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Negative Voice: Cold, Redrafted

April 25, 2016

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When done properly, music can put you in a completely different state of mind and it can take you to places that you never knew existed. As soon as that first not hits you and immediately you get sucked in you know that you are in for quite some ride. With Negative Voice and their newest offering Cold, Redrafted that is exactly what you get. You get music that is all encompassing and it sucks you in to its darkened lair to never let you escape and see the light of day again. Each song is mystifying and enchanting, and as soon as you begin listening you become unable to turn away.

Negative Voice builds off of their previous release with Cold, Redrafted and at the center of each song is their brand of blackened doom metal. With this new record you don’t get just handfuls of blackened doom because Negative Voice  expands on this release bringing in more progressive elements as well as the use of clean vocals. With the little tweaks here and there to their sound, Negative Voice creates something that is captivating and intriguing as well as an entire album that gets stuck with you.

One listen doesn’t do Cold, Redrafted justice as it warrants many listens to have it all soak in. Not only does this release warrant many listens to have everything soak in, it warrants many listens because Negative Voice compels you to do so. Each song is memorable and they have an instant impact on you right from the very first note played. Negative Voice does a great job hooking you and keeping you along for the entire ride. There aren’t songs here that are fillers as every song that you get is crammed full with blackened doom wizardry.

The combination of black metal and doom creates something that is dark and mysterious but also alluring and cryptic. With each song and with each passing minute, Negative Voice draws you in deeper and deeper into the abyssal soundscapes that they paint for you. Cold, Redrafted is an album that is enveloping and brings you down darkened and wholly sinister corridors with it. The entire album has a knack of leaving you in a trance of sorts while it toys with your subconscious.

Each of the nine songs that are present on this release is filled with serpentine riffs, heavy bass lines, acrobatic drumming and vocals that are both harsh and hypnotic. As a matter of fact, Negative Voice does a great job of mixing both harsh sounds with softer more hypnotic sounds which makes their new release that much more dangerous. Cold, Redrafted is sickeningly slick and very well crafted. There isn’t a song on there that doesn’t get embedded in your brain as this entire album is hypnotic and wholly entertaining.

Cold, Redrafted simply put is a great album and a great listen. You cannot go wrong with this release, and one listen ends up turning into many many more.

Cold, Redrafted is out now through Hypnotic Dirge Records.

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