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Love Sex Machine: Asexual Anger

March 3, 2016

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There are albums that when you listen to only the first few notes, you know that it is going to be monolithic. Asexual Anger is one of those albums. The newest offering from Love Sex Machine is bone splintering heavy and these guys really know how to lay it on pretty thick. Their brand of murky doom is just that and Asexual Anger is a sordid and completely filthy piece of work. Even though the run times for each song are fairly long they never over stay their welcome, and for you that is a good thing.

If these songs did in fact over stay their welcome your brain would turn into a pink soupy mess after the very first song. Asexual Anger is a gritty album, one that knocks you straight on your back and forces a dull knife into your carotid artery to kill you. Each song is a massive wall of sound that produces enough buzzing to level a fucking city and that kind of chaos is what makes this album a welcome listen.

This isn’t an average listen or an average doom band. This is a listen with music that forces you to listen and bombards you with harsh noises until you just can’t take it anymore. Asexual Anger is forceful and will be damned if they don’t destroy part of your brain and shred your ear drums.

There isn’t anything that you can do to escape all of the buzzing madness. As soon as you begin listening, you understand that the only thing that you can to is submit to the onslaught and bear witness to pure destructive power. Each of the eight songs are jarring and never give you a chance to get up off of your back after they have knocked you down.

Every sound on this release is meant to harm and they do exactly that. The riffs are slow and buzzing and make you feel as though you are being drowned in a sea of thick heavy riffs; the bass is obese and makes itself feel very well known; the drums are solid and the vocals are of the throat shredding variety. The vocal arrangements transition between gravely roars and dissonant screeches that are entirely piercing and larynx ripping.

With everything put together you get a cacophony of utterly harmful metal. For the entirety of the eight songs that are present on this release you get subjected to some incredibly heavy music, the type of heaviness that crushes bones and collapses lungs. Asexual Anger is apocalyptic and incredibly filthy, and if you feel you can withstand the sheer weight of this record, then this is for you.

Find the album on Lost Pilgrims Records.

And find the video for Drone Syndrome here.

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