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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Akatechism: Dripping Flames

February 16, 2016

akatechism cover

Akatechism is a wonderfully dark combination between black metal and doom. With their release Dripping Flames they come out of the gate accosting you at all angles with their darkened brand of sordid metal. Dripping Flames is a three track release that was released late last year by Invictus Productions. Even though the amount of songs is short, the length of the songs is massive ranging from five minutes to fifteen. Each song is packed with a blackened essence that is evil and engulfs you in flames within seconds of hitting the play button.

Dripping Flames is as raw as it gets. This release is unfiltered and unbridled evil, and in it you get soul scorching metal. From the beginning Akatechism doesn’t let you off the hook very easy, and all throughout you can feel yourself being pulled closer to an abyssal pit of eternal flame. As long as the songs are, they are very encompassing and make you feel numb and as though you are being watched by a creeping darkness.

This release is a slow drag to hell as the majority of the record is filled up with abysmal atmospheric doom. Dripping Flames is a murky and ridiculously heavy offering. Listening to this is the equivalent to wading through a pool of sludge. It is thick and grimy filling your pores with dark molten sludge forever consuming you.

From the beginning and onward, you get hit with driving, forceful and ripping riffs, pounding drum rhythms and vocals that are dissonant and yet completely commanding at the same time. The music surrounds you and never lets you escape out of your dark hole or out of the darkest pits of your mind.

Every now and then Akatechism breaks out of their heart stopping doom barrage and slips into the black metal side of their music and subjects you to even more slicing riffs and pummeling drums. Akatechism does a great job of mixing and matching tempos to keep you off balance and to keep you guessing for the entire listen.

Dripping Flames will creep up on you and rattle you with their darkened doom or they will simply pick your soul apart with their blistering brand of black metal. The choice is theirs, and all throughout the release they combine both to create a raw and utterly dark sound. Akatechism put forth an effort that is wholly made for both doom and black metal fans and no matter what side of the metal spectrum you lean more toward, there is something here for everyone.

Carthaun: Staub und Schatten

February 15, 2016


Hailing from Germany is Carthaun. Starting in the year 2000, Staub und Schatten the fourth release by these black metal masterminds. Carthaun plays in the vein of traditional black metal, and the style that they play is entirely aggressive and completely accosting. Each song is played with the utmost intensity and attacks you from all angles.  Staub und Schatten knocks you off balance and catches you off guard with the crafty song writing and the blasphemous style of play.

After the atmospheric intro all bets are off and Carthaun takes off like a demon spawned from hell that was waiting to escape. Each song is a blistering blackened force to be reckoned with and is played at face ripping speeds for the majority of the release. There are parts in which Carthaun slows their style of play down and allows a more atmospheric sound seep through.

And at the end of each song you get a little bit more of the atmosphere as well as some acoustic play that only adds to the mystique of the album. You get drawn into this release because of the purely blistering black metal, but you end up staying because of the stories that Carthaun tells.

There isn’t a moment in this album that you want to skip or feel like you’ve heard before.  Staub und Schatten is original and unique and never recycles sounds. The nine songs present suck you in and keep you listening for the entirety of the album. Whether you want to take a break or not, you can’t peel your ears away from the blasphemous noises that are polluting your mind.

Carthaun keeps their sound old school and never strays from that path. This record sounds as though it belongs in the nineties. It is raw, pure and unfiltered and packs a punch that hits you square in the jaw knocking you backwards, and once you are down it keeps pummeling you. This is traditional black metal and these German heathens never waver from that path.

Keeping their metal true, they come at you with blitzkrieg like riffs, solid writhing drumming, a thick and unkempt bass, and vocals that rip and tear at the throat. More than that, Carthaun tells gripping stories with each one of their songs that come from great literary poets. They channel their works through their music and create something that is unique and completely interesting.

This album keeps your attention for the entire run time as it provides you with great stories, ripping music and atmosphere that is undeniable. The production is great, the song craft and the way that they are presented is spot on and the musicianship is amazing. This album is for any traditional black metal fan as well as any heavy metal fan. You can’t go wrong with this record.

Dead Procession: Rituais e Mantras do Medo

February 15, 2016

DP RMM cover.jpg

Rituais e Mantras do Medo is the debut full length from drone monsters Dead Procession. The album is only five songs long, with each song getting longer and longer as the release goes along, but what you get inside is some ambient drone. The droning doom that Dead Procession plays really is madness and provides you with a dark and abyssal atmosphere. That atmosphere that you feel and become subjected to really makes you feel isolated and shrouded in complete darkness. You can’t peel yourself away from the droning wall of buzzing madness, and there is no escaping the all encompassing darkness.

Once thrown into Rituais e Mantras do Medo you become engulfed in buzzing brain warping darkness. The amount of atmosphere that Dead Procession provides for you is massive and fills your head and your listening holes with plenty of buzzing to turn your brain to mush. Each song is heavily driven by the atmosphere which almost acts as its own entity entirely.

Rituais e Mantras do Medo is an interesting listen, one that takes you to the darkened planes of existence and leaves you there for your soul and your mind to wither. During the listen you become unaware at points as to where you are or could be and feel as though you are trapped within your own mind. Dead Procession provokes thoughts that may have been driven back into the dark recesses of your mind.

This release is haunting and stays with you even after you finish listening. The droning guitars and the rhythmic pounding of the drums that are almost tribal, coupled with the atmospheric keyboards makes for a spectral listen. Paired with the musicianship are wailing vocals that sound as though an apparition is trapped inside of the music waiting to escape.

The overall mood is melancholic and that mood-no matter which one you are in-immediately puts you in a state of mind that is a little unsettling. This record has a knack for making you feel slightly uncomfortable and unnerved. All of the droning madness really does make you mad, and all of the buzzing numbs the brain.

Rituais e Mantras do Medo covers you in mysticism and fills your head with haunting spectral voice and fills your heart with a heavy sorrow. The album is majestically dark, and calls you into the never ending void in which you will never crawl out of again.

BizarrOtural: Looking In A Mask

February 12, 2016


From France comes a one man psychotic metal band called BizarrOtural. Looking In A Mask is shrouded in delirium and complete madness. There isn’t anything in this release that sits still, everything jumps around, moves and assaults you in a completely odd way. Each song is schizophrenic and you never really know what is coming to hit you next. You come to expect the unexpected. This band was created by one man who calls himself Ghost Wolf who plays every instrument on the album. There are no vocals, and frankly if there were any it would ruin the music.

This release is strange to say the least. There isn’t much that you can pin down and say, “This is the genre he is going for”. BizarrOtural can’t necessarily be categorized by a genre, there isn’t anything that can pigeonhole it. BizarrOtural is its own entity and it is in a class along with other fellow odd bands. As odd and intriguing as this album is, it kind of draws you in at the same time. You can’t stop listening because it is off the wall and bizarre.

Each song jumps out at you and jumps off the page as something that is entirely unique and puzzling. BizarrOtural is a band that is clearly inspired by the supernatural and the unknown. Every song has its own spine tingling atmosphere to it, and throughout the record you feel as though a giant figure could be watching you. It is that atmosphere that draws you in and makes you stay for the unsettling ride.

Looking In A Mask is as much of an experience as it is an album. You can’t really just sit and listen, it is an album that makes you participate in the weird world that it has created. BizarrOtural throws you through other realms having you come face to face with the paranormal. The atmosphere is cold, haunting and thought provoking all at the same time.

Trying to explain this record is exactly like trying to explain something to a brick wall, it just cannot be done. Interpreting this album and trying to put it into words is near impossible, but here we are trying to figure out what it is exactly that Looking In A Mask is. We know it is odd, it is creative, it is a force unnatural.

Riffs swirl around your head like a psychotic cyclone that are accompanied by the occasional scattered solo, the drums are schizophrenic, and the ambient noise in the background only adds to the mysticism and hallucinations that this release provides. The entire album is instrumental, so there are no lyrics to draw any context from. The only context that you get is what your mind draws up for you, and that is one hell of a drug.

Looking In A Mask is an interesting listen. It is one that makes your mind work overtime trying to figure out what is happening. All of the intrigue and all of the mystique is what draws you in and what keeps you listening. And I say instead of trying to explain, take a listen for yourself below.

Take a mind warping listen to Looking In A Mask!



Arreat Summit: Frostburn EP

February 12, 2016

Arreat Smmit final web

Hailing from Sweden and reigning darkness down on all of their peers comes Arreat Summit with their new EP titled Frostburn. Arreat Summit mixes death metal with some deathcore influences to create a technical and heavy onslaught. This EP is incredibly short only sporting two songs, but in these two songs you get some great musicianship and well put together songs. Listening to deathcore bands that have been popping up, there is a noticeable song structure, and that song structure is that there isn’t any. A lot of deathcore bands are just one long breakdown after another, and Arreat Summit breaks that mold.

Each of the songs here have a good balance between the raw pummeling of death metal and the calculated crushing of deathcore. Not one genre swallows the other whole, and neither song skimps on the variety either. Frostburn isn’t just one giant mass of mind numbing breakdowns and that in itself is refreshing.

The opener Underlife focuses and leans more toward the death metal side of the metal spectrum even though the song does have a breakdown or two, and the second offering which is the title track focuses more on the breakdown side of things. And even with the closing song focusing heavier on the breakdown deathcore side, none of the breakdowns are unfit to be there or seem out of place.

There is no doubt that Frostburn is heavy and of course that sledgehammer heaviness comes from the musicianship. The riffs are slaughtering, the drums are pounding and blast away at your skull like a sandblaster and the bass presence is churning and rumbling. The vocals to go along with the music jump from raspy highs to devastating growls that border on guttural.

Even though this is a small taste of what is to come, it is no doubt that the next full length will be a doozy. The two songs here are heavy, calculated and did I mention heavy? These Swedes definitely know their stuff and this EP is apparent that they aren’t even close to being finished slaughtering everyone’s souls.

The Shiva Hypothesis: Promo 2015

February 11, 2016


01 Front Cover

Hailing from The Netherlands comes The Shiva Hypothesis. This band plays in the vein of blackened death and do a great job of ripping you some new ear holes. Their 2015 promo features three songs of the damning variety, and really variety is the key word here. With this band and this promo expecting the unexpected is the easiest way to approach it. Through each song you get thrown for various loops as you have a difficult time pin pointing what will happen next.

The first thing of note is the production. It is clean and crisp and everything that you are hearing and suppose to hear is in place. The promo is smooth and never sounds as though any of the elements that they tether together sound out of sorts. Throughout the three songs you get nothing but tight and squeaky clean production and from the first note that is one of the things that jumps straight out at you.

Another thing that you may note right off the bat is that, The Shiva Hypothesis is a little unconventional in their approach. Not only do they sew black metal and death metal together, but they also add other elements to add to the intrigue and the mystique of the music. As mentioned, nothing is straight forward and each minute brings you something new. Even through three songs the depth and the variation is massive which keeps you listening and keeps you guessing.

Each song deploys riffs that are dark and haunting almost that are aided by the occasional guitar solo. The drums are writhing and pound away at your ear drums, and there is a bass presence that cannot and will not be ignored. The vocals are interesting all on their own and fluctuate between gravel filled screeches, death metal roars and in the middle of the song Praedormitium you get haunting cleans.

The entirety of this promo is shrouded in evil and consumed by the darkness. There is a certain atmosphere that this release carries that has a lot of weight to it which is not to be trifled with. In only three songs, these gents from The Netherlands provide something that is intriguing and wholly interesting. The promo is ripping and a savage statement of what is to come.

Hooded Eagle: Nightscapes From The Abyssal Plane

February 10, 2016


There are certain albums that you know just by looking at them that they are going to be monolithic. You don’t have to even listen, it’s just a feeling that you get. It’s like a force is emanating from it, drawing you in closer and closer until you have to take a peek. All of that could be said for Hooded Eagle and their new release Nightscapes from the Abyssal Plane. Just by gazing upon the cover art you realize that once you begin listening there is no backing out, and you realize that the album itself is going to be a behemoth, and that is exactly what Nightscapes from the Abyssal Plane is.

This release is well over an hour long but only packs in seven songs. You would think that there would be a sizable amount of filler in the album, but there isn’t. Each song is filled with vein bursting doom metal and abyssal atmospheres. As you plunge deeper and deeper into Nightscapes from the Abyssal Plane, the album grips you tighter and tighter by the throat and thrusts you deeper into the abyss of your mind.

Nightscapes from the Abyssal Plane is a unique listen to say the least. Even as long as the album is your attention never strays from the music. Once you begin listening, that’s it, that’s all she wrote. You sit in a trance listening to the darkened dirges that Hooded Eagle has to offer. The darkness is overwhelming and clouds your mind making you lose sight of reality altogether.

The majority of the record is a slow churning dirge to your death, but every now and then Hooded Eagle breaks that mold and works their way into a romping ripping pace. They do a great job of mixing the blood curdling doom with the faster paced tempos to keep you guessing and to give you more variation than just hair raising doom. The overall sound that Hooded Eagle creates is one of pure immolating evil and a shrouding darkness that suffocates you completely.

This is an all encompassing album, one that covers you in molten darkness for the remainder of your life. Nightscapes from the Abyssal Plane is a mind altering album. You go in as the happy and cheerful person everyone knew and loved (or loathed) and you come out as a shadow of what you use to be. Nightscapes from the Abyssal Plane is an immersive experience, and if you aren’t immersed in the album then the full effect is lost. But never fear, you don’t have to plunge head first into this well crafted nightmare because Hooded Eagle forces you down the rabbit hole themselves.

All throughout this release you get glacier slow darkened dirges, a thick mind crumbling bass, solid and pounding drums and possessed vocals that are manic and demonic at the same time. Thrown in the mix every now and then are sickening guitar solos and the occasional death metal style throw down that throws you for a loop. The musicianship is great on this record, and nearly crushes every bone in your body with all of its mighty heaviness.

Nightscapes from the Abyssal Plane is a horrifying mind bending listen and it is also one that you just can’t put down. The horror and the darkness is all captivating and intriguing and Hooded Eagle is a complete force to be reckoned with. The music is so heavy and damning that it would be a miracle for anyone to walk away from this album with a soul. There isn’t a point within this album that you want to take a break or stop listening. Nightscapes from the Abyssal Plane is a solid album, one that deserves to be played at the highest of volumes.

Take a listen to Nightscapes from the Abyssal Plane here!

Centipede: Sarnath

February 10, 2016


Riff monsters Centipede pick up right where they left off with their release Brazen Bull. Sarnath is their debut full length, and after issuing an EP, Centipede stomps straight out of the gate and never looks back. The eight track album is filled with sludge and stoner metal goodness, and provides you with plenty of riffs to rock out to. Sarnath is a fuzz filled adventure, one that has you wading through thick onslaughts of pure grooving riffs and smokey vocals.

Centipede opens Sarnath up with Drown and from there the album takes off. There isn’t any easing into this, you just get dunked head first into sludge filled and grime caked music. The music is so thick and rich that your listening holes get plugged and your speakers end up imploding. The entire release is filled with fuzzed out, bogged down riffs that get you up and moving and buzz your brain right out of your skull.

Centipede feels massive and their presence is well known right out of the gate. Nothing in their debut full length is done in moderation. You want riffs, well you got them. You want smokey mystic vocals, you got those too. You want an obese bass that is forceful enough to knock over an elephant, well you got that too. The music itself is giant and the production only spurs on the sludge onslaught that Centipede brings forth.

Once you get a peep at this release, you end up covered in grime and you end up caught in the deadly grasp the stoner metal monster. Centipede grips you tight never to let you go, and only to keep you listening to Sarnath for hours if not days to come. Each song is riff heavy, and those riffs propel the entire album right through the stratosphere. Wherever you turn you can’t escape the clutches of this release.

Sarnath is catchy, not in the way that pop songs are catchy, but catchy in the sense that each song is memorable and has you bouncing along to the powerful chords and vocals that shred your ears. You can’t help but to listen more than a couple of times and sooner or later you begin to slip deep into a sludge filled coma in which waking up isn’t possible.

Each song is filled with buzzing riffs that are jarring to say the least, a bass that is completely giant, drums that pound and kick you straight to the curb and vocals that are smokey and powerful. Nothing about this record screams anything other than stoner sludge metal. Everything is lined with fuzz and buzzes with an incredible intensity.

Centipede hooks you right from the beginning with their great musicianship, song craft and production. Sarnath is a debut album that is done right as well as sludge metal cooked to near perfection. With each minute you end up hearing something that you haven’t previously heard in other songs, and Sarnath is a debut album that is well worth taking a crack at.

Sarnath will be released March 4, 2016 through Inverse Records.

Akasava: Strange Aeons

February 7, 2016


Often you want to try and match your cover art with your music, and in this case with psychedelic rockers Akasava they certainly do that. The above is the cover art for their new release titled Strange Aeons. Strange Aeons is indeed strange and intriguing to say the least. It is an interesting listen, one that captivates you and draws you in with all of its quirks and oddities. Not only does Akasava play psychedelic rock they also add in some doom elements as well. The music provided is already a little bit creepy and adding in the doom aspects it only enhances that.

Hooking people into music-or anything really-means that right out of the gate you need a strong opening and that is exactly what this trippy psychedelic band does. Right after an atmospheric intro aptly titled Join the Ritual, Akasava gets right into it and never looks back. The Deep begins with a heavy stomping riff that continues all throughout the song and really sets the tone for the rest of the release.

The Deep is the song that is the hook and it buries the hook deep in your listening holes. The rest of the EP is just as good and makes you rock out on a trippy adventure with these fine gents and lady from France. The EP ends up being a cosmic storm of hard stomping riffs and spectral sounds that take a hold of you and drag you deep into your own mind.

Akasava buzzes and lines each song with an appropriate amount of fuzz that jars and buzzes your brain right out of your skull. The entire release is captivating and interesting. Akasava add a lot of different components to their music to get it to sound the way that it does, and it all works perfectly together. Strange Aeons takes you on a cosmic and mystic ride through the galaxy and it is a ride that you just can’t get off of.

This band keeps you guessing as well as no one song sounds exactly like the others. One song you will get the heavy hard rocking sounds, and the next you will get a taste of dismal mystic doom, and other times you will get a mixture of both. That intrigue and and variation keeps you listening and will keep you listening over and over again because you just don’t know what is coming next.

Along with the heavy riffage and hard rocking that they supply. Akasava also provide you with a fair amount of dark and foggy atmosphere that clouds your mind and wafts through your thoughts like a dismal fog. Once you end up listening to Strange Aeons something interesting happens. You get lost in the music and wander around in the spectral haunting soundscapes that Akasava paints.

With these mystic merchants you get heavy solid walls of riffs, thick chunky bass lines, solid pounding drumming and spectral vocals that are cold and haunting. The whole EP is possessed and it ends up possessing you. The musicianship is great and the vocals are rugged and gritty when needed and haunting and chilling at other times.

You can’t really go wrong with an EP such as this. It is filled with an incredible amount of music within only fifteen minutes and not only that but it is packed with several different genres as well. Akasava does a great job of mixing everything together so well to create a unique sound, and they do a great job of giving each genre its own time to shine through.

Strange Aeons as mentioned above is an interesting listen, but a good one at that. You get plenty of variety, plenty of stomping riffs, great vocals, great musicianship and great song writing. This EP is for just about everyone as there is something for just about everyone crammed into it. It is a listen that will get stuck in your head and one that is unforgettable as well.

Obscure Oracle: In Death We Trust

February 7, 2016

Album Art-In Death We Trust.jpg

Thrash is about playing as fast as you can and bold statements, and speed demon thrash metal band Obscure Oracle takes that to heart. Each of the four songs that are laid out before you on their new EP titled In Death We Trust are played with a burning intensity and looking at the cover art one can assume that there is a little bit of a political side to this release. If that was your assumption then you would be spot on. Evolving from a hybrid thrashing death machine, Obscure Oracle is a full blown thrash band that takes no prisoners.

As far as thrash goes, you want it to be played fast and loud and with Obscure Oracle that is exactly what you get. Right out of the gate you get hit with a barrage of riffs and chaotic drumming. You don’t really ever recover from that initial hit either because the entire EP is filled with skin flaying metal. Once you get knocked down there is no getting back up.

Obscure Oracle doesn’t substitute speed for anything. In fact they add more and more speed to each song as the release progresses. It’s like they found the fastest thrash they could find and tried to outplay it. Cranking it up to eleven wasn’t high enough for these thrash wielders as they crank it up well beyond twelve.

From the first riff on you can tell that you are in for a ride and you can tell that you may or may not leave this release with all of your brain cells intact as your brain will be smashing against your skull as you headbang with a feverish intensity. There just isn’t anything that you can do to stop the madness from infecting your brain with a thrash parasite.

Once this EP spins once you will want to keep listening and thrashing about like a lunatic in a madhouse. One listen isn’t enough, and the seventeen minute release isn’t long enough to curb your thrash addiction so you keep spinning the release over and over again to get your thrash fix.

Riff wizardry takes place in In Death We Trust as Obscure Oracle slings cutting riff after cutting riff at your jugular as the drums pick away at your inner ear and the bass is a thick and solid force. The vocals supplied are screamed at you from every angle and reaches every anarchist within a several mile radius.

In Death We Trust is fiery and demands more and more listens out of you. This EP makes you want it to be a full length and even with is short run time you get a ton of fun and enjoyment out of it. It is something to crank in your car and scare the neighbors with and overall just have a good o’l brain smashing good time.

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