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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Monday Morning Mayhem

April 10, 2016

It’s been quite a while, but it is finally back. Monday Morning Mayhem is here to shed your ear drums and take your life! Enjoy!



There are more things that come from Las Vegas, Nevada than just gambling. A prime example would be Man Made God and unlike everything else that stays in Vegas, their newly released EP Prima Materia doesn’t stay in Vegas and has no intentions of infecting the already sordid land. Prima Materia is a seven track EP that features heavy hitting atmospheric deathcore. You get everything that deathcore has to offer with the added bonus of a certain cosmic atmosphere supplied by some keyboard wizardry. Man Made God doesn’t just focus on a breakdown heavy sound as they include them in of course, but they don’t hit you at every turn and clutter the EP. Instead of a each song revolve around breakdowns, Man Made God injects them when necessary and uses them when needed which is a nice change of pace instead of having them thrown in your face every half second. Each element that these death dealers use works together to create something that is punishing and destructive. From the beginning of the EP to the end you get assaulted by technical death metal with a kind of ground and pound approach. Right out of the gate Man Made God hits you with everything they have and they don’t stop until you have been successfully crushed into dust. Prima Materia is made up of diabolical riffs, tight drumming, enough bass to break your back, plenty of cosmic atmosphere to break things up and give the listener more the chew on, and vocals that are massive and monstrous. This debut EP is solid and leaves you in a wake of destruction. If you are looking for something heavy and that can level a building, maybe Man Made God is for you.



If you ever wonder what death stalking you sounds like, CRUD might be your closest answer. Resin is packed with horrifying sludge that makes you look over your shoulder once or twice to make sure the reaper isn’t actually standing right behind you. Resin is a five track release that fills you with dread, despair and the longer for the sweet release of death. Each track is gut wrenching and provides you with a very unsettling feeling. These songs that are forced on you are slow dirges towards death, but none the less they do push you deeper and deeper into the darker and more harrowing recesses of your fragile mind. CRUD doesn’t necessarily push you off of the cliff of despair, they just help you get to that place and hope that you jump. Resin sounds as though it was created to give you everlasting nightmares that eventually make you shut yourself in never to be seen again. If that was the intention, then it was a success. CRUD plays a type of sludge that you don’t immediately connect with other sludge. Most of the sludge that you do hear is psychedelic and takes you on a trip through acid covered soundscapes and vivid eye popping journeys. This type of sludge takes you through wastelands and makes you face your maker and forces you to see what your final days will look like before you finally expire. Upon listening, a dark abyssal cloud hangs over your head raining hot drops of corrosive acid over your head tearing your flesh from bone. CRUD dig your grave with accosting buzz filled riffs, murky bass lines, solid drumming, and dissonant haunting vocals that you can never really purge from your mind. Resin is a dark and mysterious listen, one that takes you from the light and submerges you in the poisonous and alluring darkness.



Here to shred your ears and clawhammer your unborn child is Clawhammer Abortion with their new release Slaughter Campaign. Slaughter Campaign has everything in it that you would want a death metal release to have as it is packed to the bursting point with destructive and life ruining death metal. This release is raw, destructive, and oozes death and doesn’t stop until a trail of viscera and mangled corpses is left in its wake. Right from the beginning, Clawhammer Abortion barrels straight through your chest and continues on their way to create more havoc and ruin more lives on the way. One of the many things that Clawhammer Abortion does well on this record is they keep it completely raw and bleeding. The production is great, but it isn’t over produced. Instead of getting a sound that is too clean and too neat, you get a sound that is gritty, grimy and incredibly filthy. Slaughter Campaign is pure death metal through and through and Clawhammer Abortion does a great job of keeping their brand a death metal raw and pure even through the filthy of the production. Slaughter Campaign is just a bulldozer of sound, and once you begin listening you are in for a gore filled and horrifying ride. Each song is menacing, and instead of easing you into a rough listen, Clawhammer Abortion force feeds you your daily lethal dosage of death metal. The title Slaughter Campaign is on exactly as it states. It is on a campaign to slaughter and shed as much blood as possible. Through the eight tracks on this record you get murky and grimy lacerating riffs, harmful bass lines, skull grinding drums and massive throat shredding vocals. This release sounds like death and will even make sure that you don’t escape the listen alive.



Hailing from Finland is blackened death metal heathens Blood Chalice. Just released is the demo that you see above this text. What you get with this demo is five unholy and incredibly blasphemous songs that shred souls and damn the innocent to suffer for eternity in blackened hell fire. There isn’t anything quite like having your soul turned inside out and ripped to shreds, and when listening to Blood Chalice that may happen, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Nothing on this demo will ever make you believe that Blood Chalice isn’t out for blood and the damnation of all life. They storm out of the gates of hell and from there they never quit. As you listen you sink deeper and deeper into darkness and slip further into the clutches of hell. This demo is pure, raw and completely unfiltered. You get accosted the second you begin listening and the ear blasting wave of black metal doesn’t quit as your ears ring with intensity even after the demo is long over. This demo from these Finland natives is chaotic and extreme and it slithers around your throat ready to crush your skull and sever your neck. Diseased riffs swirl around your head poisoning your mind as the drums kick and crack your chest while the bass lines writhe and rumble. Spewing forth and commanding most of your attention are the demonic vocals that transition between banshee screeches, gravely roars and deafening death metal growls. After listening, it makes you wonder what kind of mayhem these blasphemous fiends could conjure up with a full length. Regardless, this demo is a furious and tumultuous listen and is suited for anyone who is remotely interested in black or death metal. This is something that you can headbang to as well as summon a demonic horde to, so all in all, it is a good listen.

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