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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Plutonium: Born Again Misanthrope

February 22, 2016


Black metal and industrial music seemingly should not go together, but in fact it really does. Black metal is all about creating a bleak, cold and skin piercing experience and sound and industrial music similarly does the same. With the addition of industrial music it becomes just that much more bleak and dark. And with that being said, Plutonium sews both together creating a wholly dark and raw sound. Born Again Misanthrope is a dissonant effort that leaves you shuddering in the dark.

From the start, there is no mistaking that this release is going to be bleak. Born Again Misanthrope is dark and mysterious at every turn. With the added element of industrial elements and samples, the music is just that much more  bleak. Overall the sounds and the music that you get are traditional black metal, there just is a little twist added to it.

With this release you do get what you are looking for. You get an interesting release that is filled with deafening black metal that is played in the vein of traditional black metal. The only difference is that industrial elements are thrown in the mix to keep things interesting and to create a unique sound. Plutonium does a good job of keeping balance between the two genres, giving each its time to shine as well as incorporating both in each song.

You really don’t get a lot of relaxing slow moments when listening to Born Again Misanthrope. The majority of the album is played full throttle and when it does slow down to allow the more atmospheric and industrial elements seep in it never lasts to long. Through the nine songs you get bombarded with blackened riffs and sordid vocals and piercing atmosphere.

With all of that being said, the black metal that is present is just as harsh and cold as you would like it. The riffs are serpentine, the bass is low and thick providing a more than acceptable backbone for each song and the drums are bludgeoning when they need to be. The vocals are of the traditional variety which are filled with gravel and sounds as though he is gargling a fair amount of blood from a sacrifice while screaming.

The industrial aspects creep in to each song giving you more to chew on and more to ponder. Odd sounds come and go and those sounds create somewhat of an atmosphere that would not have been created if they were not present. Coupled with the purely bleak black metal, the sounds and industrial elements work well together creating a cold and dismal atmosphere.

Plutonium could have gone a different route and chosen to add more industrial sounds and stray from black metal almost entirely but that would have compromised the whole message. Born Again Misanthrope is an interesting listen, one that puts you through the ringer and makes you think a little bit about what you are listening to. If you are looking for good solid black metal this is the place to look and if you are looking for something a little more off of the beaten path this is also the place to look as it has a little something for each fan.

Aterra: All Born In Pain

February 20, 2016


Seeping up from the Warsaw underground is thrash/metalcore fusion act Aterra. All Born In Pain is their newest release that is packed full with thirty-seven minutes of hard hitting metal. On top of their thrash and metalcore mentality, Aterra also include a bit of a creepy and evil atmosphere. Within this release Aterra does a good job of mixing heavy metal with elements of electronic and industrial music as well to keep their sound fresh and unique. Each song is a little different as Aterra switches up tempos and sounds very well to create music that keeps the listener on their toes.

All Born In Pain isn’t an album that feels like a chore to listen to. It is wholly entertaining and keeps you guessing the entire time. There are no two songs that sound alike as each song is riddled with plenty of variety and plenty of diversity. In certain songs you will get more of the thrash metal vibe, others you will get more of the metalcore sound, and others you will get a heavier dosage of an electronic and industrial feel.

Aterra not only deploys harsh attacks of thrash and metalcore, but they bombard you with odd sounds at interesting times throughout the release. These sounds are interesting and keep the music lively and keeps the music entirely spastic and original. More often than not, the lead ins to some of the songs are filled with atmospheric oddities that either make you feel as though you’re being abducted or they make you feel a certain serenity before the storm.

These lads from Poland never stop the heavy hitting songs coming either. Even when they decide to slow the tempo and create a little bit more atmosphere the songs picks right back up and continues with the heavy bludgeoning riffage. Aterra mixes and matches tempos well going from a purely blistering tempo to a slower more atmospheric tempo and back again.

All Born In Pain hits you with a variety of riffs and solos that beat you down effectively and with drum rhythms that are entirely pounding and skull caving. The bass lines in each song are thick and can be felt all throughout the release. The vocal arrangements are varied and transition from a gravel filled scream to a clean vocal that borders on sounding like an evil mastermind. Accompanying all of the expert musicianship are the synths that were noted earlier. The odd noises marry well together with everything else that is happening around them. Instead of detracting from the music they enhance it and make the music that much more entertaining.

This release by these Poland natives is heavy and has a certain darkness and anger to it that gives it that extra kick. It is headbang worthy in all of the proper areas and it is also mellow where it needs to be. Aterra take the better parts of thrash and metalcore and sew them together to create a unique sound. If you are remotely interested in either genre then this is the album to sink your teeth straight into.

Soul Dissolution: Pale Distant Light

February 20, 2016


Hailing from Belgium is Soul Dissolution and Pale Distant Light is their debut full length. All throughout Pale Distant Light you get a menagerie of feelings but the main overtone of the release is one that is purely melancholy. From the very beginning of the release you can tell that the music isn’t exactly happy, and all the way through you can feel the sadness as it is pretty palpable. The majority of the album is played at a mid tempo which gives you time to let it all sink in and take effect.

Whether you wanted to be depressed while listening to music or not, Soul Dissolution doesn’t give you a choice as their melancholic style of play grips you by the throat and never lets go. There are ten songs here that subject you to plenty of bruising emotions. Through each song you feel a darkness hang over you, and with the passing of each song you feel that darkness growing and becoming insufferably bleak.

Pale Distant Light is an album that you can sit and listen to casually but it also makes you think a bit and gets you lost in your own thoughts. You get sucked into the crushingly heavy atmosphere and the heavy presence of sadness. With every minute that passes you get pulled under waves of emotion that Soul Dissolution conveys and with every passing minute you succumb to the music and get lost in it entirely.

Each song is decently long ranging over five and even seven minutes. The long run times give Soul Dissolution plenty of time to create great bleak and depressive soundscapes for you to ponder. Through these songs you get sharp riffs, pounding writhing drumming, thick bass lines and atmosphere that is cold and bitter. The musicianship is spot on and by adding non traditional metal instruments into the mix, that is where you get your atmosphere from and that is where you get you melancholic mood.

Adding to the heavy weight of depression are the vocals that sound equally pained and stressed. The vocals never waver from a gravely cry and only in one instance the vocalist tries his hand at cleans and even spoken word, but for the majority of the record you get pained gravely cries.

As far as debut albums go this is a strong effort. Each of the ten songs are captivating in their own ways and the entire album itself expertly puts you in a state of mind that is completely melancholic. You want music that can speak to you and make you feel a certain way, and Soul Dissolution does that with this release here.

Below you can find their Bandcamp page as well as a link to one of their songs off of the album titled Anchor.

Soul Dissolution Bandcamp



Satanic Warmaster / Archgoat: Lux Satanae (Thirteen Hymns of Finnish Devil Worship)

February 19, 2016


Satanic Warmaster and Archgoat come together for the first time in this split titled Lux Satanae.  With a combination such as this, one has to imagine that the destruction that they both will cause together is great, and that would be right. The amount of destruction that this split causes and the amount of evil that it spreads is massive. Each band is terrifyingly evil and have absolutely no issues spreading darkness across the land. Lux Satane (Thirteen Hymns of Finnish Devil Worship) certainly does include thirteen earth blistering songs.

These are two of black metal’s premiere bands, and with both of them together on the same split, there is one thing that you can count on for certain, and that is after listening there is no way that you will come out of it with a soul. Everything turns black, smells of brimstone and is utterly scorched under blackened hell fire. There isn’t anything that you can do to escape the clutches of evil, and there isn’t anything that you can do to prevent yourself from being dragged violently to hell.

Both Satanic Warmaster and Archgoat alone are more than capable of taking the entire planet over themselves, and when joining forces there is nothing that can’t stop them. Once the first note is played, an evil army arises from Hell to walk the earth and slaughter any soul that dares oppose them.

The music itself really is frightening and instills a certain amount of fear within you that is indescribable. You feel as though Satan himself is present with you enjoying the fruits of this release. There isn’t anything quite like it. You feel a potent evil wash over you and take a heavy handed grip on your soul and damn it for eternity, and you feel sordid and blasphemous just by gazing upon the album art let alone actually listening.

As both bands play a similar style, there are some differences. Satanic Warmaster plays in a more traditional black metal style, whereas Archgoat gives you both realms of death metal and black metal. Each band is punishing and evil in their own ways, and really each of their styles is purely blistering and flesh melting.

To begin the split is Satanic Warmaster. Satanic Warmaster comes at you with bleak, cold and intense black metal. Their riffs are jagged and accosting as they slash you across the throat letting your blood to revel in. The bass lines are rumbling and unearthly as the drums are purely chaotic and punishing. The vocals provided are of the gravely screech variety that makes your blood freeze and your hair stand up. Satanic Warmaster supplies you with atmosphere that is wholly dark and blasphemous as it shrouds you in poisonous fog. They let you know right off the bat that they are coming for your soul and are relentless in their pursuit until they have acquired it.

As mentioned, Archgoat gives you something from both worlds as they dabble in black metal and death metal. Archgoat attacks you with sharp bludgeoning riffs supplemented by an obese bass that is more than capable of disemboweling you. The drums are blasting and chaotic as they chip away at your skull. The vocal delivery that you get from Archgoat is guttural and utterly demonic and subterranean. Archgoat gives you atmosphere as well, and it comes in the form of atmospheric death and blackened hell fire.

Both bands are eviscerating, pure and visceral and escaping their powerful black metal grasp just isn’t an option. Once you begin listening you seal your own fate. Lux Satanae is as damning as damning gets and if you wanted to meet Satan you may get your wish sooner rather than later. The thirteen songs here are evil, blasphemous and as evil as you could possibly imagine. This is pure black metal folks. Enter the lair of the Devil if you dare.

Lux Satanae is out through Hells Headbangers on March 4, 2016.

High Priest of Saturn: Son of Earth and Sky

February 19, 2016

HPOS_2_cover copy


Taking a wrong turn at the Milky Way and landing themselves in Sweden is High Priest of Saturn and with them they brought an offering that goes by the title Son of Earth and Sky.  These cosmic psychedelic doomsters take inspiration from bands from the seventies and put that inspiration to good use creating something that really is cosmic and purely psychedelic. Listening to Son of Earth and Sky is like being on an acid trip without actually taking the acid. Son of Earth and Sky is five songs long and through the five songs you end up being jettisoned through the stratosphere.

High Priest of Saturn lays the fuzz on thick and early. To begin the release, they lay down a thick and dirty bass line that reverberates all throughout your body. All throughout you get the same kind of treatment. Each song is filled with fuzz and enough buzzing to warp your mind into entirely different shapes. The five songs that make an appearance here are heavy and provide you with enough psychedelic jet fuel to last you a lifetime.

Son of Earth and Sky was almost built to warp and contort your mind, taking you to places within your own psyche that you may not have even known about. This record is a smooth ride through the stars and through the galaxy and beyond. There are no bumpy parts in this record, and there aren’t any elements that don’t seem to fit or seem out of place. Everything does its job and meshes incredibly well to create such a smooth sound that in turn creates wonderful soundscapes.

This is a slow burning ride to the finish as nothing picks up over a mid paced tempo, but you end up relaxing and letting the music crash over you like cosmic waves. Whatever you may be feeling before entering the realm of the High Priest, it all slips away and your mind begins to wander to distant stars. Son of Earth and Sky not only is an incredibly heavy album within its own right but it is just as soothing.

The atmosphere that High Priest of Saturn ladles out is monolithic as it is almost tangible. You end up feeling as though you are free floating through time and space and the music is your vessel. There is something about the album that almost makes you slip into a deep psychedelic coma and drift among the stars.

Every song lays out cosmic and smooth riffs, bass lines that are infectious and fill your mind with plenty of fuzz, drums that are sound and rhythmic, a keyboard that provides you with never ending atmosphere and vocals that sound as though they descend from the clouds. The musicianship is spot on and the vocals carry you way to somewhere different entirely.

Son of Earth and Sky is a massive album, one that stands very tall. It is infectious and even with the long run times it feels short and makes you want to press play again. High Priest of Saturn are psychedelic doom monsters and that much is apparent when listening to Son of Earth and Sky. This isn’t an album that you should miss or look over as it should be on everyone’s list to listen to.

Son of Earth and Sky is out through Svart Records February 26, 2016.

Curse/Styggelse/WAN: Necroholic

February 19, 2016

Necroholic Cover

When saying the name Necroholic it just immediately sounds grimy and dirty, and that is exactly what this split is. This split is carved up in three parts and the bands that own a piece are Curse hailing from Iceland, Styggelse from Sweden and WAN also from Sweden. These three bands do their best to knock you flat on your ass, punch you in the gut and kick you in the teeth. Necroholic is covered in pure and filthy black metal that leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth.

Each of the three bands play incredibly similar styles of black metal, and that style would be categorized under disgustingly putrid black metal. Every song is covered in a fine layer of filth and submerged in boiling grime and molten black metal. Curse, Styggelse and WAN play in the vein of traditional black metal, and all throughout this split that unfiltered, raw black metal sound is not tampered with.

After one listen of Necroholic you feel as though you were a cadaver buried under one ton of night crawler infested soil. Necroholic makes you feel filthy, and makes you feel as though it is high time you kick yourself into gear and have yourself a midnight sacrifice. Each song is a whirlwind of black metal madness and this split takes off right from the get go dragging you behind it never looking back once.

There isn’t anything that is fancy or polished about this split as each band keeps it raw and real all the way to the end. Each band supplies ripping songs that tear your head from your vertebrae. The twelve songs here whip you around as though you are in a tornado and toss you out without having so much as one care for your well being.

With the three bands as well as their songs you get riffs that are dissonant and sound as though they were just dug up from the grave. You get pummeling drums that pile drive you head first into the cement, bass lines that buzz with an ear bleeding intensity and vocals that are blood curdling and purely shrieking all the way through this release.

Each band puts their best corroded foot forward in this split and each band leaves you feeling like you need to bathe afterward. Once you begin listening you stay for the whole show, and no songs end up being skipped. Necroholic is a writhing mass of blasphemous deeds, sacrificial slaughters and enough venomous black metal to kill mere mortals.

There is no going wrong with this split as it supplies you with everything that you want in a black metal release. It is filthy, evil to the core, pure and raw, what more could you ask for?

Reencarnacion: 888 Metal Reissue

February 19, 2016


You always have to give credit where credit is due, and South America deserves a lot of credit for kick starting black metal. Brazil is widely known as a breeding ground for such bands, but other South American countries deserve their fair share of the credit as well. With that being said, Reencarnacion hails from Columbia and this album that you see above was recorded in 1988 and with the help of Nuclear War Now! Productions it is being reissued in all of its sordid, blasphemous glory.

Not only is Metal 888 Colombia’s first metal album which was entirely game changing, but the way in which this black metal group played was game changing. Sticking to the traditional black metal sound, Reencarnacion also added non traditional metal instruments into their work to create something that was incredibly fresh and unique at that time.

This reissue of Metal 888 not only includes Metal 888 itself, but also includes Acompáñame a la tumba and six live tracks from 1989. It isn’t just one album that you are getting, sewn together you get a full length, an EP and original live recordings in their rawest form.

With this reissue, none of the rawness gets sapped from the original production and everything sounds as though it still belongs in the eighties when this was first recorded. This release is rough, raw and completely unfiltered, just the way black metal was intended to be.

Reencarnacion was unique in a lot of ways. They were unique in the fact that they incorporated non traditional metal instruments into their music and they released the very first Colombian metal album. Not only did they accomplish those feats to separate themselves from the pack, but they also deployed schizophrenic tempo changes and musical directions within their music to always keep the listener on their toes.

There isn’t a lot within Metal 888 that you can predict as the music is scattered and jumps all over the place creating a dizziness if you are trying to keep up. Riffs accost you from all angles, the bass is rumbling and destructive, the drums are tumultuous and the vocals are throat ripping. Everything about Metal 888 is pure black metal that is indisputable.

Through this reissue, Reencarnacion lives on and so does their legendary work. If you have already heard Metal 888 then this is a treat for you, and if you are just going to be hearing it for the first time, this is still a treat. It is pure black metal. It is raw and visceral and this release projects only the blackened most blasphemous sounds upon you. Metal 888 is out now through Nuclear War Now! Productions.


Embalmer: Emanations From The Crypt

February 17, 2016

embalmer - crypt cover

After a deep and dark slumber, Embalmer is back and ready to stuff more corpses in the basement with their new release Emanations From The Crypt. After their 2006 release 13 Faces of Death which the band regarded as somewhat of a misstep, Embalmer comes back to life with this release that is packed full with twelve tracks of purely eviscerating and entirely vile tracks. This is death metal that bathes in the blood of its enemies and crushes anyone who dares to look it in the face. With Emanations From The Crypt, Embalmer is here to revel in horror and filth again.

As soon as this release begins you realize that coming out of it alive and without your throat being carved isn’t an option. Embalmer digs their way through your organs and saws your head off to stick on a spike as quickly as possible. Nothing on this release is calm-save for the outro-as each song here is meant to carve you up and feed you to the worms. There is no calm before the storm, and there are no sere atmospheric moments. Each moment is one of fear, and each moment is spent cowering in the corner as a behemoth stands over you with a hatchet ready to scalp you.

Embalmer cleaves you in two without thinking twice about it. As a matter of fact, it seems as though causing as much mayhem and destruction as possible is only second nature for this death metal wrecking crew. The cutting begins from song one, and your agonizing slow death isn’t complete until the outro The Graveyard Fog is over, and even then your fate isn’t sealed as you get thrown in with the other countless festering corpses.

None of the twelve songs here are incredibly long and really they don’t need to be to fulfill their desire to see you squirm in anguish as blood lets from your veins. Each song attacks you from out of nowhere leaving you dazed as though you’ve been hit over the cranium with a hammer. As the album progresses you feel as though you have been through the ringer and crawled up from a musty coffin, only to be shoved back down in the putrid darkness again.

Emanations From The Crypt is horrifying, and that is just what Embalmer was aiming for. Their new record is the soundtrack to your death and even is capable of haunting you even after you have long been disemboweled. As soon as you press play, the lights go dim and you feel as though you are the victim in your very own horror movie. Emanations From The Crypt is a monolith and it does a great job of making you feel small.

Sharp riffs skewer you from all angles as chaotic guitar solos finish you off, sickening blasts rain down upon you leaving you broken and scarred, a thick and punishing bass rips you open and gurgling vocals spew forth from your speakers. Emanations From The Crypt is a rumbling piece of work that is thirsty only for blood, and there is no stopping it from getting exactly what it desires.

After being away for some time, Embalmer comes back with this release and they clearly aren’t pulling any punches. As bloody, gore filled, vile, and disgusting as you like death metal, Embalmer has made it so. This album is filthy and it revels in it too. This is pure death metal and it is rotten to the core and that’s just how I like it.

Emanations From The Crypt is out through Hells Headbangers April 1, 2016.

Castle Freak: Human Hive

February 17, 2016

Castle freak cover.jpg

To go with the eye popping cover art above, inside Human Hive is skull grinding madness. Castle Freak unleash five tracks hell bent on destroying humanity and raising t dead to create their own undead army. With each passing minute more and more blood and viscera spills out of this release and Castle Freak revels in it. This effort is covered in entrails and excites the nostrils of any blood freak that is out there that can hear the necrotizing sounds of this release.

What you see on the cover is what you get inside, and what you get is just as gore filled and rotten as you would like your old school death to be. This EP is the follow up to Castle Freak’s release Still Rotting, and Human Hive is a great follow up to that release. Castle Freak is still rotting and still out for blood and that much is very apparent upon listening to Human Hive.

Castle Freak has a voracious appetite for gore and anything that is rotting or soon to be buried six feet under. With the old school sound and the gritty production, Castle Freak infests your mind with starving death metal worms that take control and have you hacking and slashing at nearly everything that just so happens to cross your path.

Human Hive is an essential sound track to a midnight ax murder. The five songs that make their appearance on this EP make you crave for a kill and set you in a murderous frenzy. Once this release is cranked to eleven and Castle Freak has taken over your mind and turned you into an ax wielding psychopath, you end up roaming the streets looking for your next victim.

Castle Freak provides you with cadaverous riffs, drums that shatter your skull, a bass that is buzzing and rumbling as though it is a chainsaw ripping you in two and vocals that are entirely disgusting as they transition between higher gravely vocals and lower blood curdling growls. Each aspect of this EP screams that it should be from the eighties when death metal reigned supreme, and really Castle Freak does a great job of bringing back a fresh old school sound.

Human Hive is a face ripping, flesh eating EP that any death head can get behind. This band and EP ooze death and upon listening so will you. Human Hive is a good headbanging, midnight slaughter of a good time and is meant for any death metal or metal fan in general.

Serpents Athirst: Heralding Ceremonial Mass Obliteration

February 16, 2016

cover main.jpg

Combining the likes of black metal, death and what seems to be the pure essence of evil and blasphemy comes Serpents Athirst. Their three track release off of Invictus Productions is titled Heralding Ceremonial Mass Obliteration. This release is a writhing, twisting serpentine mass of metal forged through the flames of hate. Through the entirety of the release you get beaten and tormented with lacerating musicianship and hauled away kicking and screaming down to the very stomach of the unknown.

With Heralding Ceremonial Mass Obliteration  you get nothing but rawness and complete and utter blasphemy. Serpents Athirst is raw enough that they are still dripping with the blood of the enemies that they had slain to create Heralding Ceremonial Mass Obliteration. Serpents Athirst sound as though they crawled through the depths of an abyss that no one should ever be able to escape from and promptly recorded this three track wrecking ball.

Each song oozes evil and out from your speakers come demons to do their dirty work. You can’t escape the clutches ov evil and you can’t wriggle your way from the grasp of the clutches of the scaly talons that grip your throat. The three songs that are ever present within this release thrash you upside the head right from the get go and never stop until the music ceases.

Heralding Ceremonial Mass Obliteration does not take your safety or well being into consideration as it blasts away at your ear drums blowing them out within minutes and snapping your neck within seconds. This record never slows down and never intends to. Heralding Ceremonial Mass Obliteration goes from zero to one hundred in the blink of an eye and never looks back to look at the aftermath.

Serpents Athirst roll out poisonous riff after poisonous riff and deploy heavy, harsh and chaotic drum rhythms and roll out a thick bass. To go along with all of the sordid musicianship the vocalist screams and roars his way through each track as though he genuinely is a creature from the depths. He displays great range and keeps his vocals gritty, grimy and purely evil to match the crumbling chaos around him.

In only three tracks you will find that a pit has opened up and Satan himself has climbed through to meet your acquaintance and that your soul has been engulfed in purely black flames. This is a visceral onslaught of metal, one that melts faces and tears away at your sanity, just like metal should do to you.

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