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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Rotting Flesh: Infected Purity

April 8, 2016


Originally released in 2014, Infected Purity got the re-release treatment and was put out at the end of last year. Hearing the name Rotting Flesh, one would think that the band plays some incredibly brutalizing brutal death metal. While death metal is a part of the mix it is not the only genre that is thrown in as black metal makes an appearance as well adding a blasphemous touch. Rotting Flesh is unique in the way that they don’t just adhere to either a death metal or black metal stigma as they add their own unique touches all throughout.

After a brief intro, Rotting Flesh submerges you in their darkened atmosphere and pummels you with intense gut ripping metal. Transitioning between the intro and the first full song after just about snaps your spine in half. Terrorscope begins with discordant guitar tones then swiftly pile drives you directly into the bowels of hell. For twelve straight songs you are subjected to very melodic, raw, and very punishing metal, and after you begin listening there isn’t much you can do to escape the onslaught.

To go along with the terrorizing metal, Rotting Flesh is highly atmospheric as they incorporate the use of keys and softer female vocals throughout the release. The use of the keys gives the overall sound of the album a unique spin as they blend effortlessly with the chaotic and destructive blackened death metal. The injection of the female vocals works seamlessly alongside the grizzly growls and demonic screams of the lead vocalist as well as providing another element of atmosphere.

Not only does Rotting Flesh infuse their brand of blasphemous metal with atmosphere by using keys, they also employ the use of electronic music to add to the already unique and intriguing sounds. The most notable use of the electronic elements are in the song Abaddon as the beginning of the song begins more of like what you would hear at a dance club. Before the electronic bit kicks in there is a lead up from an unearthly growl from the vocalist, and as quickly as the electronic out break begins it ends and the heavy romping of Rotting Flesh takes over once more.

All throughout the release you get subjected to slicing riffs, massive bass lines, tight and technical drumming, barbaric vocals and plenty of atmosphere to last you quite a while. With all of the elements that Rotting Flesh uses at their disposal to create such a unique sound, never once does the music sound cluttered or over bearing. Everything is incredibly technical, on point and terrifyingly heavy. With all of the moving pieces within this album, everything works together so effortlessly. Even though this is a re-release, it wouldn’t be wise to pass on this.

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