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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Alternate Doomensions

March 20, 2016


Hailing from Dublin, Ireland we find Mount Soma and with them they bring along their debut EP titled Origins. Within Origins there are three tracks total; two that are heavier and more doom laden with the song sandwiched in the middle being an atmospheric acoustic piece. Mount Soma does their best to make your mind wander through the cosmos and among the stars and through three songs they do a pretty great job of that. Not only do they float your mind off into space with the low and slow buzzing doom, but they also add different sounds and synths to the music to create a heavy cosmic atmosphere. One of the elements that was added to the song Nebula is a sample of Neil Degrasse Tyson speaking of the cosmos. That sample of Neil Degrasse Tyson fits and it ties not only the song together well, but it ties the rest of the EP well together. Not only does Mount Soma do a great job using that sample to set a tone, but they also do a great job of using other sounds and synths to create an atmosphere that makes you feel as though you could be floating through the stars yourself. Mount Soma deploy not only fuzzed out doom, but stoner metal and some sludge as well. The two songs that open and close the EP are heavy buzzing and murky cosmic songs. Mount Soma switches tempos quite often and you never get the same sound twice. One minute you will be listening to brooding doom and the next they pick the tempo up to a sludgier harder rocking sound. What you get when listening to Origins is heavy fuzzed out riffs, thick bass lines, solid drumming and vocals that are gravel filled and yet smooth at the same time. This EP is just a sample of what is to come, and with this EP being a good starting point, you can only be excited about what is to come. Origins is out April 5, 2016 and to tide you over check out the song Lazarus.



With a name such as Ghost Witch, one would expect the music to be brooding and dismal and a little melancholic, and that is exactly what you get. This demo by these California natives packs only two songs, but within those two songs you get plenty of doom to curb your doom addiction. Both songs flow together to create one long spectral wall of buzzing doom noise. This demo really is nothing but straight forward doom and Ghost Witch doesn’t try to make you think otherwise by adding different genres in the mix. Ghost Witch establishes a dark and abyssal atmosphere early on as they shroud you in melancholic sounds and to lead you into each song you get odd sounds thrown your way. Each song is a buzzing dirge of doom noise that envelopes you in a dismal fog and puts you in a fragile state of mind. Through two songs you get smooth fuzz filled riffs paired with shredding guitar solos, pounding drums, thick bass lines and haunting otherworldly vocals. Overall, this demo is filled with solid undeniable doom. The musicianship is great and the atmosphere that Ghost Witch provides is thick and heavy and packed with melancholic emotion. Both songs are great and like demos are suppose to do they leave you wanting more so you end up hitting the play button numerous times. Until there is more, this demo will have to suffice so play it loud and play it often until more music comes from the netherworld.



The Corona Lantern hail from the Czech Republic and their newest slab of abysmal doom is titled Consuming The Tempest. Consuming The Tempest is a total of seven songs that take you on a very dark quest. Each song is encompassing and shrouds you in eternal darkness and torment. Not only does The Corona Lantern play abyssal doom, but they incorporate sludge into the mix as well. When you are not getting soul searing doom metal, you are getting hard rocking and heavy hitting sludge. The Corona Lantern does a great job of mixing both genres and keeping you on your toes as they never give you the same sounds. Minute to minute each song changes and you hear something that you previously haven’t heard before. Consuming The Tempest is an intriguing listen to say the least. It is mystifying and mysterious and hypnotic. This album pulls you in to the dark never to release you back into the light. Each of the seven songs are harsh and punishing and push you into a bleak world of isolation and damnation. Consuming The Tempest is a slithering and shape shifting release. It is highly poisonous and ready to kill at any moment as it wraps itself around your throat. Every song is filled with heavy suffocating riffs, pounding drumming, head caving bass lines and throat ripping purely demonic roars. When the dirge of doom isn’t playing, you get a heavier quicker romp every so often that makes sure your brains get bashed in. The Corona Lantern have created something that is incredibly hypnotic and yet it is also incredibly lethal. You come because of the smooth doom and stay because you get injected with a potent poison. This release is massive and not for the faint of heart what so ever. Consuming The Tempest was released last year and it was foolishly looked over by yours truly, but this is an album that commands your attention and demands you listen, and I suggest you do so.



There are instances when an album really does sound evil and sounds as though it has come up from the bowels of hell. As The World Rots Away is one of those albums that is completely sinister and devours all light. As The World Rots Away  is hypnotic in a twisted kind of way. It draws you in and sinks you deeper into mental anguish and torment. Once you begin listening you are trapped and there is no way out of the cauldron of hatred in which you are stuck. This release is a brooding nightmare and honestly As The World Rots Away may be made completely of nightmares. Blackwood does a great job of altering your mind and corrupting your soul turning you into a sinister heathen. As The World Rots Away is daunting and intimidating and you really don’t know what you got yourself into when you begin listening. With each song that passes you plunge deeper and deeper into a blackened abyss. Blackwood has created something that sounds as though you are diving into the inner workings of a psychotic mind. Blackwood deploys thick buzzing riffs, flesh tearing bass lines, heavy drums and a molten toxic atmosphere. Blackwood doesn’t use vocals at least not in the conventional way. If there are vocals-and there are but they show up very seldom-they are samples from something entirely different. The atmosphere that is provided for you is comprised of the heavy musicianship as well as odd noises and sounds that you come across when listening. As The World Rots Away is a torturous slow dirge to the end. This album is a psychotic nightmare that gives you plenty of nightmarish soundscapes to explore and wander. This is the type of album that makes your skin crawl and your psyche break. Traverse this release with caution.

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