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Mussorgski: Creatio Cosmicam Beastie

March 7, 2016


The cover art above is what Mussorgski’s new release Creatio Cosmicam Beastie does to your mind. Mussorgski plays some atmospheric and ambient metal. Creatio Cosmicam Beastie takes you to different worlds and lets your mind wander and explore all that Mussorgski themselves have created. The songs on this release are quite lengthy only to be broken up by interludes that let your mind decompress before thrusting you into another new and unexplored area. The length in the songs allows Mussorgski to create wonderful soundscapes and allows you to take everything in.

Multiple listens are warranted so you can pick up all of the different elements that Mussorgski deploys to create their unique and all encompassing sound. Creatio Cosmicam Beastie is a behemoth of an album to say the least and it really does swallow you whole. It wraps your mind up in the cosmos and warps it until it is almost unrecognizable.

All throughout Creatio Cosmicam Beastie there is a lot going on and a lot of working parts that makes Mussorgski work; and even with that being true everything melds well and mixes expertly together. There are hints of industrial, ambient music of course, and mixtures of what sounds like black metal and maybe even death metal. With all of those different components thrown at you at once, it never sounds chaotic or completely off the rails.

The entire trek through this album is smooth as well as completely mind bending. Creatio Cosmicam Beastie encompasses the universe as well as the further reaches of all of our minds. With the industrial and ambient sounds you get a mystic and almost haunting atmosphere that sticks with you long after the album is over. Much sooner rather than later, you begin to get lost in the thick atmospheric sounds and before you know it you are traveling into the far reaches of your own psyche.

Adding to the ambiance, Mussorgski uses orchestral arrangements as well as some choral singing. In a few songs, Mussorgski employs the uses of sinister monologues as well that sounds almost as though otherworldly or spectral beings are present. Sprinkled into the music as well are a fair share of odd noises that also make it seem as though you could be floating among the stars. If it isn’t one thing that captivates your mind in this release, it’s another.

Complimenting the atmosphere is the skin shredding metal that you bear witness to. There is a good balance between calming atmosphere and ear bursting dirges of mind warping metal. You get riffs that are sharp and chaotic paired with a tumultuous drum performance and throat ripping vocals. The two different styles that are two sides of the same coin pair very well. You get all of the mysticism and dark ambiance as you want and on the same token you get whiplash inducing metal.

No matter where you turn when listening to Creatio Cosmicam Beastie, you are surrounded by the unknown. Not just the unknown of the cosmos, but also the unknown of this record. Each song sounds different and there are plenty of twists and turns along the ride. You don’t know what will happen next and that is part of the intrigue and mystique. Creatio Cosmicam Beastie is unpredictable but it is also an album that demands attention and once it has your audience it won’t let you go. Creatio Cosmicam Beastie is a great listen and a release that shouldn’t be slept on.


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