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Advermix: Pandeathmic

April 23, 2016

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Old school thrash metal mixed with just a touch of death metal comes Advermix and from the bowels of Spain they drag with them their third release titled Pandeathmic. Advermix sounds as though they got trapped in the eighties when thrash was in full swing, but instead of imitating the old school thrash sound and sounding like a cover band instead, Advermix have their own approach to it. By adding their own twists to the old school sound these thrashers create something of their own with a newer and fresh take on an old school sound.

Much like the masters of the classics, Advermix provides you with more than enough shredding thrash to leave you without a face after a couple of listens. But even though their music is thrash oriented it isn’t wholly chaotic and doesn’t sound as though it is going to fly off the rails any time soon. Each song has a fair amount of groove and melody to it to tame the songs and further postpone them from spontaneously igniting and exploding in your ears. This is thrash metal not so much with an edge taken off, but instead it is thrash that is slightly more controlled.

However, even with a slightly more controlled sound, Advermix still create aggressive, mosh pit inciting and wholly memorable sounds. Of the nine songs present, all nine latch on to your brain and force you to remember them for some time to come. There isn’t a song on this release that is a space filler save for the intro. Each song is packed with thrashing ferocity and gives you plenty to thrash about to and give yourself your fair share of whiplash.

While nothing is completely earth shattering or entirely ground breaking with this release, it still is entirely entertaining. It is hell raising thrash metal intensity that gets you up out of your seat to headbang and punch the guy next to you. Each of the nine songs gives you enough content to jam out to and headbang to and just have a good o’l thrashing time to.

Advermix hits you with skin melting riffs coupled with equally intense and frequent guitar solos, solid pounding drumming, heavy bass lines and a mixture of gravel filled quintessential thrash vocals, high pitched screams and the occasional death metal roar. With everything blended together you get good technical thrash metal that doesn’t take you not headbanging for an answer. All in all, this release is solid and it is very enjoyable as it is a record that you can listen to and headbang to over and over again.

Pandeathmic will be released through Born of Chaos Records May 31, 2016.

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