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Ljosazabojstwa – Staražytnaje licha

April 25, 2016

Ljosazabojstwa - Staražytnaje licha [cover art].jpg

Hailing from Belarus is Ljosazabojstwa and what you see above you is their newest release titled Staražytnaje licha. Staražytnaje licha is filled to the brim with soul damning blackened death metal that is on a mission to scorch the earth and cull as many souls as possible. This release is raw and unfiltered so much so that it is dripping with the dark blood of its enemies. There are only four tracks on this release, but those four tracks each have pretty substantial run times and each track is furious and forged in hell fire.

From beginning to end you get baptized in flames and attacked from every direction from Ljosazabojstwa. This music is bestial and ritualistic and won’t leave you alone until it has successfully damned you to purgatory for the rest of your unfortunate existence. These heathens from Belarus only know one speed, and that is fast as each song is played at a skin flaying pace and doesn’t back off until you hear the final note conclude.

Ljosazabojstwa try to make you as uncomfortable as they possibly can as their hellish music bombards your ear drums and sears their image right into your mind. Brutish, ugly and hellish images come to the forefront of your mind while listening to this assault and sooner or later you feel as though you are sitting in flames yourself ready to be tortured for all eternity.

This music is just about as crusty as crusty can get and just about as ferocious and fiendish as it can get as well.  Staražytnaje licha is entirely punishing and makes you feel as though you are sitting in a bubbling cauldron of hate waiting for Satan himself to skin you and devour your soul. Each song is soaked in molten darkness and peppered with pure evil and hatred.

Through each song you get dismal and poisonous riffs coupled with chaotic and skull shattering drumming only to be gutted by heavy bass lines. Forcing their way to the front of the wall of noise are the gravel filled demonic vocals that call out to the Dark Lord himself. Everything about this is incredibly sinister and sordid and after listening you feel filthy and despicable yourself.

Staražytnaje licha is raw and bleeding blackened death metal that makes you feel as though you are a part of a sacrifice or that you are in fact summoning Lucifer. From beginning to end you are tortured and maimed as each of the four songs skewers you and throws you into a pit of despair. If you are looking for something that is purely evil and chaotic,  Staražytnaje licha is a great listen.

Staražytnaje licha will be out through Hellthrasher Productions May 13, 2016.

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