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Agathocles / Department of Correction: Split

March 4, 2016


A lot of the time split albums feature bands that are similar, but with this split between Department of Correction and Agathocles that goes straight out of the window. Both bands couldn’t really play any different styles if they tried. With Department of Correction you get old school grind mayhem and with Agathocles you get grimy and murky sludge. It is an interesting split for that reason and really does make for an interesting listen. At one point you get chaotic grind, and at the other you get slow darkness that submerges you in thick sludge.

The stark contrast between playing styles is really what makes this split fun to listen to. The one song from Agathocles clocks in well over the amount of time that the six songs for Department of Correction clocks in at. Once you get hit with a brick from the grinding madhouse that is Department of Correction, and once you get your neck all warmed up with all of the neck snapping headbanging, you have to slow your roll and get use to the murky onslaught that is Agathocles.

Even though both bands play an entirely different style of heavy metal, there is no denying that both bands are completely heavy. Both bands offer up organ rupturing sounds and both bands are maddening. In more ways than one each band compliments each other and that makes for a wholesome and heavy dosage of crushing metal.

With the six songs that you get first from Department of Correction, you get grind that is bombastic and explosive. Each song is short with only one song reaching near the two minute mark, and none of the songs gives you enough time to get you ready for the next. If you blink the Department of Correction section of the split is over. You hear the attack coming but it takes you a little bit to realize the damage that has been done. The riffs are sharp, the drums are tumultuous and the vocals are ripping and forceful which is exactly what you look for in grind.

What Agathocles brings to the table is a writhing behemoth of a song. It lasts over six minutes and it tortures you for every second that it runs. The feeling that you get when listening is one of hopelessness and despair as it descends upon you crushing whatever spirit it is that you had left upon entering a listening session. Their song Into My Crypts is a psycho burst of buzzing noise that ruptures ear drums and beats down anyone to come near it. Into My Crypts is low and slow for the most part and provides you with jarring riffs, a thick dissonant bass, solid drumming and vocals that are as evil as they come.

Both bands bring something special to the table with the main theme being chaos. Each band seems to understand that the only way to play is if buildings are leveled and lives are ruined after every listen. This is a heavy split and one that gives you plenty of diversity and there is something here for everyone that is a fan of both genres.

Check out the song Greencore is Leaf by Department of Correction and Into My Crypts by Agathocles here!

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