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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Overdoze: Supreme Dosage

February 7, 2016


Finland seems to be a breeding ground for anything that has to do with metal, and with that being said Overdoze hails from Finland. Supreme Dosage is their newest release and features tracks of the pure thrashing nature. Overdoze takes a page from the old school thrash book and adds their own little twists in here and there. Overall what Overdoze brings to the metal table is just solid musicianship and music that everyone can sink their teeth into.

Throughout Supreme Dosage there isn’t a song that is lacking, and there aren’t any songs that seem to be space fillers. Each song does its job to bring you hard hitting thrashing goodness. This release is just a solid piece of work with tight musicianship, good song craft and good song writing.

Overdoze doesn’t need to take time to find their stride in this release. It doesn’t take them a few songs to really get anything going. From the get go, these Finnish thrashers have their stride and from the drop of Dosed Back to Reality, Overdoze goes from there and builds off of that.

From the opener the album only gets stronger. Instead of instilling a pace that flies off the rails at any chance that they get, Overdoze keeps things simple and in check. For the majority of the release they play between a mid tempo and a quick scorching tempo and with that even comes certain atmospheric qualities.

Even though that mid tempo appears more than a blistering skin searing pace, that isn’t to say that Overdoze doesn’t kick it up a notch. When needed they flip the switch and make that transition into full blown thrash behemoths. Once that extra gear is found, the wisest choice would be to buckle up and prepare for a wild thrash ride.

Throughout this release you get solid writhing riffs coupled with squealing solos. The drums are on point and pound away in the background as the thick bass rumbles and slaps you around. Over top the riffage are the vocals that are gritty and grisly as per usual for thrash. The musicianship provided throughout the album is tight and the songs are well crafted with the production putting an exclamation mark on the whole package.

Supreme Dosage is just a good time overall. It is an album to headbang to, crack open a few beers with friends to and maybe most importantly start a mosh to. This release is solid and provides more than enough thrashing music to enjoy and piss your neighbors off with.

Verrater/Sxuperion Split

February 5, 2016


What is better than one rolling blackened ball of hatred and pure visceral metal? That’s right, two rolling blackened balls of hatred and pure visceral metal. This split comes to you by way of two bands of course, Verrater and Sxuperion. Since sending you to hell to walk in fiery hell flames for all eternity once wasn’t enough, they have to make you do it twice. With each band you get a deafening brand of hatred and pure blackened energy that takes control of your soul only to damn it to hell for all eternity.

Each band plays a very similar style of black metal, and each band compliments the other very well in this split. Instead of feeling like two completely separate bands and two completely separate entities, Verrater and Sxuperion make the split feel cohesive. Each of the eight songs melts together in a cauldron of sacrificed beings and putrid blood to create the purely blasphemous sounds that appear before you.

The entire split runs for less than forty minutes, but really that is all that these two bands need to dilute your mind with evil thoughts and provoke the wicked within. Each song is dark and filled with an energy that will flat knock you on your back. Not only that, but the atmospheric qualities that each band brings is soul sucking and makes you feel as though you are trapped in a poison cloud of pessimism.

Both bands have four songs each, and neither band wastes time to get down to business. After short intros from each of the band’s lead off songs, you then get driven head first into a fog that you cannot crawl out of. Verrater and Sxuperion create dark and dismal atmospheres that shroud you and suffocate and burn your lungs until you just can’t take it anymore.

You can’t exactly listen to something this raw and expect it to not be purely evil and intense. Each of the eight songs is a black metal onslaught that picks you apart and leaves the remains for whatever demon comes by to clean the bones. From the front of the split to the back, you get songs that were orchestrated to strip flesh from bones and drink the remaining crimson.

As similar as the styles are between bands there certainly are differences. Verrater plays more in a traditional style of black metal. Each of Verrater’s songs are chaotic and very spastic and have all of the markings of traditional black metal. Verrater supplies riffs that are cutting and cold, with drums that are tumultuous to say the least. Over top the ripping musicianship are dissonant vocals that are almost ghostly at points and banshee like at others.

Sxuperion also plays in the traditional sense but with a little bit of a twist. Their songs are also completely diabolical and shredding but there is a difference. The songs from Sxuperion have a death metal quality to them as well as the over flowing black metal tendencies. Sxuperion drive forward with bludgeoning riffs, and skull shattering drumming that tends to be a little bit more focused. Each Sxuperion song is incredibly bass heavy as well as you can hear it bouncing around in your skull well after each song is complete. The vocals that are thrust forth lean more toward the death metal spectrum as well as they are gravely roars that seem as though they have come from the bowels of the underworld.

While each band plays similar styles, and while each band plays in different ways as well, each band is lethal. Riffs jab at you from every angle, bass lines stab you in the neck and vocals shred even the strongest of throats. These bands are poisonous and get straight to the blasphemous killings and never hesitate. This split is meant for any black metal fan and certainly burst the ears of whoever listens.

Axxen Conners: Creator Became Absolute

February 5, 2016


Rising up from the depths of hell is Turkish blackened death metal band Axxen Conner, and coming with them up from hell they bring a song titled Creator Became Absolute.  With that song is a music video and that video is one of the most entertaining music videos that I personally have seen in some time. While the music is shredding and piercing, in the video the duo are jumping around, playing what looks like a Gameboy Color and a menagerie of other antics that make it enjoyable to watch and highly entertaining.

The song as mentioned is titled Creator Became Absolute and in the song you get hints of several different genres. Axxen Conners blends together black metal, death metal and even adds hints of tech death in the mix to create something unique and fresh. The variation provides the listener with plenty to chew on and even leaves you wondering what you will get next.

The musicianship is tight and the entire song is well executed. Axxen Conners is heavy in all of the right areas as they supply you with shredding riffs a damning solo, writhing drumming, and vocals that are larynx shredding.

Axxen Conners is a shredding machine and with this single out right now it is a good taste of what is to come from these Turkish blasphemers. The song gets stuck in your head, and it is one that you can and will crank to piss your neighbors off. Check the video below and rock out to some seriously great tunes!

Check out Creator Became Absolute!

Bosque: Beyond

February 4, 2016


Dragging you through murky, dark and sludge infested waters is Bosque. This Portugal based doom band and their new release Beyond take you darkened places in your mind and take you to some of the darkest reaches of your mind as well. Beyond is a mere three tracks, but amasses a forty minute run time. Forty minutes of doom feels like a lifetime and Bosque makes it feel as such. Their depressive style of doom is glacier slow, slow enough to where your heart stops and you can hear your blood flowing through your collapsed veins.

Nothing within this release isn’t doom. There isn’t a sound that dilutes what Bosque intended to sound like. What you believe you will get is exactly what you will get and there is no disappointment whatsoever. One grimy song melts into the next never giving you a break from the depression that you feel upon listening to this release.

Bosque makes you think of hollow dreams, lost loved ones and things that could have been but never were. They have an innate ability of creating depressing atmospheres and abyssal soundscapes that speak to you in different ways. Bosque creates sounds that haunt your soul and make you feel as dismal as you can possibly feel and that just comes so natural.

Once you stumble upon this album and give it a spin, if you are in fact in a right state of mind, a peaceful and happy  one, after one listen or after one song your whole thought process will change and your mood will change to match the music. Running from the depression that you get when listening is futile, and only will make your case worse.

Beyond is melancholy to say the least and Bosque never once tries to convince you otherwise. Each song sinks you deeper and deeper into your own mind, cornering you in the darkest recesses. Each song is long enough on its own to sink you into a hole, but the entire forty minute album is enough to crumble your soul.

The entirety of the album is filled with dissonant everything. Dissonant dirges of mind numbing buzzing riffs circle your mind, the ever consistent drumming pounds away at your senses and the bass provides even more fuzz to line your ear drums. Wailing in the background are ghostly and haunting vocals that send shivers down your spine.

Beyond is quite the soul altering experience. You get nothing but dismal song writing and melancholic lyrics. I don’t know of a soul that would be cheery after a listen. Waves upon depressing waves of music hit you all throughout the album. Once you begin, you are always in the hypnotic dirges that Bosque supplies. Beyond isn’t about setting trends or trying to be something that it is not, it just simply is. “Beyond” is a great doom album, one that makes you hinge on the brink of certain spiraling depression. It is a buzzing fuzz filled good listen one for any doom collection.

Check out the song Paradox!

Thy Worshiper: Ozimina

February 3, 2016

TW Ozimina.jpg

Hailing from Poland, Thy Worshiper is an interesting band to say the least as they play what they call tribal metal. And while that moniker may sound odd, it really isn’t upon listening. The six songs on Ozimina are played with more non-traditional instruments when speaking of heavy metal. The band is more focused on percussion instruments more than anything else, and with that being the case the resulting sound is intriguing and foreign.

With the originality of the music and the interesting style of play, Thy Worshiper isn’t just a novel idea that is easily thrown away or easily ignored. The level of time and effort that was put into creating such music was tremendous, and all of the blood, sweat and tears shine through on this album. The music is crafted brilliantly and the way that the album was crafted all fits together expertly as well.

Ozimina ultimately makes you feel as though you are with tribesmen and women roaming vast plains and forests as well as it makes you feel at times as though you are dancing around a fire chanting to the gods. Thy Worshiper with their pagan metal isn’t nearly as untamed as one would expect.

The production for this album is clean and tight, providing you with clean sounds to soak in and really appreciate the musicianship. There are a lot of elements that are at work and shift around to create such a sound, and Thy Worshiper executes each song and each instrument perfectly.

Even though Ozimina focuses heavily on percussion instruments, that doesn’t mean it is without guitars and traditional metal elements. And even with the traditional metal elements those take a distant back seat to the tribal sounds that are so strong and prominent throughout.

There is no blackened madness, and there isn’t that purely blistering towering inferno of purely evil riffs. What Thy Worshiper does have is an interesting assortment of instruments that you don’t normally hear. When all of those ethnic and folk instruments are sewn together you get music such as what you hear within this album. The music is smooth and thought provoking as it takes you through vast plains and soundscapes that you can almost reach out and touch.On top of the music you get vocals that growl and sound as though a being was summoned from an ever burning fire as well as female vocals that are beautifully sung alongside the gravely roars.

The entire album is rhythmic and very well put together. As mentioned above, the album can’t be ignored and when you do end up listening you get sucked in and can’t take your headphones off. You get sucked into a realm of metal that you may or may not have known existed and if you didn’t know it existed you will be delighted to listen and submerge yourself in the music. Ozimina is an interesting and captivating listen as well as an album that will be and needs to be listened to more than a couple of times.

Denigrate: Hollowpoint

February 3, 2016


There are albums that are dark and just are completely abyssal, and then there are the albums that are dark and have a tangible darkness to them and yet somehow there is a tinge of hope. With Denigrate and their new release Hollowpoint, the latter is true. After some years of being inactive and yet still working on material, Finnish metal group Denigrate is back. As mentioned Hollowpoint is their new release, and within this release you get nine tracks that are darker and even more melancholy than anything they have done up to this point.

After striking the first chord of the opener Engraved and Hellbound you quickly become surrounded in melancholic riffs and dark imagery. Without using massive amounts of synths, Denigrate just uses what they have at their disposal to create these dark soundscapes and bleak imagery. As you find yourself wandering around the darker recesses of your mind you end up finding slivers of hope here and there which Denigrate plants within you just so you aren’t completely shrouded in grief and misery.

These Finnish metallers are a smooth combination of good hard rocking and headbanging metal, and softer atmospheric pieces that really paint these pictures of isolation. Throughout the album, Denigrate seems to harbor a lot of aggression within all of the solemnity and melancholic atmospheres. Denigrate is a dangerous double edged sword because once the sadness and blackened clouds subside, the anger and aggression shines through and hits you like a freight train.

No matter what feeling that you are getting when listening, it is a fact that it all hits you like a ton of bricks. You can’t run away from all of the feeling that was put into this effort as it is certainly palpable. The lyrics, the melodies, the riffs, the atmosphere and everything else invades and infects your body as Hollowpoint is a moving album.

It is important to create lasting memories when making music, and after listening to this release it certainly is memorable. Each song clings to you in one way or another and doesn’t let go, and the entire album hangs over you like a stormy cloud on a sunny day whether you realize it or not.

Denigrate is smooth and their musicianship is entirely crafty and catchy. Each riff is heavy and hard hitting whether you are getting the more aggressive side of the music or the more atmospheric dismal side, and accompanied with those riffs are solos that for the most part back you into an even darker corner of your mind.

Soaring over top the expert musicianship are the vocals that tend to transition between cleans and vocals that lean more toward the death metal side of the vocal spectrum. With the cleans you get sadness and a haunting darkness and with the harsher growls you of course get all of the anger and aggression.

Denigrate does a great job of mixing plenty of emotions into their music and not have one strong arm the other. From cover to cover you get solid and very well executed metal. The musicianship is on point, the vocals are captivating and the overall sound as solemn as it is it is catchy. With plenty of headbanging involved, there is also plenty of thinking and digging yourself a hole to crawl in. Hollowpoint is a good listen, one that takes you on a roller coaster of emotions of sorts and keeps you rocking and singing along the entire time.

Stream the opening track Engraved and Hellbound!

Rouwen: Rouwkots

February 2, 2016

Rouwen cover hi res.jpg

Rouwen was one of the very first Dutch death metal bands to come out in the late eighties. Long since being disband, their release Rouwkots is resurfacing to cause more mayhem. This six track album is a re-issue of course, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t slay like it did back then when it was originally released in 1997. Their time was short lived and so was this album, but with its re-issue it is here and back to shred more faces and bury more people in shallow graves.

Rouwen is old school death in the purest of forms. They were raw, gritty, dirty and didn’t mind doing a little hacking and slashing every now and then. This re-release sounds like it did back then when it first came out. It sounds as though it is filled with entrails, bile, and buckets of festering blood. There is a little horror tinge to the music as well that makes you feel as though you are being chased around by a maniac brandishing a machete.

Once thought to be long dead only to be dug up out of a cracked coffin Rouwen see the light of day again. Coming with them bursting up from the rotted coffin in which they were buried is a putrid stench that is undeniable and that seeps into your walls peeling the paint off. Rouwen were unfiltered and raw, just like the raw flesh that zombies like to gnash their disgusting teeth on.

With the six tracks you get a pungent stench of death and decay, and all throughout the release of course you get nothing other than disgusting and rancid death metal. Rouwen never once decided to tamper with the necrotic death metal formula and add a little something else into the mix. With these Dutch death dealers the putrid imagery and filthy music is exactly what you get and you will like it.

Each song is riddled with blood bubbling grime filled riffs supplemented by a thick bass that chops you down at the back of your knees and stomps on your throat for good measure. Shattering skulls and digging graves in the background are the drums that are rhythmically chaotic. Spewing forth from your speakers are the vocals that are just as rancid and foul as the musicianship itself.

There is nowhere to hide from the disgusting onslaught that is Rouwen. They poured blood, bile and chunks of rotted flesh into this album and all of that comes through very strongly all throughout a listen. Rouwkots is a filthy album, and you feel as though you will need a shower after just a few minutes. But just one listen doesn’t do the album justice, as sooner or later you end up reveling in the horror and filth yourself.

Assorted Heap: The Experience of Horror

February 2, 2016

assorted heap - the experience of horror-1.jpg

Originally meant to roam the earth as an EP, The Experience of Horror now terrorizes the world with nine total songs and is released as a full album. Assorted Heap back in the late eighties was a cult thrash/death squad that arose from the depths of Germany, and their first released demo was titled Killing Peace. Not too long after, these Germans signed with an extreme metal label that went by the name of 1MF Records and recorded what you see above in 1991. As mentioned above, the original release was meant to be an EP with only six songs to have three as bonus tracks. This re-issue features all nine original tracks of thrashing death goodness.

Thrashing death goodness is exactly what this release is and really what Assorted Heap set out to create. Anything less than that would be unacceptable. What you get with this album is nine tracks that know how to burn a house down on command with riffs alone. Assorted Heap takes the old school death grimy and gritty approach and melts it together with an old school headbanging thrash sound that makes for a volatile time.

The songs that are present are fairly long which gave these face shredders more than enough time to do exactly that. Each song looks you dead in the eye and challenges you to a fight to the death, and whether you except that fight or not is up to you. But what you have to know is that it is inescapable either way. Once the first note of Unexpiated Bloodshed hits your ears, all bets are off and you are locking horns with thrash and death metal wizardry.

Assorted Heap burst out of the gate strong on this release with incredibly intensity and with destruction in mind, and for the entirety of the album the intensity never subsides. One song after the next matches the intensity of the previous song, and the only minute that you aren’t getting throttled by purely blistering and pyre stoking metal comes with the fourth song In Vain which plays as an interlude.

Leading up to In Vain what you get is chaotic riff storms coupled with savage drum blasts and ripping vocals, and what you get after that song is more of the same. In Vain gives you a nice break from all of the break neck speed that you have been succumbed to, and it also shows of another side to Assorted Heap’s great musicianship.

Once entering the chamber of nightmares with Assorted Heap and their magnum opus, you get plenty of guitar trickery with shredding riffs and squealing guitar solos. Out of your speakers come stabbing and sharp riffs that do strafe runs by your throat. Coupled with the guitar madness are the drums that are just as beating and head caving as the guitars. Giving each song plenty of backbone is a bass that is incredibly thick and makes you feel as though you’ve been clubbed over the head.

To top everything off, the vocals that pour from the album are ripping and throaty and have a balance between that thrash metal scream and a death metal growl. Assorted Heap is a mixed mass of thrash ferocity and death metal decay only to create what stands before you.

This re-issue is for anyone really. For collectors, for people that may already have the first edition of this album, for people that are just looking for that throw back sound, and for people that are just looking for something that is entirely shredding. You can’t play this record softly, it has to be cranked to eleven so your neighbors can hear it as well.

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