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Patanum: Volume I

April 7, 2016


If you really want to hallucinate and take wild rides on the back of a mystical dragon without actually having to drop acid, what do you turn to? You turn to psychedelic doom of course and the band that can jump start your imagination and pull you into realms that you never knew existed is Patanum. With their newest release Volume I you get sucked into their world, and their world is one where colors are incredibly vivid and things that generally don’t move gain life. Taking notes from the psych doom forefathers, Patanum bring to you low, slow and buzzing doom.

Volume I puts you in a trance of sorts, one that makes you sit and listen and one that makes you soak up all of the hallucination inducing doom. This is a release that you can relax and jam out to and have your mind wander to strange new dimensions. Good psychedelic doom is meant to cause moments of wonder and mysticism and that is what Patanum does with this album.

Coupled with the brain cell frying doom is a hard rocking stoner metal aspect that creeps its way into each song. For the majority of the album the songs are buzzing and played at glacial speeds, but every so often Patanum kicks it into high gear and supplies you with hard hitting groove filled stoner vibes. Patanum mixes both elements of doom and stoner metal very well to create something that is vivid and wholly enjoyable.

Throughout Volume I you get grooves and rhythms that are incredibly infectious and latch on to your brain never letting go. When you feel as though you have stopped listening, the album pulls you back in and tumbles you under the tide of buzzing riffs and acid drenched metal. Waves of colors wash over you as lucid shape shifting beings pull you deeper and deeper into the void.

Every song is riddled with heavy fuzzed out riffs, ripping guitar solos, earth moving bass lines, solid drumming and hypnotic vocals. This record has just about everything you would want from a psychedelic doom band. These Brazilian doom wizards roll everything out at you on this release. It is hypnotic, heavy, powerful, filled with plenty of fuzz, wicked guitar solos and it is completely infectious.

Volume I is a great album, one that works its way into your mind and just won’t leave until you are completely sick of it. This album isn’t one that should be looked over if you are any sort of fan of doom, psychedelic metal or stoner metal.

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