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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Cadaveric Fumes: Dimensions Obscure

April 30, 2016

cadaveric fumes - cover.jpg

Breaking their way through France and into international airwaves by way of Blood Harvest Records comes Cadaveric Fumes and their debut mini album Dimensions Obscure. This release by these French monsters reeks to the lowest submerged crypts of death as if it were pulled from its very own coffin only to be unleashed to torment us all. Cadaveric Fumes isn’t just straight forward ground and pound death metal however. They do have a bludgeoning style of play that turns solid bones to dust, but even so their brand of death metal is atmospheric and all encompassing.

As soon as the first wretched note hits your ears and as soon as the fresh stench of death hits your nostrils you know that you are in for deadly ride. Cadaveric Fumes does play an interesting and almost unorthodox style of death metal. As mentioned they don’t just go for the jugular constantly and provide you with deafening death metal constantly. The amount of atmosphere that they inject into their music something that is fresh and gives the listener something different to listen to and gives the listener plenty of variation and plenty of reprieve from being pummeled into the ground constantly.

Each of the four songs on Dimensions Obscure are relatively long which gives Cadaveric Fumes plenty of time to pull you into their crypt filled mazes with a skeletal hand and make you a part of the macabre decorations. Every song is deadly and sucks you in deeper and deeper into their death filled wormhole from which you are to never be seen again. Dimensions Obscure is an album that pulls you in for good and makes you want to stay and listen to more and more and over and over again. Even though this is a mini album this has the same weight a full album has and packs just as much of a punch.

With all of the sinister atmosphere that Cadaveric Fumes provides for you (especially at the end) you feel as though you are attending your own funeral at times. The songs closing out your life are the songs on this record and the last thing you hear before the casket closes is the closer Swallowed into Eternity. This release is wholly sinister, macabre, mysterious, heavy and much more. All of the obscurity and deadly aspects come from the filthy riffs, reanimating bass lines, chest thumping drums and the bile filled zombie like vocals.

This is an album that is filled with death that has a certain spirituality about it as well. Dimensions Obscure sticks with you for a while, and ultimately you end up playing the record numerous times until the music gets imprinted in your mind. With the slick musicianship, skin crawling atmosphere and great song writing, this mini album is as solid as a debut can be.

Dimensions Obscure will be out through Blood Harvest Records May 2, 2016.

Anal Blasphemy: Western Decadence

April 30, 2016

anal blasphemy - cover.jpg

Coming back in full devilish resurgence is Anal Blasphemy, and with him he brings a fourth album titled Western Decadence. Western Decadence shows off eight blasphemous songs that do their best to turn your very soul into ashes and steal your innocence. Through these eight tracks you get a fair helping of black metal of course, and at certain times you get industrial and electronic elements to add to the wholly sinister sound. This release compared to others that Anal Blasphemy has released has a more refined and controlled sound, and instead of pouring blistering chaos on you all the time, this release brings forth a more moody and hypnotic touch. With that being said though, Western Decadence is still dripping with blackened sludge and creates soundscapes that are skin melting and soul burning.

Much to my surprise, Western Decadence begins with the line, “I find your lack of faith disturbing” from Star Wars and it takes off from there. Within this release there are a lot of samples that lead into songs but those samples last a very short time before Anal Blasphemy gets into the meat of the song. As mentioned above, Western Decadence provides you with a more brooding sound than before. Instead of getting entirely decimated right off the bat, the decimation is a little slower and the torture of your very being is prolonged.

That isn’t to say that the songs presented on this release don’t burst at the seams with hell fire and utter blasphemy, it just is approached in a different way this time around. There is a lot of variation on this record which makes it all the more dynamic. You never really know what sound you will be getting next when listening. You will always get the same molten darkness soaked sound from one song to the next, but you don’t know if it will be a blistering passage or a plunge into the moodier side of the release.

Western Decadence is soaked in evil and cursed by Satan himself. This eight track release is filled with hell fire and the capacity to burn you and your soul until you are mere ashes. A record that is filled and soaked with such demonic presence such as this casts you down to hell and if at the time it figures out that you do not in fact praise Satan, you will be tortured for eternity. Even though some of the raw edge is taken off, Western Decadence is still incredibly damning and crawling with demons, ghouls and other disgusting creatures.

Just about all but two songs hit you with razor sharp riffs, hellish bass lines, tumultuous drums and demonic straight from the depths vocals. Through most of the songs, Anal Blasphemy adds in electronic elements and synths to help create damning, haunting and melancholic soundscapes. With everything combined seamlessly and effortlessly, Western Decadence is an album to behold. It is packed with everything so much so that it seems to be bursting at the seams with sordid life.

This release does just about everything as well. It provides you with ripping headbanging anthems, melancholic dirges, soundscapes that are riddled with brimstone and hell fire and so much more. Western Decadence is a highly memorable record that is utterly intoxicating and gets you drunk on evil and has you praising Satan before the long night breaks into dawn.

Western Decadence will be out July 1, 2016 through Iron Bonehead Productions.

Dakhma: Passageways to Daena (The Concomitant Blessings of Putrescing Impurity)

April 29, 2016


Black metal has a knack for sinking you into the depths of despair, depression and other dismal descriptive words, and with Dakhma and their newest effort Passageways to Daena (The Concomitant Blessings of Putrescing Impurity) that is certainly true. Dakhma doesn’t just cast you down into hell fire by playing blistering black metal alone however. Dakhma incorporates elements of death metal as well, so not only does your soul get shredded by the blackened essence of this release, but you also get shredded limb from limb by raw and punishing death metal.

To begin this mind altering and soul shattering release, Dakhma provides you with some abyssal ambiance that sends a chill down your spine only to submerge you into molten darkness seconds after. Dakhma does a great job of creating soundscapes that you cannot escape, soundscapes that are mind numbing, will breaking and provide you with an incredible bone chill and the feeling that your flesh is melting all at the same time.

As each song progresses and you get closer and closer to the end of the release, you feel as though you have been completely submerged in hell fire. Each song is terrifying and blistering and does its best to drain you of all life. The main staple of Dakhma and Passageways to Daena (The Concomitant Blessings of Putrescing Impurity) is skin tearing, rapid fire blackened death metal, but Dakhma does tend to slow the tempo every now and then creating slow heavy dirges that signify the end of your existence.

On one hand you have to combat the furious lashes scorching brutality and on the other you have to combat the slower more melodic and atmospheric dirges that they throw at you. As chaotic and raw as this release can be at times and as detrimental as it can be, the slower elements that feel as though something spectral and purely evil is watching you can be just as harmful. There isn’t anywhere you can run and there isn’t a place that you can hide from this monolithic effort from Swiss monster.

From front to back you get diseased riffs coupled by tumultuous drums only to be executed by thick bass lines. Unearthing themselves from what sounds like the bowels of hell are the vocals. The vocal delivery is two pronged since not only does the vocalist shriek devilish cries but he also bellows spine crushing death metal growls. No matter what you are getting thrown at you, you get the best of both black metal and death metal and that makes for one hell of a destructive listen.

This entire ten track release is dripping with evil and soaked in something that is putrid and purely sickening. Passageways to Daena (The Concomitant Blessings of Putrescing Impurity) is raw, bestial and ritualistic and altogether a listen that you just shouldn’t pass up.

Black Pestilence: Carry on the Black Flame

April 29, 2016

Black Pestilence - Carry On The Black Flame

Hot off of the heels of their 2015 release, Black Pestilence is back with their new EP Carry on the Black Flame which features four songs that are riddled with debauchery, mayhem and pure evil. With black metal being the principle genre at work, Black Pestilence pumps punk and noise into it to create an interesting, unique and overall heavy and entertaining listen. Being that there are only four songs on this EP you just get a short dosage of what Black Pestilence has to offer, and yet within just four songs you find yourself out in the streets causing mayhem and plenty of destruction as well as summoning your occasional demon.

Black Pestilence bursts out of the gate with hellish fury and from then on they never back off even if it were for a second. Each song is played with a serious and harmful intensity that is fueled by both the hateful black metal and the generally pissed off style of punk. With both of those genres at the forefront of their maniacal sound and with the addition of some noise and electronic elements you get something that is controlled chaos.

As it turns out, listening to Carry on the Black Flame turns you into something that resembles the skeleton that you see in the cover art above. You get turned into an anarchic fiend that is just waiting to roam the streets, smash windows, loot and ransack your town and all at the same time you can’t wait for the next sacrifice to begin. This EP is a rowdy one, one that preys off of the souls of the damned and one that doesn’t care who it upsets or offends.

From beginning to end, Black Pestilence takes you on a tumultuous ride through ruined soundscapes filled with demons, sinister ghouls, blood curdling banshees and other nefarious things and creatures. As Black Pestilence takes you through this blitzkrieg of an EP you feel compelled to headbang with intensity until your neck finally snaps and your head is hanging on by just a tendon.

These furious black metal heathens carve out your heart with buzzing riffs, rumbling bass lines, galloping drumming and vocals that are demonic and unearthly as they give you a feeling of being submerged into hell. The extra ingredient that Black Pestilence adds is anarchy and it pumps through the veins of this entire EP giving it even more bombast and hell fire.

This EP is chaotic, evil and compels you to do more than just set fire to an abandoned building. Carry on the Black Flame is a good EP as it is entirely infectious and causes you to headbang with feverishly. Take a listen and hail the Dark Lord himself!


Crisix: From Blue to Black

April 27, 2016

crisx - cover.jpg

Over the years Crisix has gained legions of fans as their popularity shot through the roof, and with their newest effort titled From Blue to Black you can understand why. From Blue to Black is tight, crisp and clean and is filled with blistering thrash metal that snaps your neck whether you are standing right next to a speaker and listening or if you are miles away. The performance that Crisix churns out with this devastating release is pure thrash and their main goal is to have you headbang into oblivion.

Right from the get go Crisix storms out of the gates and hits your vulnerable ear drums with thrash that is played at break neck speeds. If Crisix ever decided to play at a slower tempo-which they do occasionally on this release-but it they did it for an entire record I believe that they may very well fall apart. The only speed is mach five and anything less seems to be unacceptable. You can only try to brace yourself for the impact and even then I can’t guarantee that your head will still be on straight after one listen.

From Blue to Black has just about everything you wish a thrash album would have. It is technical, clean, blistering, incredibly heavy and ultimately one hell of a listen. You get more than your fair share of entertainment out of this record as you just can’t seem to put it down or push the pause button. Not only is each song very well crafted and not only is the album put together expertly, but each song is catchy and highly memorable. Whether you want to or not, you just can’t seem to escape the catchy and dangerous hooks of Crisix.

At the same time, whether you want it or not, these thrash fiends stomp their music right into the center of your brain. Their brand of metal is vicious, adrenaline fueled, pumped with enough energy to level a fucking city and enough intensity to knock you senseless. Each of the nine songs on From Blue to Black is very volatile and of course dangerous and if you decide to not pay attention for a brief moment your head may be split wide open.

Crisix hits you with just about everything that they can from beginning to end and every song is filled with catchy and very sharp riffs usually accompanied by squealing and pin point solos. Along with the guitar wizardry you get a chaotic and solid drum performance that is backed with heavy and pavement cracking bass lines. To go along with the high octane and intense music are vocals that are equally intense as they are screamed at you in various ways with great control.

No matter which way you slice it, From Blue to Black is entirely catchy, bombastic, and purely a great listen. You can’t help but to bang your head to this just as soon as the first fuel injected note hits your ears, and you can’t help but to press play at the end of each listen either.


Izegrim: The Ferryman’s End

April 26, 2016

izegrim - cover.jpg

With Izegrim’s newest brain melting release The Ferryman’s End, you are taken through a story that is told in first person about the Ferryman himself. As the release goes along you dig deeper into the warped and diseased mind of the Ferryman and as the album progresses you dive further into the dark corridors of great story telling and ultimately gut wrenching and ripping death metal. Izegrim spare no efforts as they pull out all of the stops on this release providing you with a wholly entertaining and thoroughly dark and twisted piece of art.

The story of the Ferryman is told through eleven songs, and each song seems to get even more grim than the one that came before it. Izegrim through each song never lacks in intensity either, as from beginning to end you get pummeled with sickening death metal so much so that you may wish that the Ferryman would kill you as well. The Ferryman’s End is a psychotic dirge and projection toward death, and as Izegrim hurdles you toward death, the Ferryman does as well.

You can’t help but to get sucked into this release and stay for a while even though you are trapped in the inner walls of a psychotic’s mind. The story is compelling and the musicianship and song writing to go along with it is expertly done and each song is very well crafted. From the first note, Izegrim hooks you and sinks you deeper and deeper into madness and dementia much like the Ferryman is seems to be suffering from.

Each of the eleven songs boasts relatively long run times which gives Izegrim enough time to convey the song for you as well as keep you holed up in their darkened and abyssal soundscapes. During the listening venture of The Ferryman’s End you feel as though you are there witnessing heinous murders at the hand of a sick individual. Izegrim takes you to dark realms and makes you sit there in the dark with grim thoughts.

As great as the story is the musicianship is just as great as Izegrim assaults you themselves with sonic riffs, calculated and rib smashing drumming, obese bass lines and sickening vocals that rip and sear their way into your memory. Each song is technical and played at a blistering pace for the most part only to be slowed down when needed to deliver an equally crushing blow. Through and through the musicianship is tight and just as poisonous and dark as the story is and combining the two together creates for a detrimental release.

The Ferryman’s End is a dark, evil and completely sinister listen. This is an album that sinks its fangs into you and never lets you go. With great story telling and savage musicianship, Izegrim have created something that you want to play over and over again until you burn a hole in the CD from it being worn out. The Ferryman’s End is intriguing, mystifying, incredibly heavy and overall something that you don’t want to miss.

HELLS: Paradise EP

April 26, 2016


Aggressive, unrelenting, pissed off are only some of the descriptions that you can give to Philadelphia natives HELLS. After intensively touring for the last two years they finally bring their unique and twisted brand of hardcore to your speakers ultimately to leave you bloodied and beaten. Paradise is the name of the six track EP and it is anything but paradise for your ears as you get stabbed in the ear canal repeatedly by a wall of heavy and vicious hardcore. Not only does HELLS play the vertebra snapping quick tempo that hardcore is generally known for, but they also give you a mid tempo that is just as destructive and just as rib splintering.

Paradise is chaotic to say the least and provides you with plenty of music that grinds your skull into dust and turns your brain into a bloody pulp. They have been developing their cranium splitting sound for years and finally everyone that hasn’t seen one of their shows can witness the raw brutality that is HELLS. Once you click play you are in for a ride that is rough leaving you disoriented, bruised and broken.

This is a nasty release, one that kicks your teeth in to have you choke on them and one that curb stomps you into oblivion. There isn’t anything mellow about Paradise as HELLS comes at you swinging right out of the gate and doesn’t stop until you have taken your final breath. Paradise is an unrelenting maelstrom of pandemonium and unbridled energy that barrels straight through you leaving a gaping hole in your chest.

This new EP from these Philadelphia monsters is what you put on if you are going out for a night on the town only to destroy something and cause as much mayhem as possible. From beginning to end Paradise is filled with anger and hate and every ounce of that shows through on each song. Each of the six songs is a stomping madhouse that feeds off of your fear and weakness and isn’t afraid of snapping your neck and moving on to the next unfortunate victim.

You can’t escape this brutish release and to ensure your demise HELLS brings forth cleaving and downright mutilating riffs, a heavy bass presence that is ultimately lacerating, sledgehammer heavy drums and vocals that are throat ripping and screamed at you from beginning to end. No matter where you turn to hide from this terrifying assault, HELLS ends up finding you and beating you over the head with a corroded lead pipe.

You can’t come out any better with a debut EP than this one by HELLS. Every song is solid and incredibly heavy and damaging. Paradise is a unique twisting mass of hardcore that is purely raw and savage from the get go. This is ear piercing hardcore at its finest and it is harsh and detrimental to your health and it would be difficult to pass this up.

HELLS comes out with Paradise through Seeing Red Records on May 13, 2016.

Ljosazabojstwa – Staražytnaje licha

April 25, 2016

Ljosazabojstwa - Staražytnaje licha [cover art].jpg

Hailing from Belarus is Ljosazabojstwa and what you see above you is their newest release titled Staražytnaje licha. Staražytnaje licha is filled to the brim with soul damning blackened death metal that is on a mission to scorch the earth and cull as many souls as possible. This release is raw and unfiltered so much so that it is dripping with the dark blood of its enemies. There are only four tracks on this release, but those four tracks each have pretty substantial run times and each track is furious and forged in hell fire.

From beginning to end you get baptized in flames and attacked from every direction from Ljosazabojstwa. This music is bestial and ritualistic and won’t leave you alone until it has successfully damned you to purgatory for the rest of your unfortunate existence. These heathens from Belarus only know one speed, and that is fast as each song is played at a skin flaying pace and doesn’t back off until you hear the final note conclude.

Ljosazabojstwa try to make you as uncomfortable as they possibly can as their hellish music bombards your ear drums and sears their image right into your mind. Brutish, ugly and hellish images come to the forefront of your mind while listening to this assault and sooner or later you feel as though you are sitting in flames yourself ready to be tortured for all eternity.

This music is just about as crusty as crusty can get and just about as ferocious and fiendish as it can get as well.  Staražytnaje licha is entirely punishing and makes you feel as though you are sitting in a bubbling cauldron of hate waiting for Satan himself to skin you and devour your soul. Each song is soaked in molten darkness and peppered with pure evil and hatred.

Through each song you get dismal and poisonous riffs coupled with chaotic and skull shattering drumming only to be gutted by heavy bass lines. Forcing their way to the front of the wall of noise are the gravel filled demonic vocals that call out to the Dark Lord himself. Everything about this is incredibly sinister and sordid and after listening you feel filthy and despicable yourself.

Staražytnaje licha is raw and bleeding blackened death metal that makes you feel as though you are a part of a sacrifice or that you are in fact summoning Lucifer. From beginning to end you are tortured and maimed as each of the four songs skewers you and throws you into a pit of despair. If you are looking for something that is purely evil and chaotic,  Staražytnaje licha is a great listen.

Staražytnaje licha will be out through Hellthrasher Productions May 13, 2016.

Negative Voice: Cold, Redrafted

April 25, 2016

Negative Voice - Cold, Redrafted [Cover].jpg

When done properly, music can put you in a completely different state of mind and it can take you to places that you never knew existed. As soon as that first not hits you and immediately you get sucked in you know that you are in for quite some ride. With Negative Voice and their newest offering Cold, Redrafted that is exactly what you get. You get music that is all encompassing and it sucks you in to its darkened lair to never let you escape and see the light of day again. Each song is mystifying and enchanting, and as soon as you begin listening you become unable to turn away.

Negative Voice builds off of their previous release with Cold, Redrafted and at the center of each song is their brand of blackened doom metal. With this new record you don’t get just handfuls of blackened doom because Negative Voice  expands on this release bringing in more progressive elements as well as the use of clean vocals. With the little tweaks here and there to their sound, Negative Voice creates something that is captivating and intriguing as well as an entire album that gets stuck with you.

One listen doesn’t do Cold, Redrafted justice as it warrants many listens to have it all soak in. Not only does this release warrant many listens to have everything soak in, it warrants many listens because Negative Voice compels you to do so. Each song is memorable and they have an instant impact on you right from the very first note played. Negative Voice does a great job hooking you and keeping you along for the entire ride. There aren’t songs here that are fillers as every song that you get is crammed full with blackened doom wizardry.

The combination of black metal and doom creates something that is dark and mysterious but also alluring and cryptic. With each song and with each passing minute, Negative Voice draws you in deeper and deeper into the abyssal soundscapes that they paint for you. Cold, Redrafted is an album that is enveloping and brings you down darkened and wholly sinister corridors with it. The entire album has a knack of leaving you in a trance of sorts while it toys with your subconscious.

Each of the nine songs that are present on this release is filled with serpentine riffs, heavy bass lines, acrobatic drumming and vocals that are both harsh and hypnotic. As a matter of fact, Negative Voice does a great job of mixing both harsh sounds with softer more hypnotic sounds which makes their new release that much more dangerous. Cold, Redrafted is sickeningly slick and very well crafted. There isn’t a song on there that doesn’t get embedded in your brain as this entire album is hypnotic and wholly entertaining.

Cold, Redrafted simply put is a great album and a great listen. You cannot go wrong with this release, and one listen ends up turning into many many more.

Cold, Redrafted is out now through Hypnotic Dirge Records.

Advermix: Pandeathmic

April 23, 2016

Advermix Cover Sneak Peek.jpg

Old school thrash metal mixed with just a touch of death metal comes Advermix and from the bowels of Spain they drag with them their third release titled Pandeathmic. Advermix sounds as though they got trapped in the eighties when thrash was in full swing, but instead of imitating the old school thrash sound and sounding like a cover band instead, Advermix have their own approach to it. By adding their own twists to the old school sound these thrashers create something of their own with a newer and fresh take on an old school sound.

Much like the masters of the classics, Advermix provides you with more than enough shredding thrash to leave you without a face after a couple of listens. But even though their music is thrash oriented it isn’t wholly chaotic and doesn’t sound as though it is going to fly off the rails any time soon. Each song has a fair amount of groove and melody to it to tame the songs and further postpone them from spontaneously igniting and exploding in your ears. This is thrash metal not so much with an edge taken off, but instead it is thrash that is slightly more controlled.

However, even with a slightly more controlled sound, Advermix still create aggressive, mosh pit inciting and wholly memorable sounds. Of the nine songs present, all nine latch on to your brain and force you to remember them for some time to come. There isn’t a song on this release that is a space filler save for the intro. Each song is packed with thrashing ferocity and gives you plenty to thrash about to and give yourself your fair share of whiplash.

While nothing is completely earth shattering or entirely ground breaking with this release, it still is entirely entertaining. It is hell raising thrash metal intensity that gets you up out of your seat to headbang and punch the guy next to you. Each of the nine songs gives you enough content to jam out to and headbang to and just have a good o’l thrashing time to.

Advermix hits you with skin melting riffs coupled with equally intense and frequent guitar solos, solid pounding drumming, heavy bass lines and a mixture of gravel filled quintessential thrash vocals, high pitched screams and the occasional death metal roar. With everything blended together you get good technical thrash metal that doesn’t take you not headbanging for an answer. All in all, this release is solid and it is very enjoyable as it is a record that you can listen to and headbang to over and over again.

Pandeathmic will be released through Born of Chaos Records May 31, 2016.

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