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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Neoheresy: Potop

April 21, 2016


Black metal and atmosphere go hand in hand most of the time, but what happens when that atmosphere is taken a step further? When that step is taken you traverse down the dark and abyssal yet incredibly melodic and ambient path of symphonic black metal. Exploring those realms is Neoheresy and down the symphonic path, Neoheresy brings Potop. Potop was created all by one entity being that Neoheresy consists of only one being, and within the many layers of this new all encompassing release you get eight songs that submerge you into soundscapes that are both daring, blasphemous, intriguing, melodic and harsh.

From the very beginning, Neoheresy lets you know that you are in for more than just music. Instead of something new to listen to you get yourself into an experience. The experience is the soundscapes that this symphonic pagan black metal band displays. Running through your mind while listening are soundscapes that are dark and poisonous yet they are filled with wonder and intrigue all at the same time. With each passing second you get sucked into Potop deeper and deeper and eventually you can’t dig yourself out.

Potop is mysterious and brooding and doesn’t necessarily abide by the general rules that are laid out for black metal. Instead of playing at a blistering and ultimately mind numbing pace constantly, the majority of the focus for Neoheresy is on atmosphere and providing you with terrifying and ever darkening soundscapes. With the passing of each song, Potop shrouds you in a poisonous darkness and drags you deeper and deeper into its abyssal world.

This release is one that is at all times captivating and hypnotic. From the get go, Potop traps your imagination and takes you for a blasphemous ride through darkened times and harrowing soundscapes. Whether you want it to be or not, this record sticks to your brain like a malignant tumor. Every song is memorable and before you know it you have racked up plenty of listens. There is something about Potop that keeps your attention and keeps you from wavering and skipping songs. Within this release you won’t find yourself skipping anything as you want to absorb it all and take in what Neoheresy has to offer.

Sharp calculated riffs barrel out of your headphones and into your listening holes as a thick bass slaps you right across the face all while solid drumming hits you square in the chest. Forcing their way through are tortured vocals that shred throats and further your descent into utter darkness. Behind the shredding and blasphemous black metal is the orchestra that really creates the atmosphere and all of the vast soundscapes that you hear within this release. The symphonic elements mix very well with the harsher black metal tones to create something that is enthralling and mesmerizing.

What you get with this record is more bang for your buck so to speak. You get a massive amount of music for just eight songs and endless entertainment. You end up getting the best of both worlds with this as well as you get both savage black metal and enthralling atmospheric elements as well. Potop gets stuck in your head and the more you listen the more you wander a mesmerizing labyrinth of black metal. All in all, this is a good release, one that is captivating and heavy all at the same time. Take a listen if you dare and travel down the rabbit hole that is black metal.

Listen to the title track Potop.

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