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Nathyr: Almamluk (Single)

April 7, 2016


Nathyr is an interesting band, as well as one that knows how to draw you in with their story telling abilities and their unique style of play. Not only does Nathyr play very tight and heavy metal, they also incorporate sounds from their native Egypt to make their music even more compelling. The music isn’t just more compelling that way, but it also makes draws you in and makes you follow the story that Nathyr is telling.

Almamluk is Nathyr’s new single which was recently released five days ago. The song is just over six minutes of progressive folk metal that has you diving head first into Egyptian culture. The mix of heavy metal as well as Egyptian culture is wondrous. Folk metal isn’t anything that is new, but when you generally hear of folk metal it is more about Norse mythology and about pirates and the like.

The incorporation of music from their native Egypt takes the music to a different level and transplants you right in the middle of Egypt and the story that they are telling. Along with the various unique non traditional metal instruments that are used, you get heavy pounding riffs, calculated and bone destroying drumming, thick bass lines, and demonic vocals.

If this single is any indication of what is to come, if it be a new album or an EP, things are looking good. This new song is heavy, melodic, and it sucks you in and doesn’t let you go. Almamluk is an entertaining song. It has a lot of moving parts to it that work well together to create a vivid soundscape as well as create a compelling story and song. Nathyr hit all of their marks with this song and it makes for a good listen.

Check out the single Almamluk at Bandcamp.

The full review for Nathyr’s debut album As The Legacy Unveils is here.


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