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Candelabrum: Necrotelepathy

April 5, 2016

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At times, when the music is played and composed just right it can be hypnotic and can entrance you and take complete control. In those instances you get lost in the music as it takes you somewhere else entirely. You get lost in your own mind and in the soundscapes that are provided for you. Those soundscapes can be dark, they can be filled with haunting images and creeping spectral voices, and you get all of that and more within Candelabrum’s newest offering Necrotelepathy.

At points in Necrotelepathy it really does feel spectral and cold as though something else, something otherworldly is creeping just around a corner. This release is dark and is haunting and hangs over you much like a spirit would. You can’t help shake the bitter cold that Nerotelepathy forces upon you and you can’t help but let your mind wander into dark and abyssal corridors when listening.

Of course with an album title such as Necrotelepathy the album deals with spirits and conversing with the deceased among other things, and that alone gives you chills that run straight down your spine. With these ideas and these lyrics and compositions you wander down the tunnel with Candelabrum to another world entirely filled with spirits and the souls of the long since deceased. Upon listening to this record, it is easy to let your mind drift and have Candelabrum take you to a place that you may visit in the future.

Necrotelepathy is split into two epics reaching about seventeen minutes a piece. Candelabrum doesn’t waste any time or fill any of that space with unnecessary fillers at all. They use all of their time to provide you with a mind bending musical experience that follows you around and haunts your dreams. Each piece is incredibly well crafted and the way that they compose each song the way that they do helps push their vision along smoothly with what they are trying to convey.

There is something about this release that infests itself in you whether you want it to or not. The mixture between skull fracturing and soul piercing black metal and the slower variety of soul sucking darkness has a way of drawing you in and having you stay for the long haul. As long as the songs are they never feel as though they over stay their welcome and they never feel forced or incredibly drawn out.

With both songs you get sharp blazing riffs, tumultuous and tight drumming, poisonous bass lines, and incredibly eerie and spectral vocals that sound as though they may be trying to reach us from the netherworld. Along with the soul erasing black metal is what sounds to be the use of synths to create an atmosphere to make you feel as though you are trapped on the other side of the light and unable to escape.

The entirety of this release is shrouded in mysticism and intrigue. Black metal already deals with otherworldly concepts in one way or another, but Candelabrum takes that to a different level. They submerge you in the unknown and make you meet face to face with your maker and where you are may be headed after death. This is a record that shouldn’t be ignored or taken lightly for that matter. It takes more than a few listens to sink in, but when it does it doesn’t leave.

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