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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Live Burial: Forced Back to Life

April 15, 2016


Death metal and all of its glory is meant to be horrifying and gruesome, and when it is butchered just right, a putrid stench wafts through the air to awaken any gore fiends that may be in the area. Death metal is a disgusting display of death of course, human mortality, butchered autopsies among many other gruesome things, and to portray everything that is vile is Live Burial. Forced Back to Life is the newest release from these cadaver hoarders, and with it you get eight tracks of reanimating, gut wrenching and blood drenched death.

To begin the album is the stomach churning and atmospheric intro Screams From the Morgue. This intro sets the mood and intensity for the rest of the album. You feel as though you are in the morgue being prepped for experimentation. After the intro is over however, you get to the rotting flesh of the album. You get to the blistering death metal that is keen on draining your blood and devouring your flesh. Each song that comes after the intro hits you like a freight train and never really fully prepares you for the assault that you receive.

Forced Back to Life is uncompromised death metal, and what you get is pure, bleeding and raw music that at times it feels as though Live Burial took one shot at the recording and just stuck with the first take. Each of the songs after the hair raising intro is played at a blistering pace that is sure to melt your face and shred you into unidentifiable pieces. Forced Back to Life is a chaotic maelstrom of death and despair that tortures you for thirty-five minutes.

This release is packed with enough energy to make your heart-and your head-explode. It gets your adrenaline going right off the bat and gets you fit and in the mood for a murderous rampage. Forced Back to Life as a whole is a great soundtrack for various nefarious activities; including hacking up your victims just to reanimate them, murder them again then shove them in a shallow ditch in an isolated location.

Live Burial brutalizes you with intestine ripping riffs, artery slashing solos, sledgehammer drumming, mutilating bass lines, and vocals that peel the membranes of your inner ear. Everything put together is a sensory assault, one that you won’t walk out of alive. Forced Back to Life is explosive and never for a minute does it stop the attack on your life. This new offering is a disgusting display of death and reeks of putrefied flesh.

These eight songs are wretched and purely vile, and will curb the itches you have been having from death metal withdrawals. Forced Back to Life kicks you in the gut, then guts you afterwards. This is thrashing mad and is meant for any kind of death metal fan.

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