The pummeling that you feel is massive and getting out of the album alive isn’t exactly an option.

For each of the eleven songs you are subjected to feverish musicianship that leads to lacerations and plenty of blunt force trauma. Once Sick of Stupidity gets going there isn’t any stopping the rolling ball of hate and disdain. As a matter of fact, this album may have only been created to watch people suffer and writhe in pain.

Every song is a violent outburst that cannot be controlled. One Shot, One Kill is the equivalent of giving serial killer all the power and amnesty in the world to run rampant and cause as much mayhem as possible. As short as this release is, the explosive energy that is provided is that of three albums.

From each side you get poked, prodded and lacerated by gutting riffs, drums that cave your head in, and vocals that not only rip the vocals chords out of the vocalists throat but yours as well. With all of the technical and monstrous musicianship, this isn’t just unhinged chaos even though it may seem like it at times.

One Shot, One Kill is technical and has certain melodic qualities about it as well, and if those qualities weren’t there then maybe this release would be impossibly spastic and more destructive than it already is. With that being said, One Shot, One Kill is a destructive force, one that aims for the head and doesn’t stop the beating until the lead pipe sees the other side of your skull.

Check out a song from One Shot, One Kill titled Squandered here!


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