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BAT: Wings of Chains

April 9, 2016

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If you ever want to know what a straight shot of adrenaline to the heart feels like, all you have to do is listen to BAT and their debut full length Wings of Chains. Right from the beginning you feel as though someone did stab you in the chest with adrenaline and feverish headbanging ensues. BAT doesn’t waste any time getting you off your seat and causing you plenty of brain damage with all of the whiplash inducing headbanging that ensues. One song after another hits you like a bulldozer and BAT barrels right through your chest.

Wings of Chains is a twelve track onslaught of some incredibly filthy and grime filled metal. Even though after one listen you feel as though you need to bathe, you press play again to revel in the filth and headbang until your head falls off your neck. There’s something about Wings of Chains in its entirety that compels you to create as much havoc and chaos as possible. With that being said, BAT makes you want to listen over and over again, so the more you end up listening, sooner or later your town will be leveled.

This record is toxic and once you begin your listen and your descent into speed metal madness there is no stopping. From the very beginning, BAT hooks you and takes you on a chaotic and destructive ride and from there on out the listens pile up. Every song-as well as the album as a whole-is incredibly infectious. They’re high octane, aggressive, brain bashing fun and just spinning this record once won’t give you the fix that you need to curb your speed metal cravings.

Vocalist Ryan Waste stated that, “We are louder and prouder than ever with the completion of Wings of Chains, our debut full length”. With that statement I agree. BAT is loud and they come screeching in through your speakers right into your ear holes. There is no way that you can’t play Wings of Chains as loud as you possibly can because if you want to the full effect of this TNT rigged album you’ll crank the stereo as loud as it can go and then some.

As gnarled riffs, artery rupturing guitar solos, skull pounding drumming and lacerating bass lines hit you, you can’t help but to break out in a spontaneous mosh wherever you are at. On top of the destructive musicianship are the gravely vocals that fill your head and even make you yell along at times, or all of the time. Wings of Chains is just pure metal, and this record takes no prisoners and leaves no apologies either. As they say in “Rule of the Beast, “we live by the rule, the rule of the beast!”

BAT hits on all cylinders with this album and by doing so  they have created a release that is anarchic and lawless fun. You can’t help but air guitar to a lot of parts, you can’t help but to yell along and you can’t help that long after the album is over you are still bashing your brain against your skull as you are still headbanging whether you want to stop or not. Wings of Chains is a highly intoxicating, dirty and filthy album, one that you have to play at ear drum shattering volumes, or you are simply doing it wrong.

Wings of Chains will be out June 10, 2016 through Hells Headbangers.

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