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Lucifer’s Hammer: Beyond the Omens

April 4, 2016


If you are in need of some traditional metal, you need not look further than Chile, which is where you will find Lucifer’s Hammer. Beyond the Omens is the debut full length from these Chilean metal heads and packed inside of this release is eight songs of pure traditional metal in the strain of Iron Maiden and the like. Lucifer’s Hammer feel as though they belong in the eighties, but even though they have a throwback feel to them, they don’t live in the past or try to imitate any singular band from that time period.

Beyond the Omens gives you heavy songs that are memorable and you can even sing along to if you so choose. The lyrics are clearly sung and the choruses are powerful and sink into your mind and stick with you for quite some time. When headbanging to these songs you feel transported back thirty years where this type of heavy metal reigned supreme.

There is a feeling that you get when listening to Beyond the Omens and that feeling isn’t anything short of electric. There is a lot of melody and dark atmosphere that creeps into each song. The darker atmosphere isn’t anything entirely sinister, but you rather feel as though you are shrouded in a dark and thick fog. There is a clear and invigorating energy behind each song and throughout the entire album that gets you up singing along and headbanging with a maddening fervor.

Lucifer’s Hammer doesn’t cut any corners or trim anything on this release. They give you all that they have and they give you quality songs that you can rock out to and scream at the top of your lungs to. There isn’t anything that gets left out here, and there isn’t anything they could do that would make you want more from the album. If anything you feel compelled to press play again after listening and crank the music as you are speeding down the highway.

With this album you get slick infectious riffs couple with soaring guitar solos, solid drumming, thick bass lines, and vocals that stick in your head for days to come. The musicianship is on point and provides you with plenty of memorable moments. Even though there isn’t anything that is earth shattering or groundbreaking here, what you do get is a solid album that is completely memorable, makes you headbang and sticks with you for quite some time. For a debut album, this release is solid and warrants plenty of listens.

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