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Lobo: Alma

March 16, 2016


One cannot physically weigh the heaviness of music, but if you could Alma by Lobo would probably be up there with some of the heaviest. I don’t mean heavy as in blast beats and how hard and heavy you can headbang; I mean heavy in the sense that it bogs you down. Listening to Alma  is almost like taking a trek through the cavernous pits of your soul. None of the four songs lacks in creativity and density as each song invades your mind and burrows themselves deep inside.

Alma is brooding and never breaks the down tempo style as every song is played at a glacial speed. Lobo is a slow moving star through the cosmos and instead of making you feel bleak and unwanted and instead of crushing your very spirit with an inferno of buzzing riffs, Lobo makes you think and pushes your wandering mind through space and time itself.

What Lobo does so well is create atmospheres that are both dark and light at the same time. They can crush your spirit if they want to and do in certain sections, but they always pair their damaging attributes with ones that lead you away from the dark and abysmal torment.

Lobo combine two elements in electronic music and doom to create wondrous soundscapes and thick and heavy atmospheres. An electronic and doom pairing may or may not seem appealing and may or may not seem like it would work, but whatever the majority stance is on the combination Lobo really knows how to make it work.

They sew both elements together seamlessly that at points you don’t really realize that there are electronic elements in the music. Both the doom and the odd sounds provided give the listener more room to explore and plenty more to chew on. In only four songs Alma is gigantic in size and gives you a massive amount of atmosphere and sooner or later you feel as though you are swimming in your own mind.

Overall Alma has an interesting feel to it. It is incredibly heavy and at the same time it isn’t. It sinks your soul into a frigid abyss and pulls it back out over and over again taking you through emotional instability. With everything that is slowly thrown at you with this release, it is a good one and one that doom fans shouldn’t look over.

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