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Kratos: Arlechino

April 12, 2016


Combining both heavy headbanging metal and theatrics comes Kratos. Arlechino is their newest album that takes a look at the human spirit and touches more on the emotional side of metal. Kratos taps into your emotions whether you want it to happen or not. They have a great ability to make you feel certain things while listening, whether it be melancholy, anger or any other range of emotions that you are capable of feeling. With that being said, the album is more of an experience. Instead of listening song to song, Kratos takes you and makes you look at the human spirit closer.

To create such an atmosphere, Kratos uses softer melodies with harsher more punishing sounds to create something like heaven and hell. One moment you get writhing riffs with bone crushing drumming, and the next you are being soothed by angelic operatic vocals. Kratos does a great job mixing both elements together to create an album that has depth and variation and always keeps you guessing what you are going to hear next.

Each song is put together very well which makes the album as a whole run together very smooth and seamlessly. Arlechino doesn’t necessarily play out like a book or a play but the way in which this release was put together can make it seem that way. From the first song to the tenth, each track works together in harmony to give you an experience that is immersive.

Kratos spin wondrous soundscapes for you to explore while you are entranced by the music. With the hard hitting and crunching metal, Kratos couples it with wonderful orchestral elements to help create these soundscapes. These orchestral aspects that are woven into each song work great alongside the harsher sounds of the headbanging heavy metal. The orchestra that you hear in the background take you to somewhere that is enchanting and at points it can also be menacing.

Through Arlechino you get romping riffs, break neck drumming, heavy bass lines all paired with the striking orchestra. On top of the music are a pair of vocals that work hand in hand much like the orchestra and heavier sounding metal do. The vocals that you bear witness to are growled in parts only to be met by their counterpart which are softer and angelic vocals. With each part meeting together, darkness meeting with light, you get a sound that is hypnotic and enchanting.

Arlechino is an interesting listen, one that puts you through the trials and tribulations that the human soul witnesses. This album shrouds you in music and traps you in vivid soundscapes until all is said and done. Arlechino gives you plenty to listen to and think about, and is overall a solidly good listen.

Arlechino is out May 6, 2016 through Inverse Records.

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