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VHS: Screaming Mad Gore

March 12, 2016


Combining death metal, grind, and a love of horror movies all into one grinding madhouse, VHS brings forth their full length album Screaming Mad Gore. If this release was named anything else it just wouldn’t fit. What you see on the cover of the album is what you get on the inside musically as well. You get a shot of gore with overtones of horror movies to create a listening experience that is all together very enjoyable.

The nineteen track album goes by pretty quick as only two tracks clock in over the four minute mark, so don’t not pay attention for a few minutes otherwise you will miss the entire album. Even as short as it is in typical grinding fashion, VHS does pack a blood soaked punch. Each song is intense and they come at you as though they have been shot out of a cannon.

For the entirety of this release, VHS are relentless in their efforts to soak you in as much gore and viscera as possible. Screaming Mad Gore bursts with sores and is caked in corrosive blood and entrails through and through. This full length is raw and pumped full of blood lusting energy that never quits even after the album has concluded.

While listening to Screaming Mad Gore you feel as though you are being chased through the woods with an ax wielding murder after you. The combination of death metal and horror is something that has been done for years, but VHS take it to a completely different level as the album makes you feel as though you yourself are in a horror movie.

Each of the nineteen songs sounds as though they would fit perfectly in a slasher film. Screaming Mad Gore is gritty and filthy and doesn’t mind if a little blood is shed. Each song is filled with heavy and dirty riffs, solid skull pounding drums, obese bass lines and vocals that sound as though the vocalist was feasting on rotting flesh as he was recording.

Not only does this record supply you with a years worth of squashed bowels, scooped out eyes, and tangled veins, it also supplies you with an incredibly fun listen. You can’t help but to headbang and possibly go on a killing spree of your own. The songs are infectious and you can’t help but to press play over and over again. Screaming Mad Gore is the perfect soundtrack for you to put on your Jason mask and terrorize your town.

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