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No Raza: When Chaos Reigns

March 4, 2016


A lot of the time death metal bands focus on being brutal and gory, instead this Colombian band focuses on political issues and uses a harsh and well heard and understood medium to get their message across. You can’t exactly not pay any attention to something that is right in your face all the time and screams it at you for forty minutes. When Chaos Reigns is No Raza’s newest effort which features eight songs that are wholly punishing and entirely blistering.

No Raza doesn’t ease into this release and they don’t gently rip you apart. From the very beginning No Raza plays full tilt and never once do they give you a rest. For eight straight songs they pile drive their death metal antics into you until your skull is numb and bleeding. As mentioned before, this Colombian death squad has a message and they aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty to spread it either.

One song after the next is a blast to the chest and a drill through the skull. No Raza is powerful and completely punishing taking all of the death metal power that they have and focusing all of that energy on you; maiming you and bludgeoning you until you fully grasp what they are trying to beat into you.

This isn’t a light meal of death metal either. This is death metal that is force fed to you until you truly can’t stand any more. When Chaos Reigns is an apt title for the album as it really is chaotic and purely scorching. There aren’t really twists and turns within this album as what you get is pure death metal and nothing else to compromise the sound.

However, even though there aren’t any twists or surprises with this release what you do get is just straight up skull grinding death metal. There isn’t anything to make you believe that this release isn’t death metal. Each song blasts and chips away at what inner ear that you have left.

Every song supplies apocalyptic riffs, a drum performance that blasts with the equivalent of TNT, a bass that rumbles and revels in chaos and vocals that roar and are throat ripping to say the least. When everything comes together what you get is what you hear, and that is devastating death metal.

These death dealers from Columbia know how to get people to listen to their message, and that is through arguably one of the most chaotic metal subgenres. This release is chaotic, destructive, and gets in your face all throughout and that is what death metal does best.

Check out the song Debil Hombre here!

The official video for the song Corderos al Abismo can be found at this location!

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